Considering the alarming rise of cybercrime, the vulnerability of online surfing for users is a pressing concern. According to the latest data from the National Crime India Record Bureau, cybercrime cases saw a staggering 63.5% increase in 2019 alone. The situation is the same all over the world. These cases include not only financial hijacking but also the malicious takeover of email accounts for ransom. We will tell you why VPNs for privacy and data protection is a must.

The Importance Of Vpns For Privacy And Data Protection

#1 Privacy Improvement

Websites and apps possess the capability to track your online activities consistently and analyze the collected data. However, by using a VPN, you can prevent web browsers and other applications from accessing your connection. This ensures the utmost anonymity and security for the information you transmit and receive. Moreover, certain VPN providers even offer military-grade 256-bit encryption to protect your data.

#2 Avoid Bandwidth-Throttling

Bandwidth throttling can cause slower internet speed when accessing certain websites. This happens when ISPs or network administrators have control over your network. However, using a VPN can help alleviate this issue. By encrypting your device’s internet traffic, a VPN ensures that no one on the same network can view your web traffic content or track its destination.

#3 Security When Working Remotely

From a corporate standpoint, investing in a VPN offers the benefit of enabling employees to securely access sensitive materials on their personal devices while working remotely. Considering the likelihood of remote work persisting beyond the pandemic, implementing a VPN becomes a valuable investment to ensure the safety of confidential data outside the office premises.

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#4 Access Control

To ensure the security of data, organizations implement access control measures that regulate and monitor its access. A VPN serves as a secure gateway to company servers, enabling authorized individuals within the organization to securely access designated information. For example, separate VPNs can be created for marketing data, financial data, and other sensitive information, ensuring that only employees with authorized access to these specific VPNs can retrieve the required data.

#5 Anonymity

VPNs are an effective tool for maintaining anonymity and protecting your online identity. By hiding your location and IP address, VPNs ensure that hackers only have access to the server data of the VPN service you are using, keeping your personal information safe. Furthermore, VPNs utilize encryption technology to safeguard sensitive details like names, addresses, passwords, and credit card numbers.

#6 Geographic Censorship Avoidance

When you use a VPN, online browsers and actors can only see your fake, secondary IP address, effectively hiding your actual location. This becomes particularly useful in countries with strict laws and regulations that censor content. By bypassing location tracking, VPNs enable users to access a wide range of data. Moreover, VPNs can alter how you receive location-based quotes, access specific services, and more, allowing you to circumvent geographic censorship.

#7 Cost Reduction


With a VPN, you can wave goodbye to security costs – mostly, at least. Instead of allocating internal resources to monitor network effectiveness and safeguard against malware attacks, you can entrust these tasks to your trusted service provider’s IT support. By shouldering this responsibility, your team can save valuable resources such as money, time, energy, and data across your entire network.

#8 Tracking Prevention

ISPs often track your digital footprints as a regular practice. In many cases, they even share your online information with other organizations to facilitate targeted advertising or continuous monitoring. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come into play to counter such tracking, ensuring confidentiality and personal security are upheld.

#9 Network Growth

Expanding your network can come with considerable costs, especially for small businesses that are experiencing significant growth. However, with the help of a VPN, it is now possible to expand your network without bearing excessive fees. This is particularly beneficial when granting remote users access or utilizing cloud services for data storage and accessibility. Rather than paying for network access on every new device, VPNs enable users to access a single device with network or application privileges. This not only extends the network’s reach but also reduces the overall cost of utilization.


VPN technology serves both internet users and businesses online. By providing security and privacy for users’ data, it helps them stay protected. In addition, VPNs help businesses comply with various data security and privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, MAS TRM, CPRA, ISO27001, etc. Technology plays a crucial role in increasing data security and addressing concerns about privacy in the ever-evolving cyber-threat landscape. Although there are certain downsides to consider, the benefits of using VPNs outweigh the risks for most users and businesses.



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