Struggling through the tough time for your business in the modern competitive market? Haven’t you ever thought of putting effort into online advertising?

Yes, you heard it right. Technological advancements have taken the whole world by storm. We can now perform most of our daily tasks with just a fingertip. And in all of these advancements, the remarkable evolution of the internet has added up the golden feather.

And like all other aspects of life, the businesses have also taken advantages of this drastic upgradation and achieved the never before business success. So, if you are still not thinking about online advertising, then your business will definitely lack a lot. 

What Is Online Advertising?

If you are keen to know which is a benefit of advertising online, then you first should know what is online advertising?

Online advertising refers to all of those advertisements that you see online. It can be on search engines, in apps, or on any kind of digital platform that you experience in your daily life. 

Even though they all sound similar, but there are differences between them which you should know about. Let’s take a brief look at the different types of online advertising.

Types Of Online Advertising-

1. Search Ads 

These are the types of online advertising that you see on search engine result pages. When you search for a certain query on search engines, some of the results displayed are sponsored. You can see a small “Ad” icon beside them. These are examples of Search Ads.

You can target your desired audiences, age range, and many other demographics as per your business needs. which is a benefit of advertising online with google ads.

2. Display Ads

This is another type of online advertising. Whenever you surf through internet sites or platforms, you can see pop-up ads or banners, or square-shaped ads displayed around the pages. These ads are called display ads.

3. Video Ads

This is the third kind. When a user is watching videos on YouTube or other platforms, they can see ads in the video, recommended. These are called Video Ads.

Why Do Businesses Need Online Advertising?

Why do you need online adsOnline or digital marketing has evolved a lot through recent years. And it is now an unavoidable tool that creates positive impacts on business successes. 

One of the main pillars of any business is to gain maximum exposure to the market. And in that case what can be better than online advertising. 

Online ads like PPC campaigns, Google Ads, Social Ads have been already actively performed by many of the big giants in the business as well as the growing companies. Making an online presence for your brand or business is now not a matter of choice, but one of the most influencing aspects of branding techniques.


  • Almost 65% of the internet users click on online ads worldwide.
  • The amount of money spent on online ads worldwide is expected to reach around $375Billion By 2021.
  • Almost 50% of the smartphone users order products or services through online ads. 

Though there are many businesses still stubborn enough not to opt for online advertising. This is seriously affecting their business in a worse way. Many businesses are still not well aware of the benefits of online advertising.

Today, here we will be talking about some of the major points that will perfectly explain which Is a benefit of advertising online.

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Which Is A Benefit Of Advertising Online?

Although many people would say why we should even invest in online ads, while we can go for organic online marketing techniques on-page/ off-page SEO, social campaigns which would serve our purposes?

Well, one thing is that whatever organic or natural online campaign you opt for, Most of them would be too time-consuming and needs constant efforts. Because of the time constraint and other factors, businesses nowadays need instant results, so on that note comes the role of online advertising. 

Here we would put the lights on the major benefits of internet advertising.

1. Cost-Efficient

Cost-Efficient online adsOnline marketing is way more cost-efficient when compared to other marketing strategies. You can actually control the whole amount of money while running ad campaigns.

Even on a tight budget owners can strategize a perfect marketing plan and can create an effective campaign outline based on that. There are many benefits in doing that. Owners can even set a daily budget for the individual campaigns and can change them as well as per their priorities.

2. Automated Keywords

In the early days, digital marketing experts used to spend a huge amount of time doing keyword research to come up with the optimum keyword that would give the ad campaign the best results. But, this has changed now.

Google recently offers an advanced feature for its users. During setting up a Google ads campaign, it automatically shows the keyword list that would help the user to run a successful campaign. This auto-suggested keyword list is even used by many of the ads owners.

3. Targeted Audience

better targeted audienceIn the comparison between traditional marketing vs online marketing, one of the major factors that create the difference is the audience targeting ability.

In traditional marketing campaigns through television, radio, leaflets, banners, etc. the owner cannot focus on a specific target audience, where Online ads play an advanced part.  

You can target your desired audience based on your different needs, like your products, services, or other factors. This also helps you to fix your budget well to spend on a specific target than to waste it aimlessly.

Platforms like Facebook, Google suggests us targeted people based on their profiles or past activities, who are more likely to be appropriate for our niche and can make a purchase.

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4. Increase Traffic/Sales

Increase your sales onlineDriving people to your website is a challenging task for sure. You might have to go through months or years of constant effort before you could actually make it. But, online ads help you in this matter well.

Online advertising is a great source of generating good quality leads. These leads will be driven towards your website and will automatically increase your traffic.

If you have a website that sells products or services, then those leads could help you a lot. It will make a good online presence for your business with a good reputation and these leads can turn into genuine sales.

5. Trackable Results

One of the biggest pros of online marketing is that you can completely track down your campaign overview. This might sound very normal but it will give you a massive advantage over other campaigns.

There are multiple analytics tools that can be used to measure the result. I am sure you have heard about Google Analytics, you can use it absolutely for free. You can here measure how well is your campaigns performing, how efficiently is your spent money used.

Based on these, you can restructure your campaign and can add/remove pre-existing format which is a benefit of advertising online.


The above-mentioned are 5 of the most important factors of online advertising. This will help the businesses understand the necessity of digital promotions and thus they opt for it.   

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