The decision to release the GPT Store at the beginning of 2019 also complies with OpenAI’s long-term objective. This is the development of advanced artificial intelligence tools.

The GPT Builder systems have undergone important advances in their configurations interface and file handling.

As more people wait in anticipation of ChatGPT’s upgrades, OpenAI demonstrates its dedication to AI advancement. While also remaining receptive to community input.

In an email sent to GPT makers by OpenAI, it is highly anticipated that the GPT store will be launched at the beginning of 2024. (Source)

In connection with this, the company made some additions to the GPT Builder tools public.

The most noticeable change is the redesign of the configuration interface for the GPT Builder.

This update will make it easier for users to find these AI resources and incorporate them into marketing efforts.

To enhance the development experience, the operations use one click for testing and debugging messages in gpt Builder preview mode.

With Actions’ proficiency across numerous domains, there is a multiplication of opportunities for applying GPTs, especially creatively within business operations.

Moreover, OpenAI stated that after settling these “unexpected things,” there will soon be a great update for ChatGPT.

Though disappointed by the postponed launch of the GPT Store, many developers will appreciate this delay because this will enable thorough platform revision. Plus, increased feedback collection to provide the highest standard of GPT performance.

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