The November Google Reviews Update finished rolling out recently, and reviewers are waiting to see the new changes. This Reviews System update will affect thousands of websites that publish review articles. Therefore, there’s no doubt that even the most minor changes in the Google search engine ranking algorithm are essential to note.

However, before we dive into checking out the minor changes made to the SERP ranking changes, Google has changed its update pattern. Unlike before, it won’t drop significant algorithm changes after every few months. Instead, Google will roll out smaller, minor monthly updates to sharpen its ranking algorithm continuously.

The November Reviews System update started its rollout on November 8, 2023. It finished the rollout on December 7, 2023. While there are no major changes this time, they have improved their review system overall. In addition, the latest Google Bard update also goes well with it for using AI to help you out to some extent.

Therefore, if you write review articles on different products and services on Google, here’s what you must know to help your article rank higher:

  • Try to write the posts from the users’ perspective, like describing how an ordinary user might benefit.
  • Compare the product or service with similar products and services to find out which is better and help readers make a better buying choice. In addition, focus on what sets the product or service you are reviewing differently from its competition.
  • Adding quantitative values of different benchmarks is always beneficial when comparing similar products.
  • Explain how the new product improves upon its predecessor, if any.
  • Provide links to purchase the product so that readers can immediately buy it if they like it.

Here are some general ranking indicators this new Google Reviews update will focus on. You can find more from this official post by Google. Therefore, remember these while conceptualizing and writing your new review post!

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