OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is back, and Mira Murati is now CTO.

The new initial board comprised Adam D’Angelo, Larry Summers, and Bret Taylor (Chair).

Focus on deploying products, enhancing corporate governance, and promoting research.

This leadership change was accompanied by forming a new initial board, a calculated step that underscores OpenAI’s commitment to its visionary AI agenda.

The new board comprises Larry Summers, Adam D’Angelo, and Bret Taylor.

It also thanked partners and team members, particularly Microsoft, for their contribution.

“Brad, Amy, Satya, and Kevin made great partners on this process, always setting the right priorities. They have been there for us and have remained by our side when, as in this case, we did not fulfill the primary mission.

It is clear that we have chosen the best partner in Microsoft and I’m delighted that they are going to be non-voting observers in our new board.” (Source)

Marketers and SEO specialists should be particularly keen on the progress made by OpenAI.

The company’s technologies, such as ChatGPT, have already transformed SEO and marketing techniques.

The AI community is in for an exciting time due to the leadership change at Open AI, with Sam Altman as president, a new board, and a focus on research and governance.

This will result in much impact within society, offering new perspectives and creative solutions in AI and technology.

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