On 17 August 2022, Danny Sullivan took to Twitter to confirm that the placing of Google AdSense does not help in getting a high rank on Google. He has officially said that Google Search does not take AdSense into account when ranking on the Search Engine Result Page.

A Twitter user has asked whether hosting AdSense on the website helps the site to achieve a higher SEO ranking. To this, Danny Sullivan of Google stated that it does not.

While Google AdSense is a product of Google ads, we should keep in mind that it helps publishers to monetize whatever content they are posting. However, they are not a ranking factor.

Sullivan joined Google in the year 2017 as an adviser in the company. He is one of the best technologists at present, described popularly as the father of Search Engine Marketing.

In 2019, Danny posted on Twitter clarifying that the placing of AdSense on the website does not really help much in ranking high on the SERP of Google.


He mentioned how ‘search’ and ‘ads’ are two different things, which is why the company does not take ads into account while giving ranks to certain websites.

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