Google Ads recently announced that they will soon roll out new updates that allow support for programmatic ads.

This new Google AdSense update will be rolled out next year in Q1 2024. However, these programmatic ads will be only for ads eligible under Limited Ads.

Therefore, what implications will these programmatic ads have on limited ads?

Limited ads, as the name suggests, are a type of ad that advertisers can use to serve consumers in a limited fashion.

However, the drawback to using Google Limited Ads is that advertisers can no longer tap into data collection, sharing, and ad personalization. 

Therefore, various Google AdSense features like ad personalization, audience targeting, remarketing, conversion metrics, and more will not be available to advertisers.

The new programmatic Google ads feature will allow advertisers to program the reach and visibility of the ad manually. Therefore, it will be similar to using the Facebook Ad Library and Google Ad Intelligence.

Programmatic Google Ads will allow advertisers to tap into contextual programmatic demand. This demand will be derived from various factors like Google Demand, Authorized Buyers, Open Bidders, and SDK Bidding. 

Therefore, it will only use cookies that detect invalid consumer traffic (which Google has permission for and doesn’t require user consent). 

However, you can enable programmatic demand only in some instances, such as:

  1. When the CMP certification is not present
  2. The ad request has the &LTD=1 flag
  3. If the consumer has denied consent for Purpose 1 of IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework
  4. When the signal for all other lawful requirements for Limited Ads eligibility is there in the TC string

Let’s see how this new Programmatic Google Ads feature turns out when it is rolled out in Q1 2024

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