• The Google Search homepage for computer browsers will soon get a new Google Discovery Feed below it.
  • With this feed, you will get all the latest news, along with weather reports and sports scoreboards.
  • Google will start experimenting with this feature soon, starting with India.

What do you see when you go to the Google Search homepage to search for information? You see the Google logo, a search bar below it, and an “I’m Fee; ling Lucky” button as well.

Well, Indian users opening this page from their computers will soon be surprised with all the latest news, weather reports, sports scorecards, and more below the search box.

This new Google Discovery Feed will soon appear on the Google Search home page. Reports indicate that this will be an “experimental feature” which will be first rolled out for the Indian audience.

In addition, this feature will be limited to computer browsers. Mobile browsers will have to be a bit patient.

Google has been making numerous strides to make the search experience better for its users. It has already rolled out the use of the Google Search Generative Experience to get AI-enhanced search results and AI-generated images as well. Now, they have decided to add a few more elements to its homepage.

While many will embrace these changes with open arms, many are fearful that these changes will make the clean Google Search homepage more cluttered.

Many leaked images show that the search bar has been moved towards the top, with the Google Discovery Feed taking a massive chunk of the homepage. 

I have not received any official rollout date for this feature. However, I reckon it will be sooner rather than later.

So are you interested in seeing the new Google Discovery Feed? Let me know in the comments below about what you think!

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