• Google rolled out its new experimental feature called Scheduler.yield for all users.
  • This feature will decrease the load times of web pages by breaking down longer Javascript execution tasks into smaller ones.
  • While this feature was secretly rolled out on Chrome’s July 13 update, it will become an official feature by the end of this year if the test results are positive.

If you surf the web a lot, reading news and blogs like this, then the new Google Chrome update will make your entire experience better. The developers of Chrome have now found a new way to make web pages load faster by introducing a new experimental feature called scheduler.yield.

While this feature was originally rolled out on July 13 in secret, the developers of Chrome are now requesting all users to use this feature. So how does this help in making browsing faster for you?

Scheduler.yield is the answer to make Javascript Long Task scripts shorter. A long task script is a code in each web page that loads up various interactive elements of it. However, until the script has been executed fully, the web page and its interactive elements (use interactions) will remain unresponsive.

However, Chrome’s new Scheduler. yield has decided to do things in a different way. Here, this feature will allow you to interact with the web page before the scripts have been completely executed, which it does in the background.

Here’s what Google has to say:

“In a continued effort to deliver new APIs that help web developers make their websites as snappy as they can be, the Chrome Team is currently running an origin trial for scheduler.yield starting in version 115 of Chrome.

scheduler.yield is a proposed new addition to the scheduler API that allows for both an easier and better way to yield control back to the main thread than the methods that have been traditionally relied upon.”You can turn this feature on by typing chrome://flags in Chrome’s address bar and selecting Enable from the dropdown in the Experimental Web Platform Features section.

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