If you are a real estate agent and are interested in expanding your client reach, learning about the best real estate social network sites will be a great weapon in your arsenal.

Being a real estate agent in 2023 will take a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance to be successful. While more and more buildings and complexes are being constructed, networking is a key tool for success for real estate agents.

With the help of these networking sites for real estate agents, you can build contacts and a leads base that will help you get more conversions. More conversions and customers mean more money you earn!

Therefore, without much ado, let’s learn about the best social networking sites for real estate agents!

Best Real Estate Social Network Platforms In 2023

The best social media platforms for real estate agents in 2023 are:

1. Facebook


Facebook is one of the oldest and still one of the best real estate social network sites for realtors. While it’s not the social networking giant that it once was, Facebook still has one of the biggest user-bases among all social media sites. According to reports, it has 190 million US users, with a global user count of 2.8 billion users.

Best Facebook Marketing Ideas For Real Estate

Here are some amazing Facebook marketing ideas that you should learn if you are a real estate agent:

  • Explore the Facebook Marketplace for Real Estate to post about available real estate you are promoting – in one dedicated place.
  • You can use Facebook Live to give live tours of the real estate properties you are promoting.
  • Facebook Ads are an amazing advertising tool for posting dynamic real estate advertisements to get more exposure. Use the Facebook Ad Library for maximum efficacy.
  • Upload Facebook Stories about new real estate.
  • Join relevant and bustling Facebook real estate groups to connect with other agents and potential clients.

If you need help with Facebook, you can always contact Facebook Chat Support!

2. Instagram


Mark Zuckerberg made a weird move by creating the Meta network after buying Instagram and WhatsApp. Instagram was one of the biggest competitors of Facebook. Zuckerberg bought it and made it better – than Facebook. This makes Instagram the best social network platform for growth as an influencer.

Best Instagram Marketing Ideas For Real Estate

To start your journey as an Instagram real estate influencer, here’s what you need to do:

  • Make detailed Instagram posts about the property you are promoting. Ensure that you include pictures and videos in these posts. In addition, give a detailed description of what makes your property a good choice for better engagement.
  • Use real estate-relevant hashtags in your posts. In addition, promote them using Instagram Ads for maximum reach.
  • Post Instagram stories that include indoor tours of the house you are promoting. Make stories related to its neighborhood as well, explaining why it will be a good choice.

3. LinkedIn


LinkedIn has become synonymous with the term “social media for businesses and professionals” – for good reason. You will mist businesses and working professionals on LinkedIn. Since you are allowed to post your content here, you have a whole world of possibilities here on LinkedIn!

Best LinkedIn Marketing Ideas For Real Estate

Using LinkedIn as a social media for real estate is a good choice since there are various reasons for making it the best real estate social network. Here are some of the main reasons:

  • You should start by creating a LinkedIn real estate business account and start posting about available properties and houses. Doing so will increase your credibility as a real estate agent.
  • Since LinkedIn is a social media for businesses, entrepreneurs, and working professionals, you can create contacts with other real estate agents, exchange leads amongst yourself, and start a mutually-beneficial real estate group!

4. Pinterest


If you love to browse through images and new videos to get inspiration, ideas, and potential leads, start using Pinterest. This social media site is one of the most underrated and overlooked sites I have come across.

While it may have a smaller user base compared to other social media sites on this list, it’s amazing for real estate agents because of its growing user base, exposure, and dedicated “Real Estate” category.

Best Pinterest Marketing Ideas For Real Estate

Here’s how you can make the most out of Pinterest as the best social media for realtors:

  • Make great images and videos as Pinterest posts. Ensure that they are well-detailed and contain all information that a lead looks for. You can design these posts in the form of infographics.
  • Ensure that your posts highlight the most appealable aspects of your real estate since many homemakers look to Pinterest for interior design ideas.
  • You should also start eCommerce website development for selling your property and writing content about them. Then, you can share them on Pinterest as content posts.

5. TikTok


Videos have become the best form of marketing content in 2023 due to their accessibility and appeal. Since short-form video content is gaining more traffic and acceptance, TikTok will become an essential marketing network in 2023.

Best TikTok Marketing Ideas For Real Estate

If you wish to learn about the best real estate content for social media like TikTok, I recommend these pointers:

  • Make appealing short-form videos centered around the most attractive parts of your property and what scenic views and facilities it has.
  • Create interesting short videos about your property’s neighborhood, like what markets, schools, and other essential locations it’s close to.

Conclusion: Real Estate Networking Is A Key To Success!

To enter the digital realm of real estate marketing, you must use the best real estate social network sites. This includes sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, along with new entrants in the scene like TikTok and Pinterest.

If you start marketing your real estate here, along with marketing yourself as a trustable real estate agent, you will soon be making great progress selling your property faster!

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