How many search engines do you know or have even used in your life? I don’t think more than 10, even 20 search engines? But have you seen all these 50 search engines in your life? If not, then let me entitle you to all the 50 search engines that are available. 

There are more search engines than you can ever know; it is quite obvious that no one can ever use all these search engines for their own use. But if you are in need to do in-depth citation research, then you might require different search engines to do so. 

Top 50 Search Engines List

Here are the most popular 50 search engines that might help you in knowing more about these search engines. You can comment down below on how many of these search engines you actually know and have used before.

1. Google Search Engine

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This is one of the best search engines that is used all around the world by billions of people, this is the reason why Google Search Engine is ranked number 1 among all other search engines. They enjoy a market share of about 92.01% and receive more than 6.9 billion users. 

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2. Microsoft Bing Search Engine

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The search engine that came second among all the others is the Microsoft Bing search engine. This search engine holds about 2.96% of the market share. It receives more than 900 million users on a daily basis. 

3. Yahoo Search Engine

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Yahoo comes in third with a market share of 1.51%. If you want to rank your articles, then it is quite easy on Yahoo, and getting information on Yahoo is also very simple and easy. It has current news and quite engaging content for the users.

4. Baidu Search Engine

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Baidu is a giant in the search engine industry in China. Since most other search engines are banned in China, Baidu is the number one search engine. More than about 76.9% of Chinese users use Baidu as the number one search engine. 

5. Yandex Search Engine

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One of the biggest Russian search engines is Yandex, it is also used in countries such as Belarus and Ukraine. Yandex shares about 1.06% of the market share, and about 65% of that is from Russia.

6. DuckDuckGo Search Engine

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Out of all the other search engines in the list, DuckDuckGo is very popular and famous among users for its privacy. It shares about 0.68% of the market share and gets about 98.79 million searches each day. 

7. Search Engine

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Ask is the best search engine where you can get the correct answer when the users ask a question. It has a market share of 0.42%, and it gets about 13 million searches each day. 

8. Naver Search Engine

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One of the top search engines in South Korea that gives search engine results in the Korean language. It has a market share of 0.13% and delivers about 74.7% of all search answers in the whole of South Korea. 

9. AOL Search Engine

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One of the oldest search engines was AOL, which first launched in 1985. Around the 90s, AOL dominated the internet world without much competition. 

Although now it is ranked at number 9, at one point in time, it ranked as number 1 among all search engines. It shared a market share of about 0.06% as there are much stronger search engines in the market. 

10. Seznam Search Engine

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This Czech Republican search engine, Seznam, has a market share of about 0.05%, with over 6 million users on a monthly basis; the search engine is quite popular. 

11. Qwant Search Engine

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The search engine Qwant is very proud of its privacy policy. They are an EU -based search engine, and it shares about 0.03% and provides search results in about 26 languages. They have a site visitation of 50 million per month and about 10 million users on a daily basis. 

12. Startpage Search Engine

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This Dutch-based search engine has a market share of about 0.02%. But the Startpage search engine has a certain similarity with Google other than the email service and calendar. 

The way of delivering the search results and other services of Startpage search engines are quite similar to Google. 

13. Ecosia Search Engine

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This Berlin-based Ecosia search engine is powered by another search engine Bing. It holds a global market share of 0.01%. The search engine Ecosia provides about 80% of its yearly revenue towards protecting the environment and planting trees. 

14. Sogou Search Engine

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After Sogou joined Baidu as yet another search engine in China, the total market share of Chinese search engines became 15%, gathering about 650 million users on a monthly basis. 

The voice search technique of Sogou has topped China’s search engines. It has one of the best AI writing software and also translation software as well. 

15. Search Encrypt Search Engine

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This is yet another search engine that prides itself on its privacy policy and on protecting all its users.

16. Swisscows Search Engine

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The search engine that was launched in 2014, Swisscows search engine is quite a family-friendly engine that was famed for its data security and also privacy policy, which is an alternative to Google. 

17. Wiki Search Engine

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Think of Wikipedia and WikiHow, Wiki search engine is a platform for consolidated information. But all the information here on Wikis, the copies are easily edited by anyone. 

18. Slideshare Search Engine

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The search engine SlideShare was the ideal search engine that was best for downloading and sharing all official documents. The search engine receives about 16 million users on a monthly basis for making quality slides, pdfs, ebooks, presentations, and data reports. 

19. Twitter Search Engine

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When we talk about Twitter is a platform that offers real-time trending news and other content. More about 1.6 billion searches on a daily basis and about 19 billion users on a monthly basis. Twitter was able to beat Yahoo and Bing on the daily search numbers. 

20. YouTube Search Engine

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In the recent decade, YouTube became one of the biggest search engines in terms of video content with huge numbers. For about 150 to 185 million times, the keyword “YouTube” has been searched on a monthly basis. 

YouTube has over 3 billion users, and searches and about 300 hours of video content are uploaded every minute. The search volume of YouTube is more than Bing, AOL, and also Yahoo, making it a big marketing tool for any business. 

