Since Google has stopped allowing marketers to create google text ads, a huge number of them are making Responsive ads to advertise their businesses and brands. After June 30, 2022, marketers cannot create google text ads. The only viable option in such a scenario is making Google responsive display ads. 

Now, if you are using this ad for the first time, then you might be asking – “what’s provided by responsive display ads?” worry not! I have provided an accurate answer to your query through this article.

What’s Provided By Responsive Display Ads

The basic principle of the Google responsive display ad is that you can provide the ad platform with your assets, and it will create the ads for you.

Responsive Display Ads

While running this ad, the advertiser has to provide their own assets (like – images, logos, videos, headlines, and descriptions). Once you upload your assets, google will automatically create ads for you and run them on the Display network as per your need. 

Now, if you are looking for an answer to your MCQ, then here are the options that you might have before you –

  1. Reach, scale, control
  2. Complete creative control & simplicity
  3. Complete creative control & reach
  4. Reach, simplicity, & automation

The right answer is (D). If you are using Responsive display ads, then the common benefit you will have are a wide reach for your running campaign, simple advertisement, and automation to create ads. 

You will indeed gain wide reach while running responsive display ads. But, advertisers have no creative control over the ads that they are running. 

Option A is incorrect since the advertisers don’t have control over the ads they are creating. They get a wide reach, but there is no control over the ads since google creates the ads from the assets they upload.

Option B is also incorrect. Advertisers get the simplicity of creating the ads. Only uploading the assets offers them the easiness of creating Responsive display ads.

But, there is no creative control over the ads since the ads are generated by Google itself. As a result, the second option is also not correct.

Video Source

Option C is also partially right and partially wrong like Option B. Marketers get a wide reach using responsive search ads. However, there is no creative control over responsive search ads, as mentioned before.

Option D suggests that the advertisers get a good reach, simplicity of creating ads, and automation process. All the points mentioned in option D are true. Google responsive ads offer you a wide customer reach.

Uploading your ad assets and leaving the creation to Google makes it simpler and automated. Hence option D is the right answer. 

Benefits Of Responsive Google Display Ads

Responsive Google Display Ads

There are many benefits of running google ads. Reading about these benefits will make the answer even more straightforward for you.

Better Optimization 

Google will use machine learning and your ads performance history to create the best ads for your campaigns. Google’s smart algorithm will understand the optimal combination of the assets you provide and create responsive search ads for each of the ad slots. 

Wider Reach 

When creating a responsive search ad, you can upload a massive amount of assets. You can upload multiple headlines, logos, videos, and images.

The best part of this ad is that it can create ads that automatically adjust to any size of the display. The ads can be a banner or shown on other sites as a dynamic text ads. 

Use Videos

Use Videos in RDA

Marketing using video content is the best way to reach your audience. People love to watch the video, and you can upload the video to your google ads account as an ad asset. You can create dynamic video ads using this feature to add videos to your ads.


Google ads make the process of creating your ads more time-saving by taking over the creation part from you. All you need to do is check the analytics and focus on improving your ad performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I think you have got a clearer idea of how to google responsive display ads work and what they provide you with. However, here are some queries that I have answered. You might find them useful. 

  • What Benefits Do Responsive Display Ads Offer?

There are many benefits of running google responsive ads. Here are a few that I mentioned –

  1. Automatically optimized ads. 
  2. Wider customer reach. 
  3. These ads are time-saving. 
  4. The ads are adjustable in size.
  5. Offers performance monitoring option. 
  • When Should You Use Responsive Display Ads Answer?

You should use google responsive ads when your main goals are –

  1. Better performance. 
  2. Running your ads in banner-eligible slots. 
  3. Have a better look and feel of your ads. 
  4. To meet branding requirements. 
  • How Do Google Responsive Ads Work?

Google responsive ads let you upload multiple assets (headlines, images, videos, logos, and descriptions). Google creates and tests different combinations of ads using the assets. Then, it runs the best combinations with the best performance. 

Final Words

I hope that you have found the answer to your query, “what’s provided by responsive display ads?”. I have also provided you with additional information regarding Google Responsive search ads. Reading them should make the answer clearer to you.

However, if you have any further queries, please reach out to us in the comment section. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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