Free Live Chat is an interesting function that has become the new must-have for all websites and all business online. There are a number of features that have come up and evolved in the course of the last two decades since most business operations have shifted to the online space. From building websites to making them more interactive and even coming up with more intuitive marketing automation functions that will create better lead generation and conversion rates – there are a number of things that facilitate the everyday ops of the modern-day, digital business owner. In fact, it would be safe to say that all businesses are now online and they have a clear mandate that they have to make use of all the latest features for their website or their digital shop window to stand out!

So what does a free live chat software actually do? It offers you the option of installing a live chatbot on your website so that people can have a free live chat with you even while you are away from your desk. There are a number of free live chat software available for this task This also enables you to keep the engagement going for customers who visit your website from all over the globe, and those who are in different time zones. This is important because the digital aspect of businesses now require us to be able to service clients from any part of the world at any time. And one of the first functions after reach would be engagement. So, we should not have to lose out on engagement because of differing time zones or because we were away from our desktop or a device from which we can immediately see messages and reply to them. This works by feeding in some of the most commonly asked questions and answers so that the chatbot can freely keep in touch with the customer on your behalf. Let us look at the main benefits of a free live chat software before we discuss the best free live chat software for you and your small or growing business:

a) Constant Presence:

When you have an online business, you have to be online at all times. This is the basic rule of digitization. Yet, this is not always possible since a business owner and his or her small team has to juggle and handle many tasks at one time. Plus, there is the time zone issue that we have discussed earlier. So what do we do? We use free live chat software so that the customers can be kept engaged at all times, despite the distance and the time.

b) Efficiency:

Building efficiency is the main thing that all business owners strive for, on a constant basis. This can be done with ease when you install free live chat on your website. You would not have to manually every query and you can easily feed in the information that will take care of the most basic queries that happen to come your way. For any other specific queries, you can program the free live chat software to take the visitor or the customer to the next call for action like a phone call or a message that would be sent to your directly.

c) Capturing Information:

When you are out and about, doing your duties as a business owner, you may miss out on information pertaining to each and every customer or visitor who comes to your website. This can lead to a loss of interest in a potential customer. So what is the best way to deal with this? Installing a free live chat option would help you capture this information when someone visits your website. This would be stored for further use in the right database within the CRM system and matched with the right functions for further engagement.

d) Integration:

The free live chat software is usually one that comes with the platform that you have your CRM on, or it should have an integrative feature so that it can be brought on to the platform since the main function of a free live-chat is to contribute to the CRM in the backend.

e) Professional look and feel:

This would be one of the foremost things that the free live chat software can do for your business when a visitor lands on your website or your landing pages from where he or she will get answers to the queries before being directed to the next course of action.

There are a number of other functions that the free live chat option can help you with, along with the aforementioned.

Here is the best free live chat software that you can use for a professional look on your website:

1. EngageBay:

Live Chat Software

Here, you can get the CRM and the marketing automation as well so that the free live-chat is seamlessly integrated. This is an affordable platform that helps you get a number of functions and features with maximum support.

2. Crisp Chat:

This is one of the most upcoming free live chat software that you can find even though it would have to be integrated with the rest of the CRM platform that you use, to contribute to better lead generation for you and your business.

3. Live Agent:

This is also a well known free live chat option that you can use for a professional look and feel on your website when visitors visit the site or the landing pages attached to the site.

4. Acquire io:

This is also a well known free live chat software that can help you keep track of the visitors to your website, on a constant basis.

5. Live Zilla:

This free live chat software will also give you access to better CRM functionality thanks to the various features that it has on its platform.

The above list shows that EngageBay would be the best free live chat software for your business!

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