TikTok wants to expand into the HTLM-based mobile gaming market to allow users to play games and share reels instantly.

Key Points:

  • TikTok will soon launch HTML-based mobile games on its platform that users can play and share clips of them too.
  • TikTok will do so by partnering with mobile game developers like Voodoo Games, Nitro Games, Lotum, AimLab, and FRVR. 
  • The first game that will be launched will be Disco Loco 3D, which is a similar port to Zynga Games High Heels.

Content sharing platform TikTok has recently announced that it will take its first step in the gaming market soon. The platform will soon launch various mini-games in collaboration with other game developers like Voodoo, Zynga, and Nitro Games.

Users will be able to play these games by searching for them before they post something. When you are about to post new content from your profile, you have the option to link something to it. This includes links to Whisk Recipes, StatMuse stats, RottenTomatoes ratings, and more. Here, you will find the new MiniGame option too.

After linking it, every viewer that sees your post will also get to see the kink of the mini-game on it as well. This way, they can click on the link and play the game from the TikTok app itself.

However, it is to be noted that TikTok will not launch the games immediately. It has recently begun a beta version of the gaming section, which only the developers and some of the early access approved users will be able to play now.

Currently, the games are available on the platform – Basketball FRVR (by FRVR), Tap the Difference (by Lotum), Peek a Who (by Nitro), Pride Run (by Voodoo), Influencer Run (by Voodoo), Space Destroyer (by Nitro), and Mr. Aim Lab’s Nightmare (by Aim Lab).

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