SEO Programming and technical SEO have grown more and more entwined. SEOs need to have coding skills as well because Google’s algorithms are always changing. Coding abilities may dramatically enhance your SEO whether you’re partnering with an engineer or not. 

Coding abilities can always help your SEO, ranging from being able to converse with web designers in a language that you know to being able to change a website’s structure for better SEO.

Learn more about the importance of using programming for SEO optimization by reading this post till the end.

How Does SEO Programming Help In Improving Your SEO? 

Here are several ways that SEO Programming might help your SEO:

1. Understand Your Website Better

Understand Your Website Better

As was already mentioned, an SEO code creates all websites you see on the internet. Therefore, knowing how to write code can help you comprehend your website. You can instruct web crawlers to crawl the site as well as not if you know how to code.

This is why you must also learn on page vs off page SEO: what’s the difference?

2. Find Incorrect Hidden Codes

Find Incorrect Hidden Codes

The mistakes appear on any page which has a template-based structure because the majority of websites employ templates. Although using an HTML checker is simple to learn, comprehending HTML is necessary for deciphering the findings.

Not every website code is helpful. Unused codes can occasionally cause a website to load slowly. Another crucial component of your website’s SEO functionality is the robots.txt file. If one is incorrect, the entire website gets removed from the search results. SEO Programming expertise enables you to analyze issues in concealed code you would otherwise be unable to.

3. Communicate Sanely With Developers

Communicate Sanely With Developers

Most of the work of a website is done by developers. But the fun fact is that a lot of them have no idea what SEO coding is. How effectively you can explain to the developers what you hope to accomplish will have a big impact on the outcome of your SEO tips to make a website rank high on Google

SEO Programming expertise enables you to communicate with programmers in the language they use, as well as to identify flaws and provide fixes when necessary.

4. Get An Upper Hand SEO-Wise

In extremely crowded markets where excellent SEO tactics are widely used. No website now has an obvious upper hand over the others in the battle among them. 

This impasse can be broken, tilting the outcomes in your favor by using SEO Programming. Here, an SEO expert can develop solutions to enhance blueprints, CSS, and JS (JavaScript), thanks to their SEO Programming abilities.

With technical SEO knowledge, an SEO expert may give any website a ranking advantage. This can be utilized to enhance customer service beyond whatever a basic template may provide.

To get an SEO advantage, you must learn about the five SEO checklists to follow in 2023. 

5. Control Your Website Better

Control Your Website Better

Having SEO Programming abilities can speed up the normally laborious process of producing web pages when you operate in a business or educational setting wherein the templates have been plugged in, and you can’t plug yourself out of a jam.

Even for something as simple as altering a link without completing 10 steps using the native interface, having access to a cheat sheet for code snippets is incredibly time-saving, whether working in a Joomla or WordPress environment.

6. Speeding Up Your Website

Speeding Up Your Website

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is one tool you may use to increase the performance of your website. This tool offers information on your page speed as well as recommendations for how to increase it.

However, understanding how to optimize the website for speed requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Before you can accomplish this, you don’t need to know how to code professionally, but you do need a fundamental understanding to grasp the ideas.

Doing so will help you retain your SEO ranking after a website redesign.



An SEO professional who is well-versed in HTML is aware of the effects of bad SEO Programming techniques and knows how web content should be constructed.

The HTML components are crucial website building blocks. They function similarly to a house’s foundation, like its entrance, floor, furniture, and roof.

If HTML components are utilized improperly, search engines might not be able to effectively crawl a website.  For instance, if implemented improperly, a no-index HTML element on web pages prevents search engines from indexing the website. This will be highly detrimental to SEO software development.

 8. SEO & Python

SEO & Python

Python is a computer language you may use for automating a variety of SEO Programming tasks. This includes data analysis, website crawling, and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Python involves automating tedious activities so that you may focus more on other SEO initiatives. Python is not commonly used by SEOs for problem-solving. Thus using it can not just save you time and effort but also make you stand out from the crowd. 

Python may be employed in the following ways besides what we have mentioned:

  • Extracting data
  • Preparing data
  • Analyzing and visualizing data
  • AI machine learning and deep learning

Although such scripts are quite helpful, Python has a wide range of applications in the SEO Programming industry. Make it a goal to write scripts that will increase the effectiveness of your SEO Programming practices. Python programs abound that can simplify your life. There are tools available to verify your code scripts and much more.

Who, in today’s world, still accomplishes things by hand when they may be automated? Let’s look at one SEO activity that Python can automate, along with what it can achieve.

9. Python SEO Analyzer

SEO Analyzer is an essential tool for all SEO Programming experts and web developers. It’s a comprehensive website crawler that helps you get information like:

  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Missing title
  • Missing description
  • Word count
  • Keywords on-page
  • Warnings
  • Missing image alt-text

This is excellent for a fast audit of your fundamental SEO issues. This script is ideal for getting a clear view of any issues that could be at play because page titles, meta descriptions, and on-page keywords are significant ranking factors.

Recent Google Updates For SEO

Every quarterly Google comes up with an SEO programming update to make the reader’s experience better. However, some websites and content do falter because of this. 

This is why updating yourself with these updates is very important. These are some of the Google updates in 2023.

The SEO Disruption

Google is making changes to the following which is changing the whole SEO.


Long tail keywords which will rank for only specific queries. The lead audience towards content which is probably thin.

Spammy Content

Content which doesn’t help the audience. Rather they have spammy content (eg. keyword stuffing, thin content, content far related with the keyword). Especially when the content doesn’t give any value to the website.

People accepting guest posting which doesn’t go with their website persona is not being indexed after October.

Google crawlers will be heavily checking content for filler content, especially you hide texts as keywords for the purpose of making. Google considers this as black hat SEO, and they will not index the content.

There is a possibility they might even flag your content, and not let your future content rank in SERP.

Scraping Content

Research is one thing, but simply piggybacking your website on other’s research has a spammy undertone for Google.

It might not necessarily be plagiarized content, but it looks paraphrased.

Conclusion: SEO Programming Is A Must For SEO Professionals

SEO Programming is an important skill that every SEO professional should add to their repertoire. It will help them better identify and analyze any inconsistencies regarding the SEO optimization of websites.

Not only will it help them become better, but it also helps them coordinate with the web development team and rank pages higher!

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments section below!

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