A successful SEO strategy relies heavily on link building. With specific country SEO work for global websites, it may be one of the most overlooked SEO activities. However, it’s no secret that building links for particular countries can be challenging.

If you’ve done it before, you know what navigating a new language and culture is like. You could do it if you wanted to gain foreign backlinks. In this case, you’re in luck if you speak the language natively. If not, this post will help you create specific country backlinks for your local website. Read more for more details.

What Are The Definite Guide To Building The Links?

Links Building Tips

When you have a definitive guide for building links. Then these are the best tricks that you can follow and make your plan work.

Here are the tips which you can follow for building links that are of perfect quality.

1. Create A Targeted Link Building Strategy

A crucial part of any successful project is the planning phase. Planning and executing a strategy can make your thoughts come alive. However, before grabbing your planning sheets, there is something you need to know. 

Because of its adaptive algorithm, Google is intelligent. Despite this, the search engine can only understand English. Google doesn’t understand other languages well, like Italian, unlike English.

Link builders should take advantage of this. By anchoring your strategy on this concept, your Italian website can rank highly for high-volume Italian keywords. You can also build links to authoritative Italian and English websites since Google doesn’t understand the language very well.

Getting and building links from relevant sites requires a targeted link-building strategy from a reputable multilingual link builder. Because of its leniency, they can help you gain backlinks from authority sites that do not belong to your niche. Your Italian website must be relevant so that Google doesn’t penalize it.

2. Build Links With Other Ranking Sites

This tactic, also called Barnacle SEO, involves searching Google for some of your relevant phrases and trying to get links from those sites that appear. You’ll unlikely get the links and building links from your competitors, but try to find directory or aggregator sites. 

Many people use these types of websites when shopping for companies. Most of them allow you to add to your business by signing up. With this approach, you get immediate business value and get included in the consideration set.

3. Guest Post Articles

The importance of guest posting lies in the fact that it is one of the few white hat link-building techniques that almost everyone can use. However, some local websites might charge for guest posts. It will help to remember this, especially if you have reached out to low-quality websites.

A high authority site will accept guest posts if the content is high quality. Moreover, the language used must be native to the country. In this way, visitors and search engines will find it more relevant for building links.

Furthermore, the content should apply to your business and be topical. You will be more likely to be accepted by news websites and other authority sites if your content is up-to-date. A well-researched report must also include relevant and authoritative country sources.

4. Write Locally Relevant Content

In content creation, you identify topics that will attract your target audience, then plan, create, and publish content about those topics. You should create local content ‌ your audience will find it valuable and relevant to your business.

Topics may include “which grass is best for your area,” “which pests are more common,” or even the cost of services near you. There’s a pretty good chance this type of content won’t naturally attract tons of links. The process of email outreach tends to be more effective for building links.

5. Create Social Media Profiles

You can connect with your customers outside of your site using Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram, and you can also create a backlink to your site using these platforms. 

For instance, adding your website’s URL to your Facebook business page makes a backlink to your website! Similarly, social media sites have high domain authority, so these backlinks strengthen your website’s link profile.

You also can feature your business’ NAP — Name, Address, and Phone — on some of the social media platforms, which will also go to help you and search engines verify all of your business-related information. 

Remember that you should only be building links from social media sites where you intend to promote your business actively.


As with ordinary link building, creating backlinks for local websites requires effort and patience. You won’t have any problems creating links for your country-specific webpage if you’ve been building links for a while now. But with the above techniques, you can produce quality links to your country-specific website.

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