• Amazon advertisers can now use AI-powered generative picture creation tools for creating ads.
  • Amazon introduced this feature after recent surveys indicated that advertisers struggle to come up with engaging ad creatives, especially images.
  • The company believes that this feature will help advertisers increase their click-through rate by 40% if done right.

Amazon recently introduced a new AI image-generation tool for advertisers. This move aims to simplify and improve the image creation process for advertisers.

After Amazon conducted quite a few surveys for advertisers on its platform, it raised one issue advertisers seem to struggle with coming up with interesting images for ads

Therefore, to make the ad creation process simpler and less headache-inducing for advertisers, they can now create AI-generated images according to their ad requirements. 

This tool allows you to generate images for your Amazon products and its ads. If your brand already has a product on the Amazon store, you simply need to open the image generator and instruct it to use your pre-uploaded product images to create variants of it.

This will help advertisers to create variants of that image with different realistic backgrounds. 

For example, if you have a brand that sells photo frames, you can instruct the AI to use your clock’s image with various backgrounds, like different kinds of walls. You can also customize it to have different angles of lighting as well!

Amazon is keen to see what changes this brings to the table for advertisers. They expect the CTR (Click-through rate) of ads on the platform to rise by 40%. Amazon expects these new features to primarily benefit lifestyle brands. 

Amazon is fully embracing the use of AI and will continually update these tools based on customer feedback. 

So what are your thoughts about these new AI tools? Will it change product advertising as we know? Let me know in the comments below!

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