Mobile phones have become an extension for us. If you ever want to know about somebody’s whereabouts or where they are at the moment, you can do that with the help of your phone by finding out where your friends or family cell has been.

Back in the day when mobile phones did not have GPS or did not support this process of tracking somebody’s phone with their phone number, it was all done by tracing the sim card and triangulating its location with the reference to all the cell towers.

Technology has made these findings easier now, therefore you can now locate anybody by their cell by their phone number, and let me mention you can find the accurate results.

In this article, we will talk about how and why it is needed to track somebody by their phone number. We will also be mentioning some top tracking apps that you can use for finding someone. Read the article to the end to find out all about it.

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How To Track Someone Location With Phone Number?

Track Someone Location With Phone Number

There are numbers that have been tested with methods to find someone’s exact location. And several ways have popped up through which one can go forward with this process, but like always there are pros and cons to each one of them. So this is what we have found out after all the experiments.

Default Phone Locator App

All modern phones that we use right now have an inbuilt native app, that can be used to locate any phone with its phone number. Mostly the apps are called ‘Find My Device’ on Android and ‘Find iPhone’ on iOS devices.

These apps come with their own set of pros and cons and are not considered to be the best for use. After a study, we have come up with this announcement that they are not the best to use. To make this statement more reliable we have listed pros and cons:


  • They do not charge you for using it.
  • The result is almost accurate.

It’s not that we are asking you to not use them even if you want, but what we are implying is that they all come with limitations, and technology now does not have any boundaries.


  • They will ask you for your Apple or Google ID and password.
  • The person who is tracking will get to know that they are being tracked by receiving a notification.
  • The app will show you where they are currently at, you will never know where they have been earlier.

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The Need To Locate Phones

The Need To Locate Phones

If we talk about border sense it feels like an intervention into someone’s privacy if you get into their phone to locate. However, the real reason behind tracking someone for which company has built a tracking app is that life can make us face some situations where privacy doesn’t count, and keeping an eye on somebody’s location is far more important.

There are some reasons that we have managed to put in sentences for people to understand why tracking someone can become important. Remember we do not support people who take advantage of this helpful app.

  • A mother needs the app most because she has the right to see where her child is going, especially when the child is in their teenage years. The app helps the mother to know whether her child is sneaking into bars or in a stranger’s house.
  • A husband or wife is also in need of these apps, as any of them can turn out to be unfaithful, you never know. As soon as you get to know that something is cooking, a tracking app is needed to be aware of the whereabouts of your husband and wife.
  • A tracking app is needed to get the information of where your elderly relatives are and are going. It’s just for safety.
  • As a good friend, you also can have the tracking app, because your drug-addicted friend must be kept away from bad company.

There will be situations, where you will understand the need of tracking someone’s location, and you must do it without them noticing, because if they come to know then the process will not work out as privacy and fear will hit hard.

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Top 5 Tracking Apps With Phone Numbers

Top 5 Tracking Apps With Phone Numbers

We have the best 5 tracking apps for finding someone that you care about, these apps are 100% legal and are smoothly run. These apps can monitor your target and give you the accurate result of where they are and where they have been.

1. Minspy

The app has been able to satisfy the customers and gained praise from popular review platforms such as TechRadar and CNET.

2. Spyier

This app can work on both Android and iOS devices equally well. Spyier is similar to minspy which tracks a location and is very easy to use.

3. Spyine

Spyine is not considered a slouch but is an extremely useful app that does almost everything you need it to do.

4. Spyic

This app is used to monitor both Android and iOS devices as well, like all the other tracking apps. It monitors the target device remotely without getting caught.

5. Cocospy

It is the world’s most famous app for tracking a phone by its phone number. Cocospy has a good reputation in the market.

Wrapping It All Up

Here you go with How To Track Someone’s Location With Phone Number.

There can be a number of different cases where there will be a need of using tracking apps to be aware of the safety of your loved ones.

There are a number of ways with a number of apps to do that. Leave a comment in the comment section and share your experience with us.

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