Web design trends have been changing significantly from the inception of this technology. In 2019, we expect web design to continue moving towards a new direction. The reason is that there is a significant rise in modern technology.

Even though web designers may not experience rapid changes in the design techniques, we expect an increase in the popularity of some new trends.

This article identifies the web design trends that will make a whole difference in 2019. It is good to understand them so that you are not left behind.

10 Top Website Design Trends in 2019:

1. Three-Dimensional Elements:

There was a quick rise in the use of the flat design on websites. No one would tell that this design would become outdated at some point. However, as per the current web design trends, most people will continue to use 3-dimensional elements on their website.

The trend is visible with the replacement of sharp box corners with the rounder ones. The 3D website design trends are also evident in the coming back of subtle shadows.

A website that does not make use of the 3D features in 2019 looks odd. The use of these effects adds more depth to the site. Also, it gives your website a more realistic appearance.

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you can choose web design templates that incorporate various shapes and styles. For instance, the Newspaper theme has several demos that can help you for a start. It also has some of the most attractive visuals that you can use for your web design.

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The idea behind these 3D elements is reducing the distinction between the digital and physical world. It is among the website design trends that will make significant effects in 2019 and beyond. It gives the images that you upload on your website a real-word touch.

With the three-dimension effects, the user will be comfortable with all the digital elements. It also makes the interactions that take place on your website to be more natural.

People are going for 3D website design trends because they reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate. These are the primary objective of any business owner who has a website. The images are appealing, and people will be willing to stay on your website for an extended period.

The 3D elements also increase the volume of traffic that visits your website. It is one of the best techniques to get higher ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

People will continue to make good use of 3D menus, visual elements, and buttons on their website. The buttons should look more prominent when using three-dimensional effects. The good thing with this visual style is that it creates a high sense of depth to your website.

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2. White and Black Palettes:

Like the other website owners, your primary goal should be to capture more visitors and control their mood. The secret to achieving this objective is focusing on the color of the website. Proper use of colors will give you a more user-friendly interface.

It will also make your brand compelling and unified. Most people believe that the popularity of white and black palettes will continue to increase in 2019. Therefore, it is a point that we cannot ignore when looking for the top website design trends in 2019.

Are you wondering what is so exceptional about white and black? The first thing that you need to understand is that the white and black colors are the direct opposite of each other. The white shade will give your website a simple and clean vibe.

On the other hand, black suggests an appearance that is assertive and strong. Combining these two color elements will always give your website a unique appearance. It is something that no one will want to miss out on in 2019.

The white and black palette makes people look at things in a very different way. No wonder it is one of the defining elements of web design trends this year. It makes the textures and shapes of your website to be more prominent.

When you add a third color to this palette, it will guide the attention of your visitors to the pages that are most important to your website. We expect the white and black palettes to be a game-changer in the modern website design trends.

You can get an idea of what we are talking about by visiting a website that uses this design. By the end of 2019, there will be a countless number of sites that will be using this design. It will be hard for your website to rank if you overlook this trend.

You can use a third color like pink to highlight the clickable elements that are important. You may also use the same color for the newsletter form and breadcrumbs. Viewing such websites will give you more ideas on how to use these website design trends.

3. Micro-interactions:

Have you been using Facebook for some time? If yes, you should be familiar with the message and notification icons at the top. These icons typically display alerts whenever a new thing takes place. The notifications are what we are referring to as micro-interaction in this section.

These features are part of the top website design trends this year. The usefulness and importance of micro-interactions continue to increase as websites become more complex and larger.

In 2019, sites will have a high concentration of micro-interactions such as scrolling animation, chimes, and hover effects, among others. As you continue to make your website more interactive, it will get more engagements and feel smarter.

Micro-interactions will be at the top of the game when it comes to website design trends. However, this does not permit you to overdo it. Make sure you are using the right level of interactivity. It will be enough to make sure that your website stands out from the competition.

For instance, the Ocean School theme comes with integrated animations and micro-interactions to help in building a perfect website. You can be sure that the website will grab the attention of anyone who is viewing it. There is no better way to make your website to stand out other than using this feature.

4. Fluid, Natural Organic Shapes:

The use of geometrically symmetric structures like rectangles, triangles, and the square has been rampant. However, the choice of people has been changing of late. Organic and asymmetric shapes are attracting visitors the most.

Website owners have no choice but to adapt to these website design trends. Natural shapes bring more depth to the website and give it a livelier look. The design creates a movement illusion to bring the whole website to live.

