Whether you run an e-commerce business or market your brick-and-mortar business online, third-party reviews give your current and potential customers invaluable insights about your enterprise. Reviews build trust and guide prospects to buy your products or services.

Additionally, online buyers rely on customer reviews to make buying decisions. Although customers leave feedback on your website, reviewers use that feedback to rank your company on third-party review websites like MoreBetter.sg.

Naturally, shoppers have more faith in companies that rank highly on the best review site in Singapore. Besides aiding shoppers in purchasing decisions, these sites can significantly boost your company’s search rankings.

If you’re looking to boost your company’s rankings with third-party reviews, here are five ways to do so:

Get High Volumes Of Positive Reviews

The first thing you need to do to boost rankings with the best review site in Singapore is to get a high volume of positive customer reviews. With many positive reviews, your business becomes more visible to customers and pushes your ranking up on third-party review sites.

An excellent way to increase your review volume is to ask customers for feedback. You do this by including review requests in your text or email. If you run a service-based enterprise that utilizes an online booking system, send automated emails or texts asking customers to give you honest feedback upon completing their appointment.

For brick-and-mortar businesses, a QR code can direct customers to the review section for feedback.

Boost Local Review Scores

Boost Local Review Scores

Another way to boost your rankings with third-party reviews is to improve your local review scores. Prominence, distance, and relevance determine local search results. A correlation exists between how well people know about your business, what customers think, and the volume of reviews the company gets.

You can boost your local review scores by mentioning your business location. Tag your location on social and ask customers to pin the same when posting reviews or any other information about your company. It would help if you also focused on increasing the volume of positive reviews to increase local ranking scores. 

You can generate such reviews by reaching out to customers that have had a good experience with your company and requesting feedback. Such customers are likely to leave positive feedback, which is what your business needs to improve local ratings, review scores, and search engine rankings.

Respond To Customer Reviews

You can boost rankings with third-party reviews by responding to positive and negative customer reviews. Take time to respond to all reviews, whether positive or negative. Responding to complaints and praise causes third-party reviewers to view your company favorably and encourages them to recommend it to potential customers.

Most importantly, you can include crucial keywords in the responses and control the narrative. All this improves your company’s ranking on third-party review sites.

Consider Review Frequency And Diversity

When working towards improving rankings with third-party reviews, you need to focus on review frequency and diversity. The best review site in Singapore considers how often customers leave reviews on your business website and how diverse those customers are during ranking. When reading reviews, customers prioritize new feedback.

Many prospects narrow their focus to reviews posted in the past one to two weeks. Frequent feedback also gives your business new content, as most customers consider reviews posted over three months ago irrelevant.

Use creative strategies to integrate review requests in your purchase process to maintain a steady flow of new reviews from diverse customers. In addition to printing QR codes on sales receipts and sending emails and texts, follow-up texts and direct requests during a transaction can go a long way in boosting review frequency.

Don’t Violate Third-Party Guidelines

Another way to boost rankings with third-party reviews is to avoid violating third-party guidelines. The best review websites have a set of rules that companies are required to follow. As you work on increasing review volumes, don’t ask for bulk reviews or pay customers to leave reviews.

Some review sites prohibit businesses from soliciting team member reviews, posting fake reviews, or discouraging negative reviews. Engaging in these kinds of actions can cause a drop in your ranking on third-party sites and search engines.

Final Thoughts

In a highly dynamic business environment, customer expectations are constantly changing. Reviews provide a safe space for customers to share their experiences and expectations. Although third-party reviews enable companies to build trust and maintain a solid reputation online, they play an essential role in boosting rankings on search engines. Follow the five tactics discussed above to boost your rankings with third-party reviews.

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