Did you know about 30,000 products are launched annually, but only 5% become successful? One of the main things to consider when launching your products is the right packaging design.

You may have a fantastic final product, but if your packaging isn’t as good as your product, you may be letting money slip away. Good packaging design makes or breaks a product and stands out on store shelves with every color and design.

Here Are 6 Common Errors In Product Packaging Designs And How To Avoid Them

Common Errors In Product Packaging Designs

You may observe that many companies invest heavily in the design and development of their packaging. The ultimate objective of it is to ensure that the product looks great from the exterior and, at the same time, is safe and secure. You have to focus on this aspect for sure.

How do you avoid the biggest product packaging design blunders? Check out these errors in product packaging designs to ensure you never do them.

1. Typo Errors

Typo errors are one of the most common product packaging design mistakes. Never hesitate to use third-party help, as typos can damage a brand’s reputation. They can also lead to false assumptions about a product, which can be off-putting to potential customers.

You must check for typographical errors you have designed or printed before they reach the public domain. Taking time to proofread and review all text with proper packaging design tools can also save you on reprints.

Professional package designers work with the best of people who are good with spelling errors. They can manually check all the typo errors. Hence you must not restrict yourself to taking the help of professionals. 

2. Insufficient Information

Consumers in the present times are way aware of the product or service they wish to buy. They invest their time in thorough research before they buy the product. 

If customers cannot learn about a product’s contents and specifications in one sitting, they may not buy it. To cut this risk, include all necessary information clearly and prominently on their product’s packaging and branding.

The language used should be clear and concise. Consumers should not be left wondering what a particular line means. It is also essential to differentiate between required information and optional information.

Therefore do not make the error by printing incoherent, irrelevant, and incomplete information on the product or service. 

3. Confusing Layouts

Confusing layouts can lead to consumers needing to be more accurate with instructions. It can also be clarified for customers where they can find and how to use the product. Companies should ensure that their product packaging layout is neat to avoid this error.

The layout should include logical sections that separate crucial product information. This includes instructions for use, warnings, and extra notes.

It is a crucial part of the packaging and involves technicalities. Therefore leave it to the professionals. Thus you can have a strong layout for your design. 

4. Not Designed to Protect the Product

Companies should ensure the packaging can handle damage caused by dropping or other mishandling. But by choosing a product packaging company, you can ensure they will use proper security features to preserve your product.

They use bubble wrap and create secure packaging seals to protect the product further. Finally, they have the right resources to test their product designs for durability and strength.

Experts know exactly what to do so to keep your products safe.  For instance, if your product is delicate, then your selection of the package material matters, as it is responsible for protecting the product.

5. Fails During Shipping

A poorly designed package can get damaged in transit, leading to returns or refunds. To prevent these errors in product packaging designs, ensure the packaging is well-designed for shipping.

This should include using the right-sized boxes or other packing materials to protect the item during transit. Use packing peanuts and proper cushioning to absorb shock and protect the product.

Additionally, put product labels with the appropriate address information. If not, this could lead to the product being lost or shipped to the wrong address.

Therefore to prevent these issues, you need to sit with the package design and development team and discuss various aspects like the materials, the labeling, aesthetics, and others. 

But unfortunately, many companies do not focus on this aspect, which ultimately leads to failure during shipping. Therefore, you need to understand these problems and work continuously with your expert so that you do not need to face many problems. 

6. Not Sustainable to Reduce Environmental Waste

The consumers of today are highly aware of sustainability. They generally like to shop the companies that have thorough planning on sustainability. From selecting the materials for packing to the other aspects, you have to be spot-on with it. Sustainability is the need of the hour, and this must reflect on your product design too.

Packaging solutions like recycled poly mailers offer the same utility as other packaging, however, they are more sustainable and prevent plastic materials from ending up in a landfill. Making a conscious decision to switch to more sustainable packaging both improves your brand image and will likely keep down costs in the long run.

Excessive packaging which is unrecyclable or non-biodegradable will ultimately end up in landfills. This can increase the levels of waste that end up harming the environment. To reduce this, your packaging design should use sustainable materials. Take a look at these plastic container manufacturers for instance, who offer a wide range of durable packaging. These types of reusable plastics are a more sustainable choice than single-use plastics and although they aren’t biodegradable, they are designed with recyclability in mind. You could also use recycled paper, cardboard and cardboard packaging.

Extra: Avoid Errors in Product Packaging Designs With These Tips

Designers and product stakeholders must remain vigilant regarding errors in product packaging designs. Working with an experienced packaging consultant is the ideal way to ensure your product meets expectations. Work on the sturdiness of the packaging, as you must focus on protecting the product. 

Make sure it is the perfect size and shape for its intended use. Start proactively avoiding design errors now!  Sustainability is the need of the hour, and you must ensure that the package adheres to the spirit of sustainability.  Lastly, take the help of an expert in designing and packaging your product. They are professionals, and they can provide you with the best guidance on packaging.

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