• WhatsApp rolled out a new update that has enhanced the security behind all your WhatsApp calls.
  • This update comes after Meta found out that hackers can track your IP address by intercepting your WhatsApp calls.
  • From now on, all your WhatsApp calls will pass through a more secure WhatsApp server.

Yesterday, all WhatsApp users received a new WhatsApp update. Regarding this update, Meta has said that all WhatsApp calls from now on will be passing through a new WhatsApp server owned by Meta.

But why are we getting this WhatsApp security update now?

Thankfully, Meta has an explanation for this. Therefore, let’s first learn how WhatsApp calls take place.

All your WhatsApp calls are “end-to-end encrypted,” – which means that there is a direct connection between you and the person you are calling.

However, to ensure that the connection remains stable, both callers have to know some information that can stabilize the connection. In addition, it also makes your calls sound crystal clear.

Therefore, WhatsApp shares your IP addresses with the other person, and vice versa. This is shared by what we know as a “data packet.” This gets shared when placing the call using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). 

However, a technically proficient hacker – or even a veteran one – can actually hack into your calls. While they might not be able to intercept the call, they can still steal these packets of data that get sent across.

By stealing these packets of data, they can get vital information like your IP address, geographical location, and more. This is what Ocean Telecom has found out.

To prevent such data breaches from taking place, WhatsApp has introduced a new security feature in calls. Known as Protect IP Address In Calls.

If you activate this feature, these packeted data will go to WhatsApp servers first, where they will be securely redirected to the number you are calling.

While this sounds good on paper, it might decrease the quality of your WhatsApp calls. In addition, this update is only meant for WhatsApp on Android and iPhones, not web (yet).

So what are your thoughts about this added security measure on the new WhatsApp update? Let me know in the comments below!

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