Many people have raised questions on the Internet as to how does WhatsApp make money. Considering the fact that it’s a free application that anyone can use, there must be some way it earns money to keep the business running, right?

If you have the same question in your mind, then you are not alone. Even I had the same question. Therefore, after conducting extensive research, I finally learned the answer. 

Keep reading this post till the end to learn the answer as well!

How Does Whatsapp Make Money In 2023?

If you wish to learn how does WhatsApp make money, then they currently have two confirmed methods (and one speculated method) to earn revenue. They are:

1. WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business has steadily grown to become one of the most used services of WhatsApp. This has led to the formation of various real estate social networks.

This tool allows you to create a separate “WhatsApp Business” account or convert your existing number into one. Therefore, businesses and entrepreneurs can use this tool as a medium to communicate directly with customers and clients. So far, small and medium-sized businesses are utilizing this feature the most, seeing over 2 billion+ users globally.

But how does WhatsApp make money from this?

While the use of this feature is free, it’s the implementation of the WhatsApp API here that allows Meta to earn revenue. This is done using two business conversation models:

  • User-Initiated Conversations: This refers to conversations that customers have started. The business typically has 24 hours to respond back to such texts. 
  • Business-Initiated Conversations: In case the business fails to respond back to the aforementioned texts by users in the 24-hour window, it will be regarded as a business-initiated conversation. 

From the two types of WhatsApp Business conversations above, businesses must pay for business-initiated conversations. If businesses manage to reply within the 24-hour window, it’s done for free. However, failing to meet the deadline will force you to pay a fee. This fee depends on the country the business operates from.

Moreover, the first 1000 WhatsApp texts that you send using your WhatsApp business account (under the 24-hour time frame) for the month are free. After that, all additional messages that you send are monetized on a cost-per-text. 

In addition, the cost keeps on increasing as the volume of your messages keeps increasing as well! Therefore, the more you text, the more WhatsApp revenue gets generated!

2. WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Pay is a relatively new feature that was introduced in November 2020. This payment feature is similar to other digital payment services like Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Stripes, etc.

Here, you can link your registered bank account with your WhatsApp number. This allows you to send money to other WhatsApp Pay users whose numbers you have.

Regarding how WhatsApp makes money from this feature, they earn it from merchants and businesses who use this feature. Whenever merchants and businesses make payments using WhatsApp Pay, they pay a fixed 3.99% transaction charge to WhatsApp.

3. Selling User Data (Speculated)

Selling User Data

We all know who owns WhatsApp – Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild that also owns Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, judging from the controversy Facebook generated over selling personal account details to third parties, it’s no surprise that various speculations against WhatsApp doing the same also surfaced.

Moreover, this is just speculation. No sources and authorities have confirmed such rumors as of now. However, if this turns out to be true, then WhatsApp can potentially make billions by selling users’ personal data. 

Many top companies are willing to pay millions to get their hands on such databases. This is because it helps them understand the demographics of the target markets of a region in a broader light. 

Plus, they can also gain information on the buying behavior and preferences of the market as well. This will allow businesses to penetrate the market with tailor-made products. Moreover, since Meta owns WhatsApp, Facebook chat support can be improved using this data, which they might be doing already.

How Much Money Does WhatsApp Make In 2023?

Considering how WhatsApp make money, you can expect the WhatsApp revenue to be immense. How much do you think WhatsApp earns with its gargantuan 2 billion user base, with almost 500 million Indian users?

According to financial reports, WhatsApp earned $906 million in revenues for the fiscal year 2021 – 2022. This was directly from the WhatsApp application. Now imagine how much Meta earns!

Future WhatsApp Earning Strategies

When it comes to WhatsApp revenue earning strategies, they have come up with various other techniques that they might implement in the future. Some of these speculated methods, accordion to experts, are:

1. WhatsApp Premium

Similar to Facebook, Meta can allow in-app purchases in WhatsApp as well. WhatsApp might soon implement premium features within the app that allows users to use it with a “WhatsApp Premium subscription.” This subscription can potentially allow extra storage space for premium users to back up all chats and media files.

2. WhatsApp Ads

Similar to Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads, WhatsApp can soon start implementing ads from the Facebook Ad Library. This is highly possible since both Instagram and Facebook have ads, with WhatsApp being the only Meta app not to have them. 

Since WhatsApp is used by more than 2 billion users worldwide, it’s no surprise that businesses will be willing to pay top dollar for publishing ads on WhatsApp. Moreover, users might be allowed to subscribe to WhatsApp Premium to stop seeing such ads. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

3. Premium Content And In-App Purchases

WhatsApp stickers and emojis are widely used by most of the user base. They appear as fun, alternative ways to chat with others. Therefore, with its use rising, it might come off as no surprise that the user base might soon have to pay for premium stickers and emojis through in-app purchases.

4. Premium Group Features

Since most groups have a member limit, many businesses might want bigger groups with more features in them. Therefore, WhatsApp can introduce new group features available for a price, which businesses might be interested in investing in.


How does WhatsApp make money in 2023?

WhatsApp earns money primarily using its WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Pay features. Their monetization policies for using these two features are targeted toward businesses that use them. Apart from these, it’s also speculated that they sell personal user data to third-party organizations as well. However, this is just a mere speculation.

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