An excellent starting point, in this case, is the inkyy’s website. It has organic and natural touches that will attract the user better than plain geometric shapes. You cannot leave this point out when analyzing 2019 website design trends.

5. Thumb-Friendly Navigation:

Technological developments have been changing the way people are using their mobile phones. Human beings do a lot of online shopping and browse more websites using their mobile devices. Therefore, the website design trends in 2019 are moving towards making sites more mobile-friendly.

The implication is that we are going beyond the responsive website design. Thumb-friendly navigation comes into play at this point. Most mobile users use one hand to operate their phones. Therefore, the thumb navigation interface is a crucial feature for the user interface.

For example, you can keep all your navigation options at the bottom of your screen. The design will be perfect for mobile users to use the thumbs to navigate through the website.

It is one of the features that make the website more user-friendly. Everyone is looking for a high level of convenience when browsing through the internet. Therefore, we expect to see more thumb-friendly navigations on sites this year.

6. Glitch Arts:

The modern business environment is highly competitive. As a result, you cannot succeed unless your website has an appealing subject matter. The arts of glitch will continue to be the leading website design trends in 2019.

Can you recall the distorted images or crinkled films? You can use some of these features to your advantage. As stipulated by the active theory, the glitch environment gives any website a unique look. When you click on such a website, you will see the magical glitch effect.

7. Security-Focused Design:

Security remains at the top of any web designer’s mind. Therefore, the importance of using data safety will continue to increase in 2019. Several events that relate to breaching customer data have been making many website visitors to lose trust.

The primary challenge that most web designers have is creating a sense of security for their users. Several design elements can help you to enhance the security of your website. The critical thing is to make sure that users can trust your website.

One area where security design trends will continue to come out is in the design of the checkout process. The design is to make the process both visually secure and simple-looking. Newer ways of guaranteeing potential users about their security will be coming up.

There is a need to make sure that transactions and user account information is safe at all times. Therefore, security will continue to be an essential task for designers in 2019 and beyond. It means that security website design trends will not get outdated any time soon.

8. Introduction of Chatbots:


There was a tremendous increase in the popularity of Chatbots in 2018. In 2019, it will be an essential feature in the development of most websites. These advances are possible because of the progress and evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The bots of 2019 will come with a high level of customization in comparison to the earlier versions. These Chatbots will be more inviting and may have a face integration that represents the brand.  Some of the bots will be able to integrate themselves with Slack, Skype, Facebook, and other systems.

No brand will want to miss out on such innovative website design trends in the market. The beauty of Chatbots is that they reduce the amount of customer service workforce in the market. These systems handle routine inquiries while human beings will deal with more complex issues.

Current Chatbots can also communicate in any language. With Chatbots, there are no delays in providing customer support. These tools respond to customers with immediate effect. Therefore, it will be one of the best inclusions on websites in 2019.

So many people find the idea of conversing with Chatbots to be interesting because it eliminates the fear of embarrassment. Even though this may not relate to the website’s design element, designers should know how users interact with Chatbots.

Any modern web design should keep the idea of Chatbots in mind. With Chatbots, you can be sure of including modern web design trends on your website.

9. Increasing the Visual Elements:

There has been a steady increase in the use of visual elements on websites. These website design trends will continue to make a significant impact in 2019. Visual content tends to attract people more than plain-text one.

Websites that have great video content in the background, visual icons, and interactive elements are more popular. People will be avoiding websites that use regular designs for their brands. Visuals can help you to create more engaging and dynamic websites.

10. The rise in Minimalism:

The last trend in our website design trends for 2019 is minimalism. The feature has been around for some time, but we will expect more people to continue using it. Minimalism is a timeless and classic website design trend that won’t lose popularity in 2019.

Minimalism goes beyond flat and white space elements. Some of the rising minimalism website design trends are grid layouts, text-based design, and monochromatic color. All these features will continue to dominate the web development industry in 2019.


We expect to continue seeing several developments in website design trends in 2019. All people want to have highly functional websites that will attract and retain high traffic. The most important thing is to reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate.

The modern website design trends drive towards simpler and cleaner interfaces. The guiding principle is to give the users a memorable browsing experience. Apart from the above website design trends, we expect more technological innovations in 2019.

Web designers should keep their eyes open if they want to remain relevant and completive in the industry. info@viacon.in will help you get the most from these trends.

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