The current global email users stand at 3.8 billion (Source). With time, this number is likely to increase. Suppose your company is targeting an even 2% of this, a whopping 76 million. It is almost impossible to have a direct mail tunnel towards a 76 million audience.

Even if you do, what is the guarantee that even 1 million will be receiving your mail, reading it, and responding to it? Out of this 1 million, if even the 2% is transformed into customers, the number stands at 20 thousand.

Indeed, it is a great success if you are able to conquer the plan!

Let’s face it: it is not always possible!

So, how can we guarantee an eye of interest to whomever is reading the mail rather than dwelling on these numbers?

The trend of hyper-personalization is helping gather attention as a prominent mail marketing medium by the best direct mail services provider.

What Is Hyper-Personalization?

Using real-time data for each demography, AI, and personalization, you open a direct mail campaign for customers.

This form of predictive analysis helps create an illusion of one-on-one conversation with your customers. The messages are straightforward and don’t dwell on paragraphs of text showcasing too many options.

These forms of direct mail minimize an audience’s options depending on the demography and what they are lacking in their life.

The term ‘hyper’ means catering just to that audience’s likes and dislikes.

Why Hyper-personalization For Direct Mail Is Working

Hyper-personalization For Direct Mail Is Working

According to statistics, personalization is working best in the market. 75% of consumers agreed that they are keen on buying from brands that offer personalized digital experiences. 

Here is the reason why!

1. Time-Saving Factor

Knowing the trends your demography is interested in helps you hyper-personalize a message better. Research is the key to hyper-personalization, after which most of your work is done.

Therefore, it becomes a time-saving marketing tactic.

When you know what your audience is looking for, you do not waste too much time on crafting a message. Rather, a straightforward message that talks about their problem and how you can help allows the message to penetrate better.

2. Too Much Choice Can Be Dangerous

Your audience already has a pool of choices depending on the number of competitors you have. Therefore, it is understandable that giving too many options to your audience might confuse them. 

Plus, reading through so many options could also make them lose interest.

This is why the route of direct mail is becoming such a trend. It does not dangerously involve your audience in too many useless options.

Rather, it gives them a clear call to action (CTA) about what they should do next!

3. A Solution For Their Attention Span

It is no surprise that the audience’s attention span is depleting daily. Statista observes that the average individual spends around  108 minutes/6,480 seconds per day on social media. Just imagine the number of content they are consuming in a matter of seconds.

At times like these, you do not stand a chance if you do not make your message clear.

A good way to grab their attention is to speak directly about an issue rather than beating around the bush.

Hyper-Personalization of direct mail helps you to get the message straight. Almost works like the hypodermic needle theory, where someone is convinced they need a product.

4. You Avoid The Spam Folder

This is probably the biggest issue every email copywriter is facing at the moment. Writing an immaculate email only to end up in the spam box.

However, when you are personalizing your email, it is almost like sending a one-on-one conversation to a fellow acquaintance.

This helps you track the email algorithm. Plus, you are using fewer promotional words (…which are considered Spammy by the algorithm).

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5. A Better Customer Experience

Every brand strives to create a good customer experience.


Because customers are more interested in understanding what the brand has to offer overall than a simple product.

When you focus on more in-depth servicing, like hyper-personalized direct mail, the audience understands how you are thinking about them personally.

They are more inclined to collaborate with a brand that is personally catering to their needs.

How To Hyper-Personalize Your Direct Mail Chain Like A Pro

By this time, you may have procured quite a solid idea on the use of hyper-personalization in main chains. In this section, we discuss some of the most effective ways through which you can hyper-personalize your direct mail chain like a pro


Build Your Own List Of Email 

First, you have to build your email list; it is a winning approach to personalization in email. According to a study by Nielsen, around 86% of marketers opine that the first-party service data has its own importance. It denotes that your data is from the actual customers who have interacted with the brand.

Optimize The Line Of Your Subject

The subject line is the lifeblood of successful email campaigning. Here are some of the ways through which you can optimize your subject. 

  • Use All Caps.
  • Stress On Using Punctuation!
  • Superlatives.
  • Free synonyms.

Also, Personalize The Timing

When you send emails, you have to focus on the content, and at the same time, you also have to stress equally on the response rates. The marketers can also automate the trigger events like purchases or abandoned carts. This is how you have to set an event-specific email. Hence, your time becomes important here. 


Here is a guide to my direct mailing and copywriting pros.

  • Gather as much relevant data about your recipients as possible, including demographics, purchase history, online behavior, and preferences.
  • Craft personalized messages and offers for each segment, addressing their unique needs and interests.
  • Utilize variable data printing technology to create individualized pieces, such as text, images, and graphics, within a single print run.
  • Offer promotions, discounts, or products that align with each recipient’s previous purchase history or preferences.

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