When it comes to website development, the developers prefer using robust website building frameworks. Choosing the right website building framework is important for powerful website development. However, people also find a lot of issues with the process of website development. To overcome the issues with ease, you should choose the right framework.

The need of the times dictate that developers are using frameworks to build websites, which are-

  • Responsive and Dynamic
  • Mobile-Optimized
  • Fast and easy to load and develop
  • Help in the creation of Mobile Applications or ‘Apps’

A user-friendly and cost-effective website development framework is required. Bootstrap can meet all these criteria with perfection. Using Bootstrap has a lot of unique ranges of benefits. In the following section, we shall find the reasons to use this open-source framework for website development.

Bootstrap: Meaning and Origins

Bootstrapping is a verb, which translates into someone who does not need anyone else in terms of help. In other words, it means being self-sufficient. In the world of development and technical details, bootstrap refers to a command system, which loads itself automatically and executes the required function on its own. This does not require extra external processes or interjections.

The credit for developing Bootstrap as a platform can be credited to Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton. In 2011, when Twitter was trying to help build a framework for enabling the steadiness of tools and reducing maintenance expenditure, Otto and Thornton developed Bootstrap.

In 2011, Bootstrap started the life off as ‘Twitter Blueprint; and ‘Twitter Bootstrap’. Realizing the need that thousands of developers and businesses face problems, Twitter decided to make the platform ‘open source’ to help everyone.

Bootstrap is a ‘free and open-source’ development tool that developers can use for front-end development. It works to create the front end for websites and Apps. By using and combining HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, Bootstrap helps build fast, easy and responsive website designs.

As most of you are already aware, human beings have moved away from browsing on personal computers and laptops. They are moving towards mobile phones, tablets, and specialized apps. This is why responsive design figures so prominently on the list of many brands seeking website design and development.

1. Simple to Use Platform

The most highlighted thing about Bootstrap is that it comes with a simple to use platform. The features are easy to understand, especially if you have knowledge of CSS and HTML5. Having knowledge about these two things is essential for Bootstrap development. Apart from this criterion, Bootstrap is simple to use. Any developer would find amazing convenience in using this development platform.

The emergence of Bootstrap has created plenty of developers who are adding to their skills by easily learning this and applying it to their projects. It is also easy to understand from a client perspective. The dynamic and easy nature of the framework makes it an attractive professional proposition.

2. Easy Integration

When you have an existing website which you feel should be improved, the integration service is required. The good thing is that Bootstrap is easy to be integrated. You would have to undergo minimal hassles at the time of Bootstrap integration for your website.

Website migrations, changing designs and other big and small changes can be made with minimal fuss using Bootstrap. Every brand wants their website to be updated in terms of design as often as possible. However, they do not want their website to be down or incur huge expenditure when doing so. Bootstrap becomes a credible channel to help brands change their front-end development every once a while.

3. Time Saving Development

When it comes to working with Bootstrap, many developers have opined that the platform works faster for the development process. Cross-browser capability is a major highlight, which makes the development process faster. It actually helps the developers, as they can manage more Bootstrap development projects within a short time period. With the use of Designmodo Bootstrap generator, you can further reduce the time.

By finishing work quickly, agencies and developers can push out more projects at a single time. This also enables them to earn more quickly and efficiently. The freshness of the entire framework ensures that front-end development helps the brand improve its business and earn more from its consumers.

4. Responsiveness

Today, having a responsive website is essential for the purpose of doing business through online medium. With Bootstrap, you can attain a website that features responsiveness. The website comes with 12 columns based grid styles and embedded elements.

Mobile phones, personal desktops, laptops, surface tabs, tablets, apps, and other devices are being increasingly used for browsing and attaining information on the internet. The aim is to always ensure that the look and feel, or the UI and UX stay the same in terms of experience.

5. JavaScript Support

Bootstrap supports various JavaScript components, and that is why integrating web-based applications with your website will get easier. For e-commerce web stores, you need various integrated web-based applications which would be based on JavaScript. Thanks to Bootstrap, integration of those web-based applications will be simpler.

6. Ample of Customization Scopes

You shall find a lot of Bootstrap templates, and you can use any of them as per your liking. Now, the templates can be customized as per the needs. You shall get excellent freedom in the customization process. Almost all components of a Bootstrap web template can be changed or altered. Hence, the customization scope is quite wide.

7. Frequent Updates

Bootstrap is an open-source framework, and thus it comes with frequent updates from various contributors. Initially, using Bootstrap was a little complicated. As the framework gained updates, using Bootstrap has turned quite easier.


In conclusion, it has to be stated that Bootstrap is an agile and robust development framework for modern websites. Hence, using this website development framework is always beneficial and highly recommended for the website owners.

The ease of working on Bootstrap, combined with support and updates makes it a very attractive proposition for web development. This is the reason why more and more developers are turning to the open-source framework.

What are some of the other frameworks that you think can be compared to Bootstrap? Do let us know in the comments section.

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