TikTok is the hottest social media platform storming the world with its intriguing features and creative power.

Even though it is a short video creation tool, it grabbed more people’s attention, and with time the user base has reached over 1 billion.

As there is a large user base, more businesses started incorporating TikTok into their marketing strategy.

Moreover, it is imperative to follow a reliable approach when launching a new product. It will strengthen the overall marketing efforts.

At the same time, to rank your brand, you can buy tiktok followers, which increases visibility and helps you to stay competitive.

In this article, let us explore the efficient ways to sneak peek at your new product on the platform and increase sales tremendously.

3 Ways TikTok Helps in Hyping Up Products and Increase Sales

1. Efficiently Use TikTok Ads

1. Efficiently Use TikTok Ads

Are you tired of growing your reach organically? Then, the quick win is to focus on the paid ads on TikTok.

There are several ways on TikTok to run advertising campaigns for your brand.

TikTok ads are of few types available in specific areas. So, if you are finalizing the marketing strategy, evaluate the particular location.

a) In-Feed Ads:

In-feed ads are videos displayed before posting the content by the users when the platform starts. It is like YouTube, where the only difference is that TikTok provides the option to skip the ad. This video ad will not exceed 15 seconds, displaying all the screens. This type of ad helps you download the application or add a link to a website.

This type of ad is simple and versatile, that can be:

  • Image Ads: It features a static image and a clear call to action.
  • Video Ads: It is like the commercials to be familiar with.
  • Spark Ads: Do you want to boost your brand’s organic content from your profile or other users’ profiles? Then, spark ads are the right option for you because they will have a higher completion rate and engagement rate on the platform.

Its potential of boosting your brand’s reach is unlimited, so utilizing this type of ad is perfect for your brand. It helps to acquire new followers and triggers their interest to love your brand. Therefore, spread your brand’s message and perform well on the platform with this type of ad.

b) TopView Ads:

The video ads will be displayed on the full screen for 5 to 60 seconds when users tap on the TikTok app.

c) Branded Hashtag Challenge:

Do you want to increase engagement?

If so, then best work with the hashtag challenge that invites the group of people to generate their video. If they come up with the content with their creativity, it is referred to as user-generated content.

UGC appeared on the hashtag challenge page. Best to make the content go viral, take advantage of Trollishly, which will bring many followers to your profile by enhancing the visibility of the challenge.

d) Branded Lenses:

Fortunately, this helps create AR filters or lenses that users use in their videos. It is like the Snapchat filters, which help position brands more indirectly than an ad.

e) Brand Takeover:

This is the ad on TikTok that is most exclusive. It displays on the entire screen when users open the app. Generally, they are videos or animations that can add a link to the present Hashtag Challenge or an external website.

2. Influencer Marketing

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the best strategy to sneak peek at your new products on the platform.

If you want to benefit from influencer marketing, hire the influencers related to your niche and make sure that they have a reliable number of followers.

Whereas collaborating with the right influencers will make your new brand more attractive to their followers, which triggers their interest in purchasing your product.

Moreover, it builds the community and helps you get optimal results for your business. If your influencers promote your brand, inform them to try out Trollishly for a greater reach and higher sales revenue.

3. Cross-Promote On Other Platforms

3. Cross-Promote On Other Platforms

Do you want to promote your new product in the best way? If so, use the TikTok in-app editing features and create unique content on the platform.

In contrast, to get a more significant number of followers on the platform, you should cross-promote on other platforms about the launch of your new product.

Also, use the different social media platform’s intriguing features to increase your brand’s conversation.

For instance, if you cross-promote your new product launch on Instagram, take advantage of its features like Instagram Stories, Reels, or Lives. It works in the best way and boosts your brand’s sales potential. Therefore, you can stay competitive on the platform.

Final Takeaway

TikTok is a powerful tool to increase your brand’s prospects and customers. Understand the potential of TikTok, and make sure to follow the essential strategies before launching the new product. It fosters connection with targeted customers and builds brand loyalty that amplifies your sales prospects.

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