Did you read that title right?  You did.  The somewhat taboo practice of buying followers for Instagram is something that thousands of businesses, celebrities, and Influencers are doing to elevate their status on the social media platform.  And it’s no longer taboo.

Values Of Buying Followers For Instagram

If you’re shocked, yes, you do have reason to be.  There are certainly some very dubious looking online “companies” promising to deliver thousands of buying followers for Instagram likes, views, and followers to keen Instagrammers’ accounts.  They might well deliver those likes, views, and followers, but the fact is, 99% of them are fakes.  

They’re bots, inactive accounts, or completely made-up accounts, and they could cause the buyer a lot of damage.  Instagram doesn’t approve of bots or spam, and they take action – fast, often suspending or de-platforming Instagram accounts (a new term created by news channel CNN) because it’s deemed a violation.  But what if there was a real business supplying real accounts and buying followers for Instagram?

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1. Specialist Technology to Locate Internet Users

Specialist Technology to Locate Internet Users

The businesses use secret, specialist technology to create databases full of genuine Instagram users.  Over the past couple of years, this type of technology has grown and is especially popular in the business and Influencer world.  

Now, celebrities are taking advantage of these types of business’ intricate services to keep their buying followers on Instagram high and to fight off competition.

2. High-Level Market Research

Is it even possible to supply real Instagram followers or Instagram likes when people choose to buy IG followers?  It is, and these businesses have been busy developing software systems that categorize Instagram accounts into different audiences.

The companies won’t disclose how they attract Instagram users to their databases for buying followers for Instagram. But they do conduct market research at a very high level using both online and face-to-face.  

When these companies gather their information, they split it out according to regular social demographics, such as age, gender, location, job title, salary, but then they go even further and narrow it down according to interests, social behavior, Instagram reach, social media usage, and social media presence.  

The companies we spoke to investigate other traits that none of them would discuss with us, but it certainly sounds interesting – and possible.

3. Packages To Suit All Businesses

When a business approaches one of these companies, their main reason is that they want to increase their social media presence and boost their engagement.  Many businesses have social media marketing as a top priority for 2022, but previous marketing strategies haven’t delivered as well as expected, and, let’s be honest, marketing activity costs money.  

Buying followers for Instagram isn’t as expensive as you’d think. In fact, most provide a selection of different packages. It’s incredibly affordable, even for start-ups.  That’s why, if you’re currently working up your marketing strategy for 2022, you should seriously consider purchasing a package from one of these companies to see what it could do for your marketing campaign.  

It’s a quick win, for sure, but it has long-term benefits too, and that’s because the users are all genuine, and they’re selected because they match with a business’s values, mission statement, products, and services.  The idea is that the users are so finely tuned they should (and will) engage with a business/brand/Influencer’s content on Instagram.

4. No Spam or Bots Involved

No Spam or Bots Involved

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, buying followers for Instagram has a wealth of opportunities, but alongside that opportunity, there’s extreme competition.  This type of service is something that beats the competition and delivers a stronger presence on the platform.  

Instagram won’t prohibit accounts that use the service either because even if the followers, users, and likes are purchased, they are authentic.  There are no spam or bots involved.  

5. Real Results – Fast

If your social media marketing budget isn’t measuring up, this is a clever way to see results quickly.  No waiting weeks to see if buying followers for Instagram marketing campaigns has increased your ROI. Instead, you get real users who are interested in what you do.  

Businesses have reported a spike in sales, and Influencers are buying likes, getting even more engagement when they post content.  Celebrities are keeping their accounts strong and visible – staving off stiff competition.   

The added bonus is that the users on these databases have their own Instagram followers.  When they engage with your brand or business, they usually tag, share or repost content, giving you the opportunity to grow your social media presence further.

6. Safe And Reputable Technology

It’s trusted, safe, reputable, and really quite remarkable, and some of these businesses have recently expanded, so they are operating on a global scale.  These businesses are offering, without doubt, a revolutionary new Instagram marketing service that is responsible and does what it says on the tin!   

Buying followers for Instagram marketing is no longer forbidden but only if it’s from a secure service that uses authentic accounts – that may have been hard to find in the past, but no longer.


Lately, there have been some new businesses emerging that do just that.  These businesses are being used by countless businesses, celebs, and Influencers use to keep their Instagram accounts, and buying followers for Instagram are heavily populated with plenty of engagement.

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