You are giving the presentations through online screen sharing. Then suddenly, a message pops up on your phone or desktop screen showing ‘ can’t take screenshot due to security policy. This is more like a disaster. All of your hard work is getting spoiled with one single message. You have been pre-opening for the presentations for a long time. But only for not presenting the screenshot. Your presentations take much more time to complete.

Can you get over this can’t take screenshots due to security policy error issues?

You have to first look through what might be the reason for showing this error.

3 Reasons For Showing This Error Message

Showing This Error Message

Seeing the ‘ can’t take screenshot due to security policy error messages is a frustrating experience. But before fixing the issue, you need to see what might be the reason for showing these messages.

Here are the three reasons for showing these error messages.

1. App Is The Culprit

Have you recently installed any new app on your device? Some of the devices are causing this trouble. Some of these applications are disabled by the screenshot capturing options. As a result, when you are training to take the screenshot, you experience the can’t take screenshot due to security policy stop error message. 

2. Browser Making The Issue

Are you browsing in Incognito mode with Google Chrome and Firefox? Then sometimes, this error can happen; when capturing features that are not available during the browsing. Ignite mode is only possible when you have firefox. Hence you are using chrome. You have to use the chrome assistant to solve the issue.

3. Device Causes Problem

You did not check the capturing restrictions in place on your device. And whenever you are attempting to take the screenshot, your device is going to show you the ‘ can’t take screenshot due to security policy error message.

Can You resolve the issue and take the screenshot without any interruptions? Of course, you can.

4 Easy Solutions To Fix The Error

Solutions To Fix The Error

You can quickly fix the issue withcan’t take screenshots due to security policy. Only when you know the reasons for it. First, diagnose the problem then find a solution for it.

Here are some solutions to fix these errors.

1. Enable Ignite Mode Screenshot Option

When you are using chrome and experience the ‘ can’t take screenshot due to security policy error message. That means you are not enabling the Ignite mode screenshot option. 

Here are some steps to enable the ignite mode screenshot from your chrome.

Step1: First, enter the  chrome://flags command into your Chrome address bar.

Step2: Then type Incognito Screenshot after opening the Chrome flags screen.

Step3: Click on the pulldown menu and check the enable option from the list.

Now you enable the ignite mode screenshot option after completing the process once you restart your device.

2. Firefox Private Browsing

After processing the previous step, you can relaunch google chrome. Because when you are enabled private browsing from your firefox, the changes will be more lasting.

Here are a few easy steps to relaunch Google chrome.

Step1: After you enable the Incognito mode. You will get the option of relaunching google chrome. Under the screen, you will get to see this option. Click on the relaunch option.

Step2: Then launch Firefox.

Step3: After launching, firefox opens the setting options of the browser.

Step4: In the setting options, you will find the private browsing option. Click on that option. And enable the screenshot options in private browsing.

This is the second solution to stop the ‘can’t take screenshot due to security policy messages. After completing the process like the previous step, restart your device once.

3. See The Device Settings And Restrictions

If still now you are seeing the ‘ can’t take screenshot due to security policy error message. That means you have to recheck your device settings and the restrictions. Sometimes the screenshot capturing constraints are put in place by the manufacturers.

For android users, the account-based restrictions information is helping you resolve the issue. And you have to recheck your device’s accounts and features. Then you will understand why your device is restricting the screenshot. 

If this restriction feature is incorporated by the manufacturers, you will see through the device settings.

4. Check Your Recently Installed Apps Settings

Some of the applications are restricting the screenshot for the high-security level issues. Most of these applications are financial and for money management. As through the applications, you are handling multiple confidential data. 

This is the reason when you are installing any application. You have to be more careful and first go through the restrictions part of the apps and see the features. The applications which are more prone to copyright and data thrifting are blocking the screenshot option.

The application models have sometimes blocked the options for ensuring data security. From the application setting, you can find the truth and detailed features of the application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can You Take A Screenshot To Avoid A Security policy?

The answer is pretty complicated. Right now, there are no options by which you can disable this feature. Else you can install Firefox and take a screenshot in the Incognito mode. If you are using chrome, you can not access the Ignite mode from there. You have to use the  Google Assistant screenshot option.

2. Can You Take Screenshot When It Is Restricted?

Yes, you can take the screenshot while it is restricted by using Google Assistant.

  • First, start with opening google assistant. 
  • Then open the explore icon at the bottom.
  • After that, open your profile and open the screen context. To finish the task, enable the toggle option and use the screenshot.

3. How To Enable The Google Assistant Screenshot?

Not only using Firefox can give you the solutions. For example, from your Google Assistant, you can take screenshots.

  • Open your android device settings.
  • After that, click on the application and notification option. And open the default application options.
  • Then turn on the screenshot option.


Now I think you can get all solutions for the ‘ can’t take screenshot due to security policy error messages. First, understand the root causes of the error messages, then fix the issue. But precautions are the best way while installing any applications where you are dealing with sensitive data and money. Before installing it, take a look at the application’s basic features. Then only install it. Do not forget to share your error-fixing solutions in the comment sections.

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