UX design is the process that teams use to create products – not just any product, but a product that provides a meaningful and relevant experience to the user. The efficient design mainly involves the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product. The aspects of branding, design, usability, and function are the other vital elements of this process.

Ultimately, it’s all about how well the human engages with the product or the page.

Getting ready for future trends in technology that will change the way apps undergo development as per shifting customer needs. Mobile app developers have to bear in mind the latest UX/UI design trends as the millennia moves ahead.

Here are Top 10 trends in UI/UX design, you must know:

1.  Voice feature 

Voice interactions are marking their presence. You can provide users with the facility to choose the medium of commands from your mobile app. In fact, 67% of the users cited the voice interface as the biggest UX trend in the next five years.

2. Buttonless design 

In the future, it is time to get rid of buttons, even for home and lock. Apps need to imbibe smooth Buttonless navigation. With a focus on gesture, scrolling, and swiping, it is time to re-think mobile UI/UX design.

3. Bottom navigation 

The way to use a phone has to change. The original iPhone screen size was 3.7 inches, and the latest size is 6.5. With the size, the way of using has to change for better navigation.

4. Gradients 2.0 

The latest in UX and UI designs add color. Bright and vibrant colors bring depth and dimension to mobile app designs. Hence, they will stay on as a permanent design element worth looking into.

5. Dark themes 

A dark theme is a low light UI display. System-wide dark themes in new Android 10 and iOS 13 are here to stay. With this feature, a mobile app is future-ready.

6. Augmented reality 

Try on glasses with the new mobile app to get directions on Google map. With the new software, it is easy to add AR in a mobile app. Right from contextual information as given in Argon4, to augmenting physical environment with digital objects as is the case with AUGMENT, the list of possibilities seem limitless.

7. Device Existence 

With smart speakers and wearables, it is possible to think beyond web and mobile- responsive apps and sites. Users can switch between any device.

8. Animations and micro-interactions 

Animations through micro-interactions increase user engagement. The animation should be informative and straightforward, loud voices can annoy users.

9. Foldable phone support 

A foldable smartphone sounds exciting. Keeping this in mind, UI designers need to plan accordingly.

10. Passwordless 

Remembering passwords is a complication. With biometrics and OTPs, you do not have to worry about the passwords.


With the advancement of technology, the capacity to achieve more with less grows. A mobile app has to infuse futuristic trends to make it easier for the user. UX and UI designs play an important role in moving ahead in the future, fully prepared to boost user acquisition targets with stellar user experience.

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