Do you want to view an Instagram account anonymously? If yes, Ingramer Instagram Story Viewer is your option. Let’s know why.

This story viewer provides an easy way to view any account. The best part about this social media marketing tool is that it is completely free to use, and there are hidden charges while using it.

Ingramer is consistent with any device and requires no third-party apps. This social media tool is used by many businesses to boost their revenues.

Ingramer Or Inflact – Best Social Media Marketing Tool

Ingramer or Inflact

Ingramer is an Instagram bot that encourages others to follow your Instagram account. You can specify some basic targeting possibilities, and the bot starts following and unfollowing huge Instagram profiles.

This tool was founded in the year 2021, and now it is rebranded to Inflact, but all the features are the same. The primary feature of this tool is auto-likes, direct messaging, follow-unfollow, scheduled posting, etc.

There are people who don’t have an Instagram account but willing to watch the stories and status of others from time to time. So, to provide the solution to this problem, Ingramer was discovered.

How Does Ingramer Work?

How Does Ingramer Work

As soon as you link your Instagram profile, the bot follows and unfollows people based on the hashtags you set up. However, this is not regarded as a trustworthy way to connect with those people, but very users will visit your profile, and if it seems attractive, they can follow you.

Once you visit Ingramer’s story viewer, you’ll be able to watch any Instagram account anonymously. If your account is blocked by someone, then you can watch their stories on this platform without even letting them know. Hence, this is how Ingramer works and help you to watch public profile anonymously.

This works on all browsers and devices. While viewing any post, your identity will not be exposed. The profile owner will not be able to know that you viewed your profile.

How To View An Instagram Account Using Ingramer?

How To View An Instagram Account Using Ingramer

To view any Instagram account, you just need to enter the user name in the search box and then click the appeared results. Now follow the following steps to view any account.

i). Open The Web Browser

First, you need to open the web browser on your device. Then type “Ingramer” and then visit the homepage.

ii). Paste The Link

The username of every Instagram differs. You just need to paste the name of that profile that you would like to view. 

iii). Access The Profile

After entering the username, you will be redirected to the profile. You can only access the public profile and not the private profile.

iv). Access Photos

You can also access the photos of any public profile. However, here also, you will not be able to access the private profile photos.

Pros Of Ingramer:

Pros Of Ingramer

There are some major benefits of using this tool that you should know beforehand. Here are they:

  • Ingramer is compatible with all devices, including laptops, iPhones, Androids, iPads, etc.
  • This tool offers privacy so your personal data won’t be exposed.
  • The platform is free to use.
  • You can view the profile anonymously.
  • This Ingramer viewer does not need installation on any device.
  • This can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Cons Of Ingramer:

Cons Of Ingramer

  • Causes regular blocks
  • No gender targeting
  • High-risk automation
  • No 24/7 customer support

Is Using Ingramer Legal?

Is Using Ingramer Legal

Ingramer is one of many tools which offers the audience to view Instagram stories anonymously. There’s no need to worry because the tool is completely safe to use in the long run.

You are not breaking any rules and regulations by watching stories through ingramer com story viewer, of public profiles without letting them know. This tool is used by many people all over the world.

Instagram stories are meant for viewing. So, this tool helps you to fulfill your requirements easily. The tool is very simple to use, and there are no complex features in it.

Ingramer User Reviews – Is It Worthy To Spend Your Money?

Ingramer story viewer is now the most versatile social media tool. Whatever business you are doing, unless you do not use social media tools, you can not excel in any marketing department. For achieving the desired goal, you must use your Instagram accounts.

The best trick to achieve your viewer’s attention is simply to create engaging content and then share the content with your viewers. But when you are using the social marketing front, your windows remain in the open state for a minimum period. And you have to post your content within the time schedule.

These content posting will be much more accurate when you follow the proper content creation strategy and maintain the exact time for the content postings. Manually it is almost impossible to achieve, but tools like Igramer will make your work very simple.

My experience With Ingrammer Tool

  • You can search based on the hashtags based on the keywords.
  • When you are searching for any keywords, it will show you the numbers of the hashtags which you can use in your posts.
  • There are three categories of frequently used, the average used and rare using hashtags.
  • The hashtag selection process is easy. Only you have to click on the side of the hashtags in the checkboxes and select your hashtags. You can choose about 30 different types of hashtags.
  • Along with the hashtags, you will get the copy button which is also pretty useful for the social media content selection. Only you have to go to the Instagram story viewer anonymous ingramer and explore the available features.

I feel very confident and happy after using this tool. I no longer have to spend hours on individual posts.

Along with the automatic individual posts, I can reach out to the maximum number of audiences.

Ingramer Pricing Structure 

Ingramer pricing is pretty affordable. They do not have free trial options for the new users. So you can start with the minimum price plan.

Here are three common Ingramer promo modules for a single account that the users are frequently using.

  • 2 Week plan comes with $37
  • 1 Month plan comes with $57
  • 3 Months plan comes with $144

All these plans features are

  • Analytical works
  • Hashtags and locations
  • Username targeting 
  • Instragm Utilities
  • Personal manager support 
  • Schedule posting
  • Hashtag generator

This is the general pricing structure of Ingramer. I am using the $57 plan, but I started with the lowest price plan. Then shift to the next stage. But for all plan features are the same but only time durations are different. Apart from the plan durations, there are no differences in the Plan’s available features.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ingramer

Q1: Are there Any alternatives to Ingramer?

You will get plenty of alternatives to Ingramer. Here are the six names of the tools, any of them you can select in the place of the Ingramer.

  • Hootsuite
  • HubSpot
  • Zoho Social
  • Semrush
  • Sprout Social
  • Constant Contact

Q2: Can You Use The Ingramer For Free?

No, Ingrammer does not offer any free plan. But you can use their Free Instagram Analytics. Only you have to log in to their official page and click on the profile analyzer options under the Ingrammer tools options. You have to give the username of the Instagram profile you want to analyse, that’s all.

Q3: What Is The Speciality Of Ingramer?

Ingramer is an Instagram bot. The main functions of the Ingramer are to perform automatic actions like posting and following.  You can monitor each of the activities and can see your frequent visitor’s names. You can improve the engagement of your profile by using this simple tool.

The Final Thoughts

Ingramer is one of the best Instagram story viewer tools that is used in large numbers. This is a very popular social media marketing tool used even by large businesses. So, this is all you must know about this tool, and let me know if you have any queries regarding the same in the comment section below.

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