21. Facebook Search Engine

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First launched in 2013, Facebook became one of the primary search engines for information here on the platform. Searches for business pages, places, people, and photos, Facebook receives 40,000 searches each second and about 2 billion searches on a daily basis. 

22. Pinterest Search Engine

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If you are searching for photos, images, video clips, and gifs, the number one search engine platform is Pinterest. It first launched in 2010 and received about 5 billion searches on a monthly basis. 

23. Gibiru Search Engine

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The platform prides itself on being the “uncensored private search” and anonymous private searching. With Gibiru’s VPN, it is impossible to track the user’s searches. 

24. Reddit Search Engine

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Reddit is a public platform that is used to search for and share common interests, experiences, and other hobbies. Here on Reddit, there is a way to filter content by a category known as Subreddit. 

25. Gigablast Search Engine

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For real-time indexing and to protect privacy, the Gigablast search engine is the best for your use. This way, the information here on the site is updated and fresh with conclusive data. The data and information cannot be tracked by anyone as well. 

26. Kidrex Search Engine

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The site prides itself on being safer for kids and is tailored particularly for them and their families. Kidrex is a Google-powered search engine. 

27. LinkedIn Search Engine

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After it was first launched in 2002, LinkedIn became a platform for more than 600 million users. The LinkedIn platform is a search engine platform for the ones seeking jobs and professional opportunities. LinkedIn is on of the best job search engines. 

28. Boardreader Search Engine

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This Broadreader is a forum or a search engine that works similarly to Google and displays opinions and insights for the users. 

29. Blog Search Engine

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With the useful search engine Blog, it is easier to find more than 40,000 blog posts with a variety of topics. 

30. Scribd Search Engine

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If you are a book lover, Scribd is the search engine that you are looking for, here, you will find most magazines, books, audiobooks, music, and even sheet music. 

31. Wolfram Alpha Search Engine

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When it was launched in 2009, the search engine Wolfram Alpha was a computational knowledge engine where you could direct answers. Here you can curate lists of websites for you to find answers.

32. Flickr Search Engine

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This search engine, Flickr, is a popular platform that shares photos and videos, and you can also download such content. 

33. Crunchbase Search Engine

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If you want in-class live information or data for private or public companies, then you will find it here on the search engine site Crunchbase. From data search engines such as founder information, funding, mergers, industry trends, and acquisition. 

34. Mojeek Search Engine

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Mojeek is an independent search engine that provides results with an index of web pages without any user-tracking data. 

36. Builtwith Search Engine

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To know more about technology that is used by your competitors on the websites then, the Builtwith search engine gives you the right answers. Information such as tracking tools, frameworks, widgets, content delivery networks, javascript, and CMS systems. 

37. Google Scholar Search Engine

If you are working in academics, then you can get great help with the Google Scholar search engine, then it can help you a lot with research papers, books, and other articles. They have an online library stacked with academic books. 

38. Search Engine

For a fast and simple search engine, you can easily access the search engine for information on the web. 

39. TinEye Search Engine

If you are looking for a great search engine for searching for images, then the TinEye search engine is the best site for you. You can use these images without any permission. 

40. Oscobo Search Engine

This Oscobo is a London-based search engine that is tailored mainly for the UK market for search results. 

41. Goodsearch Search Engine

For charitable users, the Goodsearch search engine is a great site for donating to charity. It also retrieves results from sites like Yahoo by setting aside $0.01 for charity. 

42. Socialseeking Search Engine

If you are looking for a site to navigate social networks easily, then you can use the Socialseeking search engine. It provides user-generated images and news on various social media accounts. 

43. Who’s Talkin Search Engine

Through this social search engine, you can get index conversations along various 60 social media sites that cover various topics. 

44. Ahmia Search Engine

The Ahmia search engine browser is for the users to find resources that are used by the Tor anonymity network. 

45. Shodan Search Engine

This search engine Shodan is a platform where users can search for different types of servers all over the internet and with various filters. 

46. Metacrawler Search Engine

If you are looking for a site that is used for basic search results, images, news, videos, and also web links, then Metacrawler search engine is the site for you. 

47. Brave Search Engine

We all know that Brave is quite a reliable, independent secure, and fast search engine, and it is used as an alternative to Bing or Google. Brave offers cookie control, Ad blocking, and many fascinating features. 

48. WebCrawler Search Engine

If you are using the site WebCrawler, then you should know that this search engine is great for searching links, videos, images, and other web content. 

49. You Search Engine

The search engine You is an ad-free, private and open search engine that might be helpful for you.

50. Qmamu Search Engine

This is the first search engine that is Indian-based, and the Qmamu search engine is hinged for its privacy policy. 

51. Infospace Search Engine

The search engine is a private search engine that works great for online directories and for metadata feed providers. 

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Wrapping Up!

If you are in the nature of using different search engines occasionally, then here are a few search engines that you might like to search results on. You can learn a lot by exploring these different search engines and their different features.

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