Key Points:

  • Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta finally launched its much-anticipated Threads app on Thursday, 6th July.
  • Within its first five hours of launch, the app has registered 5 million users.
  • However, EU countries will have a delayed launch of Threads, which might appear in EU countries next year.

When people think about what new Twitter threads to create, they suddenly see that Meta has launched a new app – aptly called Threads – to rival Twitter.

While this app was much anticipated, it finally launched today (6th July) morning. Since Twitter started, it has gained an active user base of 250 million. However, since billionaire Elon Musk bought the company for $4 billion last year, Mark secretly planned a surprise for him – a new app to rival Twitter.

Threads is based on Instagram since it allows users to log in with their existing Instagram accounts and not create a separate Threads account. This app is similar to Twitter since it will enable users to post more text-based content, which may or may not feature images, unlike picture-based Instagram.

As the app finally launched, users started jumping from Twitter over here. Since it allows users to import their Instagram accounts here, celebrities and companies do not have to worry about starting afresh. This is why we see 5 million users on Threads five hours after its launch.

Many experts, like Mike Proulx, the research director of Forrester, have said that now is the best time to launch Threads since Twitter has been steadily going downhill since Elon took over its reins. With Twitter users now frustrated with paying for verification status and limited viewable Tweets per day, jumping ship seems to be a feasible choice now.

However, you are still looking for luck if you live in an EU country since the new Digital Markets Act will push back the launch of Threads to next year in these countries or before if the regulation finally comes into effect.

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