Earth Day 2022 was all about activating and accelerating the masses about the climate crisis. Google Doodle even commemorated the day with time-lapse imagery in real-time to show the effects of climate change on four distinctive locales in and around Earth – the imagery from each locale was displayed for hours on Google’s homepage. Let’s find out about Google earth day quiz.

It was pretty cool, but when you think about all the throwback moments in the history of Google Doodle on Earth Day, how can you forget about the legendary Google Earth Day Quiz, Google’s 2015 tribute to Earth Day?

Keep reading to find out all about the famous Earth Day Quiz by Google Doodle! 

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So, What Is The Google Earth Day Quiz?

April 21st is celebrated as Earth Day across the globe, and in the year 2015, Google decided to mark this globally recognized day with the even more popular Google Earth Day quiz! So the Google Doodle team came up with these animated illustrations on the occasion of this Day and came up with the ‘which animal are you?’ quiz! 

The Google logo was animal-themed and came up with this rotating globe where you could not just take part in the game but also share the results of the quiz on your socials and email. You could also attempt to take the quiz multiple times or even search for preferred animals. 

Undoubtedly, it was one of the most fun things Google Doodle did at the time – so without wasting any more time, scroll down to find out all that you need to know about this famous quiz!

Background To The Google Earth Day Quiz: A Little About Earth Day

google earth day quiz

Earth Day was celebrated for the first time in 1970 in order to accelerate and activate the efforts of the whole modern environmental movement. In fact, the environmental movement had been gaining momentum gradually during this time and even ended up pushing several environmental laws in the United States, such as the,

  • Clean Water Act,
  • Endangered Species Act, and
  • Clean Air Act. 

According to the official website of Earth Day Network, the organization has over 50,000 partners located in 192 different countries. Additionally, Earth Day is celebrated by over a billion people across the globe. 

In this context, it is vital to know that Google Doodle doesn’t just celebrate Earth Day in the United States but also on different international homepages of Google across the world. So if you are sitting in India and searching for the ‘Google doodle earth day quiz,’ you will be able to play the quiz without any difficulty. 

Google Earth Day Quiz: Google’s Explanation

google earth day quiz

Are you already looking for an ‘earth day google quiz?’ We understand your excitement, but it’s best to stick around and find out all that you need to know about the Google earth day quiz! So what did Google have to say about this quiz which became pretty popular amongst people across the globe? 

After all, it’s been more than five years since Google came up with the quiz, and we are still talking about it! Here’s what Google had to say about their Earth Day quiz!

“Earth Day is a great time to search for information on how to celebrate and protect our planet – and it’s now a great time to find out something about yourself too. In a doodle first, clicking on this year’s Earth Day logo (or searching for ‘Earth Day quiz’) presents one of the Internet’s favorite pastimes: a goofy quiz. Take the time to answer a few questions, and you, too, can determine, share, and learn more about which animal most closely represents your personality. The quiz works on just about any up-to-date browsers on your mobile or desktop browsers, including the Android and iOS Google Apps.”

Playing The Google Earth Day Quiz: How To Play The Google Earth Day Quiz?

Instead of wasting time trying to find the quiz with the help of words like ‘google play earth day quiz,’ keep reading to find out how you can play the Google Earth Day quiz without any problem! 

  1. The earth day quiz is an inherently simple game where Google will answer you, “which animal are you?” In this quiz, players are asked around five questions like “What are you up to on a typical Friday night?” and you get to answer from four funny options such as “alone in my burrow” and “strutting my stuff.”
  1. Based on the answer you will choose to give, the browser will determine which animal you are – there are a total of twelve animals, and you will find out which one suits you the best! From a honey bee or a giant squid to a wooly mammoth or a sea otter, there are so many options.  

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Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

Check out the most frequently asked questions about the Google Earth Day Quiz mentioned below in detail. 

Q1. What Are Some Good Earth Day Questions?

Ans: Some of the best good Earth Day questions are as follows,
• ‘Earth Day’s date was chosen because it falls between two events on college campuses?’
• ‘When was the first Earth Day?’
• ‘How many people recognized the first Earth Day?’ 
• ‘How many indigenous people inhabit forests worldwide?’

Q2. What Is The 2022 Earth Day Theme?

Ans: The 2022 Earth Day theme is ‘Invest In Our Planet.’ This year, Earth Day was all about accelerating solutions for combating our biggest threat: climate change! But, the day was also about activating everyone – businesses, governments, and citizens – to do what is right for the planet. The idea, in this case, was about holding everyone accountable.

Q3. How Many Animals Are There In The Earth Day Quiz?

Ans: There are 12 animals in the Earth Day Quiz. Based on 5 different questions with 4 probable answers for every question, the Earth Day quiz pairs users with 1 of 12 animals – honey badger, red-capped manakin, komodo dragon, giant squid, pangolin, sea otter, cuttlefish, honey bee, are the most popular ones. 

Q4. What Are The Three Pillars Of Earth Day 2022?

Ans: The three pillars of Earth Day 2022 are as follows,
• To diversify the entire environmental movement across the world,
• To activate everyone – from businesses and governments to individual citizens. 
• To educate anyone and everyone about the climate crisis, we are currently facing. 

It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know about the google earth day quiz, what are you still doing here? Head over to the homepage of Google, and type in ‘Earth Day quiz’ on the search box!

If you love to quiz online, then you most definitely should give this quiz a real try! It’s one of the best ways to pass the time when you are bored at work or waiting outside the dentist’s office. 

So what do you think about the Earth Day quiz? Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about the quiz and your experiences with the same in the comments below.

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