Though people keep on asking what DApps are and how to make trust browser enable. Let me tell you it is almost the same as other normal apps. The only difference between them is that DApps run on blockchain while the others run in the normal way they have been running.

To start your DApp you will need to connect your crypto wallet to it, and this is where the trust wallet plays its role. Therefore the question now arises, how to enable trust wallet?. There are ways of enabling them.

If you don’t enable your trust wallet there will be complications in handling Mbox, PancakeSwap, Spellfire and many more. If you enable it then your trust wallet on Android is going to be hell easy to use through the settings. There are different ways to enable it in Android and in iOS.

In this article we will be discussing everything and anything regarding trust browser enable. Stay tuned and read the article from the beginning to the end. If you want to experience the best of DApps.

DApps – What Is It? – Trust Browser Enable


It abbreviates decentralised apps. They are defined as a digitally running application which works on blockchain or P2P network. It not only runs on a single computer but these apps provide control to a series of operating computers that are connected through the network.

For example, consider any standard web-based app such as Twitter, Facebook or anything, in those, these apps are operated by a computer that is completely owned by a certain organisation. They hold down the authority to run the concerned app in pilsh manner. There can be many uses but there is only one body that operates from the backend.

However, the case with DApps is different, they may have a number of authorised bodies, but the applications run on a P2P network which connects multiple computers making many participants use it.

How To Enable Trust Wallet Browser In Android?

How To Enable Trust Wallet Browser In Android

As mentioned earlier, trust browser enable on Android is very easy, as they already give an option in doing that. Without any jibber jabber let’s get into how you can enable it.

Follow the steps properly:

  • Launch the trust wallet on your Android device.
  • Move to settings.
  • Then select preferences and the DApp browser.
  • Now click the enable option.

You are done with trust browser enable, you have successfully enabled it.

Once it has been allowed to work, you need to tap on DApps from the menu at the bottom. Then from there you have to choose the DApp you like to use, and then follow all the steps to connect the trust wallet to the DApp.

How To Enable Trust Wallet Browser In iPhone?

How To Enable Trust Wallet Browser In iPhone

Now, as we said that enabling the trust wallet in Android is easy, and by looking at the steps you second us right?. But enabling a trust wallet in an iPhone is a bit tough as Twitter tweeted that DApp has been removed permanently from iOS, therefore there is no way to enable Trust wallet on iPhone, but we beg to differ. I said it’s tough, not impossible. iPhone lovers here you go!, get on with the trust browser enabled.

Method 1

  • Launch the safari web browser from iPhone or Ipad.
  • Now, visit the site.
  • From there, click on the connect wallet button, which will be at the top. Then select the trust wallet from the present wallets.
  • The next step is to click on trust again, therefore it will get launched.
  • There will be a popup saying “pancakes wap wants to connect to your wallet”.
  • Confirm it , by clicking on the connect button.

Once connected go back to safari, and see how smoothly you can make use of pancake wrap.

Therefore the only difference you will see in Android and iOs is that the second one needs help from the safari browser.

Method 2 

Like I said, enabling the trust wallet on iPhone is a bit tough, therefore apart from the first method we are giving you another method through which you can be successful in trust browser enable. Check the second method:

  • Launch the browser and type in the trust browser enable URL :trust://browser_enable. You can also go with trust //browser enable.
  • Once the link is pasted, move forward.
  • There will be a pop up click on open, as the message will give you two options like “open” or “cancel”.
  • This will enable your DApp browser.
  • Now you can select the desired app and carry on with it.

Is Apple Against The Dapps?

There is no such official statement that is published against the Dapps and trust browser enable method. But most application researchers assume Apple requires more control over the applications. So unless Apple does not get the desired control over the applications, it does not guarantee the use of the applications. 

Dapps cannot guarantee Apple’s exact guidelines and policies. This is the reason Apple does not provide any pieces of information and restrictions against the Dapples.DApps running systems overlap the controls of the central party concepts. But this is the wrong saying that Apple is against the Dapps. 

As they do not have any exact norms and protocols against the Applications, you can not say Apple is entirely against the application. But as they do not have any types of collaborations. Apple denies to recognise them.

What Happens To The Assets On The Trust Wallet?

Your assets are permanently stored in the blockchain. So there is no chance of losing the assets of the data. Trust wallet is the gateway and improvising your access to the trust wallet. Even when your IOS does not allow direct access to the Dapps. But there are no such chances of loss of the data that are present in the blockchains. 

The assets present in the trust wallets will be stored in your blockchain. So there are no such reasons for losing that amount. Whatever operating system you are having in your phone, you can turn on a trusted wallet enabled browser. And can make the trust browser enable and access the trust wallet. But if you cannot use this, that does not mean all your money will be stolen. The amount record will be present on your blockchain record, and the trust wallet enables the browser android.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Is The DApp Browser Removed Permanently From iOS?

A: Some sources say that Apple has taken a decision of removing the= DApp on trust wallet. The idea is to make it run parallelly that’s why they have done it.

Q2: When Was The DApp Was Removed?

A: Apple decided to remove it in June 2021.

Q3: What About the iOS Users Who Already Had The DApp Browser Enabled In Their Trust Wallet?

A: Well they enjoyed it when it was still allowed by Apple, but now they have to stop it, but there are ways to get it back. The process of getting it back is pointed out in the article properly.

Q4: Can I Enable The DApp Browser On Android Devices?

A: Yes, you definitely can. The steps to get it are mentioned in the article and the process is super easy.

Wrapping It All Up

Here you go with How To Enable Trust Wallet Browser in Android or iOs?

And the ways to download it. The Iphone is a bit tough to make when it comes to downloading a trust wallet, hence the two methods.

Leave a comment down in the comment section and share your experience with us. You can also post your doubts and we will try to come with the most trusted and relevant solutions.

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