Video marketing is getting all the limelight in the current digital marketing sphere. Its effortless capability to garner audience attention could be one of the pioneer reasons. Hence began any marketer’s much-intended search for the best video marketing tools.

Since your search has brought you here, we will present the top five best video marketing tools. Our judgment is based on the following:

  • Trendy updates that solve customer issues.
  • Streamlined digital record.
  • Leverage stock videos for enhancements, &
  • Editing tools that help in proper customization.

The tool will be more than just a camera. It should be your one-stop shop for all video marketing needs. Most importantly, it should be novice-friendly, especially when someone is planning to begin their journey in video marketing for their business.

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Why Is Video Marketing Important
Video marketing improves engagement

Keeping aside the textual content (here to stay), many digital marketing experts are venturing into more visual aspects of audience appeal. This is where the concepts of color theories, aesthetics, and moving pictures emerge. Now, why is video marketing so popular among the digital audience base?

  • When your audience’s attention span is depleting, they find it easier to consume video content.
  • Psychologically, the audience can recall what they have seen rather than read.
  • Video marketing has more creative control. Therefore, message customization & branding becomes easier.
  • Immersive experience is always better than reading a text which simply speaks about someone else’s experience.

Now that you know the importance, you must know your personal video marketing needs. Then, find the best video marketing tools in the list below.

Best Video Marketing Tools

These tools have covered everything from having a smooth interface to help get all your video archives to catering to your every editing requirement.

1. Magisto

Top video marketing tool with AI assistance

Undoubtedly, Magisto is one of the best video marketing tools out there. This AI-based tool can assist in video editing, from the upload to the final edit.

Best Features

  • AI detects the mood of your video based on a few cues.
  • It also helps set the emotion or the audience intent of the video from its inception.
  • Availability of licensed music which can add a better touch to your videos.
  • Understanding video marketing needs is even more important. So why not go for a tool that allows perfect editing and a scope for video optimization? With the help of Magisto’s in-built video analytics tool, you can see the different audience trends. Therefore, now you can make the necessary changes accordingly.
  • It is a mobile-friendly tool that provides you with editing access anywhere.

Price Range: This tool doesn’t offer any free service. Its paid services can begin start from $4 a month and go up to $9.

With make videos easily is one of the best video marketing tools for newcomers. If you want to learn the nitty gritty of video editing and making quicker videos, then is the perfect tool.

Best Features:

  • They offer an array of ready-to-use templates.
  • Helps to create animated videos from real-life pictures & video references as well.
  • Ready-to-go components allow the reader to clarify the message beforehand. For example, some of the ready-to-go components in are “How-To” videos, “Marketing product” videos, “social channel” videos, etc.

Price Range: You can always edit for free in However, if you want to access the premium features, you can pay $18 to $59 monthly.

3. Biteable

World’s simplest video marketing tool

In this day and age of digital marketing, fast sells. Any form of fast content that is “bitesize” will capture an audience’s attention. Holding onto this ethos, Biteable began its journey. Now, it is one of the fastest video marketing tools.

Best Features

  • Get your branding videos ready to launch in no time.
  • The speed won’t let you compromise the message. You can still pick your theme, color scheme, and message and accordingly get your video.
  • With their collection of 85k Shutterstock images, clips, and animations, you do not have to worry about “not finding the appropriate image.”
  • You can also upload your own photos and then make the necessary personalization to get the ideal result before uploading.
  • Templates are likely to be separate from your competitors because there are more than a thousand templates, and they always add new ones.

Price Range: Right now, there are three plans that you can avail of for this video marketing tool. They are $20/month, $29/month, & $49/month.

4. Powtoon

Powtoon is the one-stop shop for many Fortune 500 video marketing campaigns

Alongside video marketing, if you also have animation needs, then Powtoon is where you should invest. 

Best Features:

  • Can combine real video clips with animations to give your marketing videos a unique touch.
  • Professional templates were created after several trials and errors. By now, Powtoon knows every video marketing needs and provides its customers without much back-and-forth communication.
  • It is an understanding interface that cuts time and helps create engaging videos quickly.
  • Online editing features for marketers who find it difficult to professionally edit a video.
  • Powtoon is hosting more than 96% of Fortune 500 companies as their clientele base.

Price Range: Powtoon currently doesn’t host any free version. However, you can avail of its free version for $19/month, but the best features can rise to $99/month.

5. Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster
The video marketing tool for all optimization needs

We have tackled video editing, storage, and interface problems. However, optimization often takes a backseat amidst all the other video marketing needs. But, video marketing blaster as a video marketing tool will ensure not to do so.

Best Features:

  • The tool claims to help any website rank on the first page of Google SERP.
  • Video marketing blaster understands that strategies like building backlinks are inappropriate for video marketing. Therefore, they will focus on bringing targeted traffic.
  • Based on this tool’s recommendation, you can drive concentrated traffic toward your YouTube videos by optimizing tags and titles.
  • It also has an autopilot feature, which can give you an autogenerated competitor analysis based on your needs.

Price Range: Although it has no free service, you can avail of its services for only $27 for 60 days. It also has a 60-day money return policy if you get no results through its optimization.

Which Video Marketing Tool To Choose

Since investment is a must when you want the finest result, it is better to choose wisely. Here is how you can choose the right tool for your business.

  • Find your business requirements, aka, why you want to invest in a video marketing tool.
  • Your video marketing needs should also determine whether you need expert suggestions or pre-made templates.
  • What results are these tools bringing to your competitors?
  • Whether you have the budget to afford one.

Do you have more tools in your mind? Something you have used that gave phenomenal results? Please add them in the comment section below.

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