For the last few days, we noticed that the speed of Google Search has gotten a bit slow. We thought that there might be a problem with our internet connectivity.

However, after further research, the problem seems to be much bigger than that. Various reports indicate that Google Search has gotten slower due to a massive spam attack that started a few days ago.

But how does this spam attack work? It seems that many newly established domains are ranking at the top of various search results of thousands of keywords.

These new sites have various spammy keywords on them – making these inconsequential sites rank at the top constantly. 

However, several reports indicate that these new domains are ranking for millions of keywords. This can be disastrous since the sites with actual helpful content are not even in the top 20 anymore.

Moreover, it seems that all of these domains are connected to each other. After using Semrush (and various Semrush alternatives), it seems that all these domains are connected to each other through backlinks.

Therefore, this can only lead to one conclusion – a specific group of people creates all of these domains. It seems that a new team is at work to bring down Google – or is it something much grander and larger in scale?

Moreover, it seems that these spammers are using long-tail keywords to rank at the top. Since these keywords have less competition, they are easy to rank.

Therefore, it creates the perfect scenario where spammy websites publish hundreds of pages on these long tail keywords – and make it easy to rank all of them.

In addition, most of these long-tail keywords are also related to Craigslist for some reason. 

Additionally, this comes after the recent Google Spam and Ranking System Guideline update. Is it a coincidence? We guess not.

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