Content marketing can change the entire outlook of your business, but only if you implement the tactics in the right way. Most business owners know that they should be doing something, however, they often have no idea where to start, or even envision what impact it can have on their business.

If you want to improve your business’s ability to influence or even overall revenue, content marketing is what will get you there. In this post, digital marketing agency Digital Next have shared a few success stories from content marketing pros whose tactics yielded them fame and fortune.

Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis


Sale value as of 2012 – £87 million.

Tactic: Blogging guides, newspaper columns and television features.

In 2012, Martin Lewis sold his website MoneySavingExpert to MoneySupermarket for £60 million in cash and shares, with an extra £17 million to be received if he hit his targets during the handover. The success behind was based on him writing extensive advice or guides that would help the British public better manage their finances. The guides would often be listed for several keywords through SEO. He would also drive traffic to his site by referencing it on his television appearances or in his journalist columns.

Like Martin, you can publish extensive guides or insights into your industry and use content marketing to position your web business as an authority. In less than 10 years, he was able to build a £60 million + business.

By investing in a blogging or article marketing strategy for your website, you can improve the value of your business.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuck


Net worth – $160 million

Tactic: Video marketing on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Gary Vaynerchuck seems to be everywhere you look on the web. He is dominating with content marketing on almost every platform that you can imagine. And the reason for this is that he takes content marketing extremely seriously.

His success initially started with, where he built his father’s wine business from $3 million to 60 million in revenue per year. For over a decade, Gary tested and tweaked the content marketing tactics until he was able to implement a formula that earned him leads for his father’s business.

His main tactic was putting out daily videos of useful advice. He admits that for the first year, nobody watched these videos. But by continuing to upload the videos, he was able to build his audience until his videos eventually went viral and improved the awareness of Wine Library TV and his father’s wine business.

Gary started with a simple video camera and a willingness to publish video content. That same approach has allowed him to build his media empire and several other businesses that’s allowed him to increase his net worth to over $160 million in less than 10 years.

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh


Net worth – $8 million

Tactic – Daily vlogging on YouTube

Lilly Singh is a Canadian filmmaker on YouTube, whose success has allowed her to feature with movie stars such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and earn roles in Hollywood feature films. She has almost single-handedly built a global audience and is an influencing figure in the online world.

Like Gary Vaynerchuck, she releases daily videos for her audience. It’s a challenge for her and her team since they need to develop creative content every day. However, this challenge has allowed her and her team to learn and adapt faster. This has become a mechanism for her success.

By publishing creative content on a daily basis, you will learn how your market responds until you reach a tipping point, where your content triggers a viral response.

Lilly’s adoption of this tactic has allowed her to earn millions from the sale of her own published books and advertising revenue.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

Tactic – Blogging

Pat acknowledges that he somewhat stumbled into entrepreneurship after he developed a site focused on passing an architecture exam. Through publishing content on his website, he was able to gain an audience and turn the website into a successful information marketing business.

He expanded his entrepreneurial success by sharing what he’d learned through his website and podcast He even went as far as to show the exact income and expenses that he makes through his website.

His success comes from publishing content in the form of blogs, information downloads, and podcasts. He’s then able to monetize them through e-commerce or advertising revenue.

He regularly earns over $100K a month from his website. Your business can aim to publish content in the form of blogs and audio content to build your audience and to create another monetization channel.

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Chontel Duncan

Chontel Duncan

HIIT fitness

Net worth – $2 million (estimated)

Australian fitness instructor and model Chantel Duncan grew her businesses by publishing content on Instagram and Snapchat. She’s amassed a global following and has been able to market her brick and mortar business HIIT fitness, and her information products, which consist of recipe books and healthy nutrition.

She uploads daily videos and pictures to her platform. She also engages with her followers, which creates a sense of community.

Your business can also tap into the viral community that exists on popular social networks. It’s ideal to get on the emerging social networks and develop a publishing strategy that will attract followers and build an audience that you will be able to sell to in the future.

You should use the successful models of these influencers, who have been able to create noise-breaking content marketing campaigns that have led to lucrative financial success in their field. It has also allowed them to command global attention and also allows them to command top-tier pricing in their field.

You have more to gain than to lose when it comes to content marketing. You don’t have to implement every tactic in your business, you just need to utilize a channel that generates the most engagement and ROI for your investment. As things become more successful, you can branch out into different platforms. If you don’t have a campaign live for your business, get one life in the next 30 days.

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