Getting your exact target met in the humdrum of the complicated google algorithm is a hefty task. The search engine is not human; it works using chunks of data, codes, and commands. Getting your digital marketing campaign through all these obstacles may seem like a hassle.

Aside from updating the Core Web Vitals, Google does more minor updates and tweaks to the search engine almost 600 times a year. So, marketers don’t always know the best approach to deal with the search engine.

But, the amount of data available outside should help businesses and marketers smartly utilize SEO and reach the goal ahead. Thankfully there are different tools like Mozcast, Ahref, and MOZ to help marketers come up with ideas.

In this article, I will discuss Mozcast and how it can help you for better SEO.

What Is Mozcast?

Mozcast simulates the real-world weather report and provides an insight into the turbulences and changes in the google algorithm. It offers data analysis of the previous day regarding the changes in indexing and the updates.

In short, it is a SERP feature graph of the Google search engine in weather format. The tool is free to use, and it displays the most recent google algorithm updates.

This tool prepares this data by scouring through 1000 keywords from a selected set of websites. The report shown in the tool is based on the ranking fluctuation of different sites.

You may spot most of the confirmed upgrades in the google search algorithm. However, the minor changes are more invisible. Mozcast helps you get an insight into these changes. The tool usually provides the data of the previous day. You can also get an algorithm update history of 90 days.

How Does Mozcast Work?

So, you know that the tool is useful for gaining insight into the google algorithm updates. But how it works is more complicated. Here is how Mozcast works to provide the updated google algorithm info –

Mozcast does its work based on the timeframe of 24 hours. It hand-picks 10000 keywords across 20 industries from five major cities in the US. Mozcast then analyzes page one of the google SERP organic result. Then it compares the data with the same data analysis of the previous day to notice a change.

The Mozcast weather forecast shows the algorithm update in the form of temperature. They denote the degree of change in Degrees. Most of the uneventful changes in the algorithm are marketed as high as 70°F.

In simple words, the hotter the temperature gets, the more turbulence has been prominent in the search engine.

How To Use Mozcast?

You know how the tool works. But how do you make use of it? Here, I will help you understand how to use Mozcast. The tool has been around since 2012. You can use the Mozbar to check a site’s metrics. But using Mozcast is a little different.

When you are already doing the known SEO practices to optimize and boost your site, you will get ahead of most of your competitors. But using this tool will keep your SEO practices updated with the latest changes in the algorithm.

You can use the newly found insight and optimize your site to get ahead in the SERP competition.

Benefits of Using Mozcast

Here are a few benefits of the tool that you need to know.

1. Mozcast SERP Feature History

The Mozcast tool offers a SERP feature report of the Google Search engine. The algorithm update report provided by this tool is based upon 10000 google SERPs. You can get an update history of 30 to 90 days.

2. Google Algorithm Weather Report

Marketers and SEO experts can use the google algorithm updates in the form of weather reports available from the Mozcast tool. 

3. Mozcast Is As Fast As It Is Efficient

Most updated SEO experts use the tool for the latest algorithm update info. The tool tracks the keyword at the same time every day. It offers accurate and efficient data compared to the historical data of the day before.

4. Diverse Keyword Tracking And Analysis

Mozcoast tracks and analyzes around 1000 keywords across more than 20 industries. It analyzes the top ten results in the SERP and checks how the recent change in the algorithm has changed the ranking in the SERP.

Mozcast Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons of this tool –


  • Marketers can understand the SERP feature history. 
  • The google algorithm weather report is helpful for tracking the latest changes. 
  • SEO experts can piece together the latest SEO techniques. 
  • The tool is fast and offers efficient insight into the search engine algorithm of google.


  • The way the tool works is complicated.
  • Novice SEO workers and marketers might find it hard to use.
  • The weather graph may seem confusing to users.
  • The data analyzed is based on the sites of US cities. The history is not global, and the weather report may not apply across all industries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some popularly asked questions for further clarification.

1. Is Mozcast Any Good?

This tool offers google algorithm insight by analyzing the SERP data of a day with the same of the day before. The tool makes minor changes in the SERP known to the marketers. Honestly, it is a good tool for marketers and SEO.

2. Who Can Use Mozcast?

This tool offers agency solutions, small business solutions, and google algorithm insight for small businesses. Yes, the tool is good enough, and any marketer, SEO, and small business doing SEO can use this tool.

3. Is Mozcast Free? 

Yes, the tool is completely free. If you are a marketer or an SEO worker, you will find this tool beneficial for tracking the latest algorithm changes in Google.


The Google SERP feature Graph available in the weather forecast toolbar helps all marketers and SEO alike. SEO enthusiasts who love to always stay updated with the latest changes in the SERP find this tool helpful. Although the graph and the way Mozcast works might overwhelm new users, a little engagement can help mitigate that.

Did you find what you were looking for in this article? Please share your insight about this tool in the comment.

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