Your Instagram marketing strategy can improve if you create your content based on the audience’s interest and craft it thoughtfully. The same strategy goes for handling Instagram accounts for businesses. Having a strategy is very essential because without it you won’t be getting any results.

Just like any other social media sites Instagram also needs a lot of effort to show good results with Instagram marketing. Instagram happens to have more engagement rate than other social media

One of the simple ways to get traction on Instagram is when you buy 1000 like. You can even visit and buy 1000 likes.

In this article we will talk about social shaft along with how it works, features, and tips to increase the number of users with what you post on Instagram. 

How Does Social Shaft Work?

How Does Social Shaft Work

Social Shaft services are for executing orders in a couple of minutes after their payment is made. After the process, you will be able to see how Instagram users from all over the world are starting to follow and comment. 

Technical support is offered 24/7 even on weekends. 

Tips To Increase A Number Of Users

Tips To Increase A Number Of Users

Is it becoming tough for you to increase the number of engagements on your post on Instagram? Are people not engaging enough?

If yes, then there you go with tips by social shaft in increasing numbers of engagement. 

1. Use Image

Use Images

The safe and simple way for getting customers is by posting a picture that has a unique and strong color scheme. These kinds of pictures are very noticeable while scrolling the feed. Brands and individuals use vibrant images to post on their social media pages.

That is why you too should adopt this trend so that it becomes easy for you to stand firm instead of drifting away. 

If the color is chosen properly, keep in mind that it doesn’t irritate the eyes of any customer, because if it does, they will quickly skip the post. Other than that there is a study by Curalate which says that there are some specific colors that actually are very eye-soothing and promising.

Therefore it is good for promoting your business or product to the audience easily. Such as the color blue. 

2. Inform Followers

Inform Followers

If you are able to define your call to action I am pretty sure you will find the only way to market campaigns. This rule or method whatever you call it applies to both social media and marketing.

So, stop being a shy person and ask your followers to engage with your post on Instagram. Suppose you are in the mood of bringing traffic, use an image with a text image message on it asking followers to click the link that is mentioned or provided. With this kind of call to action, it will get easy for you to generate traffic. 

3. Stimulate Discussions

Stimulate Discussions If you can. If you have that ability to keep people engaged in talking about your post then it will automatically boost the level of engagements of the posts you are receiving.

There are many ways to stimulate a discussion, such as you can ask something related to your product and expecting an answer from your customer. 

Another way of stimulating discussion is to bring up such a topic that has disagreements and agreements, which will be discussed by the customers. People love to argue, trust me. You can also show your post if it contains plenty of stimulations. 

4. Hashtags


To make sure that more people come to see your post, you will have to use hashtags. This is because naturally customers or users click on hashtags to see what new trend or post has arrived. Make sure your hashtags make sense and then add your images with it, so that it becomes easy to find. 

This technique has been doing well. But suggestions suggest not to overdo it. Meaning too much usage of hashtags can drive your customers away. Therefore use hashtags where it is needed. 

 5. Different Captions

Different Captions

Posting an image with the right color scheme applied is great but adding a caption with it before posting the entire set is just amazing. Because people are satisfied with images but they still expect a small description of the product.

Now, giving captions also has a strategy, better learn that soon to see what kind of captions are being read by customers the most and how the caption brings traffic to your site. There are some factors that you should remember while adding a caption to your image, they are the overall length, words and tone used well enough to make your customers understand the product. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: Why Choose Social Shaft?

A: Social Shaft is specialised in Instagram marketing, which means it is the best option for an owner of a business who is looking forward to improving his Instagram status and credibility. 

Q2: Does Social Shaft Need Individual Accounts To Access To Provide The Services?

A: Absolutely no, an authorized service provider will never ask for your passwords to have the access to your account. Social Shaft hardly asks for a link to the Instagram post to start their work. 

Q3:  Can Social Shaft Take Back Delivered Followers/Likes?

A: No, not technically, professionally, and logically possible. 

Q4: What Happens If The Instagram Username Gets Changed During A Delivery?

A: Remember the order that you have purchased is directly linked with your Instagram username, therefore if you change the username during the delivery then with the obvious reason the delivery will be stopped.

The Ethics Of Buying Instagram Followers

On social media websites, people want a lot of fans on Instagram. This has made some think about getting fake ones instead. It might seem like a fast way to increase your numbers, but you should also think about what is right and wrong.

1. Authentic Engagement Matters 

People you buy to follow often don’t really care about your stuff. Real talks include real people who like your posts, share and talk because they really enjoy what you give.

2. Deceptive Image 

Buying fans can make a tricky picture. If your number of followers doesn’t match with how much power you really have or interact, it can fool others. This could harm what people think about you in the future.

3. Violation of Platform Policies 

Many social media sites, like Instagram, say no to people buying followers. Breaking these rules can lead to your account being stopped or other consequences, putting at risk what you have online.

4. Hollow Metrics 

Having many fans might seem cool, but not if they don’t regularly interact with what you share. True success is about having real talks, not just counting things.

5. Ethical Questions 

Buying fans makes people think about how right or wrong it is in terms of honesty and realness. Making real fans by focusing on good content and building a connection with the audience is more honest and long-lasting.

6. Quality Over Quantity 

A smaller, involved group is usually better than a big one that doesn’t do much. Having good followers will make your content’s community more active and lively.

7. Long-Term Repercussions 

Buying followers could have effects that go beyond just quick wins. it’s very important online to be real and trusted, if you don’t do that it can make problems long into the future.

8. Focus on Content Creation 

Instead of worrying about how many followers you have, spend your time and energy making interesting content. Good posts get real fans who really care about what you talk about.

9. Building Credibility 

Creating trust takes time, but it’s a base that withstands changes. Real growth creates trust, making your fans and friends believe in you more.

10. Community Building 

Instead of looking for shortcuts, put money into making a group. A group of people who like the same things helps make a strong online presence that lasts longer.

Ending Thoughts

Here you go with all the necessary information you need to have about Social Shaft. 

I am pretty confident that after reading this article you now understand what Social Shaft is and how it works. 

We have also added tips that are helpful in increasing the number of users along with some FAQs that most people ask after getting confused. The answers are given very simply and straightforwardly. 

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