Organizing might not be everyone’s favorite work.

If I keep the literal perfectionists aside from this list!

However, it is a necessary element in some sectors. When you have to make a wedding  guest list or just a travel checklist or even a rundown of your groceries. In short any list that will require physical remembrance. 

At times like these, Google Drive is our go to destination. We get all the elements of Microsoft Office there; like Google sheets, Google Docs, Google Add-ons. Basically whatever suits you the best and you don’t even have to worry about losing it because of the cloud storage setting. 

Organizing your list to the utmost ease of utility is your main goal, and an alphabetized list in Google Docs, which will allow you to sort and access them easily, is one of them. Today I will be answering all your alphabetizing questions including how to alphabetize in google docs, how to alphabetize citations in google docs, and many more. 

How To Alphabetize In Google Docs?

How To Alphabetize In Google Docs

Although Google sheets are much more accessible and handy for making a list we tend to use Google Docs for most of these works. 

But, let me answer the question,

Can You Alphabetize In Google Docs?

Can You Alphabetize in Google Docs

The answer is yes and this is how you will do it. 

  • First, you will open the Google doc that you wish to alphabetize.
  • Second, you will go to add-ons. 
  • Third, click on the ‘Get Add-ons’ option 
  • Fourth, once the add-on pop up window opens, go to the sorted paragraph through the top right search bar. 
  • Fifth, you will stumble on the first option of ‘Sorted Paragraphs’ by Filipe Werneck. Then you have to click on the “+Free option” option at the top right corner of the page. 
  • Sixth, you select the Google account on which you want to apply this. 
  • Now lastly, the selection needs confirmation which can be done by installing sorted paragraphs for your account. 

After installation of the add-ons the next step is 

How To Alphabetize In Google Docs By Using ‘Sorted Paragraphs’ Add-Ons?

How To Alphabetize In Google Docs By Using ‘Sorted Paragraphs’ Add-Ons

The steps are simple from here. 

  • You have to first highlight the set of paragraphs that need to be sought alphabetically. 
  • Click on the ‘Add-Ons’ option again 
  • The ‘Sorted Paragraph’ will give you two options; Sort A TO Z or Z to A. Choose whichever suits your organizing pattern 

There is one notable change after this setting, i.e. is the spacing between the paragraphs. However, it is nothing that is not fixable. 

How To Alphabetize In Google Docs Without Using Add-Ons? 

How To Alphabetize In Google Docs Without Using Add-Ons 

It is not uncommon for this question to arise if you don’t wish to take the extra effort of installing another add-on hogging your chrome bar.

  • You can use the built-in options from the Google docs menu, and this is how you will do it. 
  • Like the one before, you have to open the document which you wish to organize.
  • Then you have to select the right column that you wish to alphabetize. 
  • Then we have to go to the other side of the menu bar and click on the ‘data.’ 
  • Click on the ‘Sort Range’ menu 
  • Then select ‘Sort By’ in the the right column 
  • Again select between ‘Z to A’ or ‘A to Z’ as per your desire. 

Another question that is mostly asked over the internet is, How To Alphabetize In Google Docs Word. 

Word is the same as Google Docs because they are all part of the Microsoft Office. Therefore, you can simply follow any of the two methods mentioned above. 

How To Alphabetize In Google Sheets 

How To Alphabetize in Google Sheets 

Now that you have learnt how to alphabetize in Google Docs, there is no harm in gaining some extra knowledge by learning the sheets too. 

Sorting the content of Google Sheets alphabetically is much easier than the Docs. Here is how you will do it 

  • On your device first you have to open the spreadsheet you want to sort. 
  • In order to select the column you have to tap the letter on the top of it. 
  • Now select the menu by tapping on the top of that column, again. 
  • Select the More option. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom and again select A-Z or Z-A. 

You won’t face the dismantled paragraphs when you alphabetize lists in the Google docs. This is the reason why you should use Google spreadsheets while making important checklists, or if you absolutely have to use Google Docs you should use bullets and not sort them to make them look more organized. 

If you are still hesitant to use Add-ons because you are scared you will be bombarded with options, don’t worry; there are only two options for the ‘Sorted Paragraphs.’ 

At the pinnacle you’ll see the columns you selected; make certain you didn’t choose a further column. Click at the “Add some other type column” option, and pick whether or not you need to type that column in alphabetical order or reverse. When you’ve blanketed all of the columns you need, click on the blue Sort button.

How To Alphabetize Google Sheets By Last Name 

How To Alphabetize Google Sheets By Last Name 

This also has a very simple solution.

You follow the first step as the one above mentioned and then follow the below steps.

  • You go to data and select text to columns. 
  • In the column for Text to Columns step, leave the delimited checked and click next. 
  • Check space and then select Next 
  • Select the ‘Do Not Import Column’. In the ‘Destination’ you will go to the cell you want the data to go to. 
  • Select the column with the last names. Go to the Ribbon and then follow to Home and then Sort & Filter and then A – Z. 

To Conclude 

Hopefully you find the answer to how to alphabetize in Google Docs, do let us know your feedback.

At the same time do let us know a few more sorting questions that we can help you to find the answer to. Because organizing your documents is not just necessary anymore, it also increases productivity when everything in front of you is accessible and comprehensible.

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