In a recent interview with the principal product manager of Bing regarding AI-Enhanced Search Clicks, Fabrice Canel, we found some vital insights for SEO.

The key takeaways could help many navigate through the recent updates, which are likely to falter every old and new website.

Fabrice Canel spoke some real-life insights on the future of search, especially the dynamic of AI search.

He is in a position to understand the effect of AI on the SERP (search engine result page) and whether they are the right way to proceed.

Especially the technical side of search engines, which we do not get to see often.

The Perfect Click

In his overall discussion, he put a heavy weight on Jason Barnard’s perfect click. Or what Fabrice calls the qualified click. (Source)

The contextual links found in some versions of Google SGE as the main feature of SERP have come to his notice. Bing AI, on the other hand, will also show citations to several websites.

This will allow the reader to dig deeper into the subject they are researching about.

He said that websites that are shown to users from different AI searches have a higher chance of ranking higher on SERP. This is why AI-enhanced search clicks that originate traffic are called “qualified clicks.”

Why AI Clicks Are Better

In this interview, Fabrice also elaborated on the advantage of AI click over regular search. It analyzes the user experience with the help of AI, which allows Bing to understand the “search query context.”

This, in turn, allows Bing to bring users to the exact website which is offering the accurate answer to their query.

He also explained a few pointers which every SEO individual should take note of when it comes to AI search.

Personalization: AI-driven clicks can deliver personalized search results based on user preferences, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

Real-time Adaptation: AI-enhanced search clicks offer clicks in real-time, improving relevance and reducing bounce rates.

Semantic Understanding: AI can understand the context and semantics of user queries, leading to more accurate click-throughs.

Natural Language Processing: AI can handle complex language queries, enhancing the user experience and search performance.

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