Having a solid backlink profile is essential if your website ranks at the top of SERPs (Search engine results pages). Therefore, as a website owner and publisher, you must follow advanced link building strategies in 2024 to succeed.  

However, building a solid backlink profile takes work. It takes a lot of time and patience to do so. Therefore, if you are a beginner who wants to learn what is link building, you are on the right website.  

Read this post until the end to learn advanced link building strategies and practices of 20254 that will help your website rank higher and generate more traffic!  

Before diving deep into learning advanced link building strategies, you must understand them.   

Link building is one of the most crucial SEO practices for new SEO consultants to rank your website higher. It’s an SEO technique that deals with exchanging links with other websites.  

Therefore, it’s a process where other high-authority websites have external links that redirect visitors to your website. In addition, you must do the same for different websites as well.   

Therefore, if Google’s website crawlers discover that many high-authority websites are redirecting to your website through links in their content, it’s a signal that tells Google that your website is helpful.  

Consequently, Google will flag your website positively, which makes your posts rank higher on SERPs and generate more traffic!  

Therefore, the primary reasons why following a guide to link building strategies is crucial in 2024 are:  

1. Rank Higher And Generate More Traffic  

The primary reason why your website must follow advanced link building strategies is that they are essential for ranking higher.

Google crawlers will always positively flag websites with solid backlink profiles, which increases their chance of ranking.  

Therefore, the more your website ranks, the better viewership it will have, leading to increased traffic and revenue!  

2. Improved Website Credibility  

Do you know why Google crawlers view a strong backlink profile positively? A strong backlink profile (where other high-authority websites link to your site) means that your website has helpful, high-quality content.   

Therefore, it improves your website’s credibility in the eyes of Google. Moreover, a strong backlink profile also makes your website credible in the eyes of other websites!  

3. Better UX  

Besides finding informational and helpful content, your website visitors also want a streamlined and intuitive UX (user experience).

Therefore, due to internal linking, your users can go from one page to another related page on your website quickly.  

Are you ready to learn the best link building strategy to raise your website to the top of SERPs? Buckle up because I will explain the best link building methods you must learn in 2024!  

1. Create High-Quality Linkable Content (Preferably Long Form)  

First, the most pivotal backbone of advanced SEO link building strategies is creating high-quality website content.   

Therefore, if you post high-quality content with unique and engaging information, you can soon expect niche-authority websites to notice them and create content with backlinks.  

Moreover, even if authority websites do not post content with links to your site, they might invite you to guest post for them – which is a free backlink for you! 

2. Focus On Guest Posting  

Apart from creating high-quality and unique linkable content for your website, you can do the same for other websites. This link building strategy is called Guest Posting, where you, as a guest, generate content for different websites.  

However, the most significant benefit of guest posting is that other websites will allow you to place dofollow links to your website on the content you create.

Therefore, if you create content for authority websites related to your niche, you will get automatic high-quality backlinks with lots of SEO link juice! 

Since ranking your website on top has become a competitive sport in 2024, analyzing your competitors’ backlinks has become essential.   

Therefore, use SEMrush alternatives to get detailed backlink reports of your competitor websites. Moreover, you will find out which authority websites your competitors target for links.

Therefore, it will allow you to approach the same authority websites for backlinks! 

4. Outreach To Niche-Specific High-Authority Websites  

One of the best advanced link building strategies for SEO in 2024 is to reach out specifically to niche-specific websites.  

In 2024, your website needs to focus your content on a particular niche (like health, technology, fashion, etc.) Therefore, if you wish to improve the backlink game of your website, you must reach out to other high-authority websites of your niche.  

Therefore, using tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to discover such niche websites is best. Moreover, when you use these tools, you must analyze these websites’ DA (Domain Authority) and DR (Domain Rating). The higher these two scores are, the better their backlink’s link juice will be. 

5. Personalize Your Email Marketing Campaign  

While many people believe that email marketing is dead, they are wrong since they only look at its B2C factor. Email marketing is alive and still kicking in the e-commerce and the Business-to-Business (B2B) sector.  

Therefore, to ensure following advanced link building strategies become fruitful, why don’t you shoot a mail to authority websites related to your niche? However, please ensure that the mail you shoot is well-written and sounds professional.   

Therefore, request backlinks to your websites. At the same time, most authority sites won’t provide you links just simply because you asked.

Thus, please state that you are interested in guest posting for their site because doing so guarantees you backlinks.  

6. Engage With Chat Forums  

Online chat forums like Reddit and Quora have high DA/DR ratings. Moreover, these chat forums always have engaging conversations, meaning many people visit these two sites daily.  

Therefore, if you can place a nofollow link to your website in an engaging chat, it’s bound to generate traffic.

This is why posting on Reddit and Quora with nofollow links to your website is a fantastic SEO link building strategy. 

7. Check Alumni Lists And Directories  

If you are new to link building, try searching through your school and college alum directory. In the USA, most educational institutions have student directories containing vital information like their contact numbers, email IDs, socials, and more!  

Therefore, consider yourself lucky if you find a close friend there with a website. Why? Because you can now directly contact them to place links to your website on their website! This method is one of the best SEO link building techniques for beginners.  

8. Consider Offline Marketing  

Since advanced link building strategies are helpful digitally, they aim to increase website traffic and raise DA and DR scores.

In addition, these metrics will direct more traffic to your website and improve your brand awareness.  

However, if your website doesn’t get much traction online, why not try offline marketing? Therefore, get your banner and poster ads all over your region, and I’m sure other websites will soon contact you!  

9. Get Listed On BBB And Niche-Specific Directories  

When it comes to getting a directory of businesses in your niche, BBB (Better Business Bureau) is the best.   

BBB is a search directory where you will find information about various businesses. Therefore, if you have a content marketing business, you can search for other content marketing and digital marketing businesses and get their contact details. After you do so, you need to deliver the perfect pitch!  

However, getting your business name listed in the BBB directory is also essential. Therefore, go to the official BBB website and get your business name listed there as soon as possible! Moreover, do the same for any other web directory you can find. 

10. Buy Display Ads 

Display Ads are ads on your website that use text, images, product URLs, and more. Since most of these display ads point to a website where customers can purchase products online, they attract a lot of authority websites. But why? 

Authority websites often target display ads of rising brands because they are good advertising and link building opportunities.

Therefore, one of the best advanced link building strategies of 2024 is to use display ads that lets customers buy your products. 

Moreover, these display ads re most likely to appear on websites related to your niche, including authority websites. Therefore, if they give URLs of your product page on their content – it’ll count as a worthy backlink! 

Dealing with broken and lost backlinks are two of the most significant issues with advanced link building strategies.

Broken backlinks are backlinks that need to be fixed. In addition, if the web admin removes any backlinks pointing to your website, it’s considered lost.  

Therefore, you must constantly monitor all the backlinks to your websites to improve your website’s link profile. Moreover, you must follow link reclamation strategies to regain lost links and fix broken ones.   


Now that you know some of the best advanced link building strategies and why following them is beneficial for your website, it’s time to take the necessary actions to ensure that your website ranks at the top and generates a lot of traffic!  

However, if you have any queries regarding advanced link building strategies, please comment below, and I will answer you as quickly as possible! Thanks for reading this post! 

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