Do you see the 5xx server error code on the internet? If you are, you might be wondering what is 5xx server error. Simply put, a 5xx server error code means that the server has failed to complete your request.

These are HTTP status codes, and they indicate the server’s response to the request of the clients. These codes have three digits, and they confirm if it has met the request of the user or not. The first digit of the code may range from 1xx to 5xx, which signifies the response class. 

If the 5xx server error has been a bother to you, then this article might help you. Here I have answered all the queries and helped you fix this error code. 

What Is 5xx Server Error?

What Is 5xx Server Error?

When a server is unable to process the request of a visitor, a 5xx code occurs. In shortcut, the server has an error, and it cannot process the request by the users. The 5xx server error codes also suggest that the server has detected its own error. 

You must remember that unless it’s a response to a HEAD request, the server will include an explanation regarding what went wrong. The server also explains if the issue is temporary or if it will get resolved soon. 

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How To Detect The 5xx Server Error?

How To Detect The 5xx Server Error?

I hope the answer to your question, “What does 5xx server mean.” But how to detect it? Have you thought of that? Well, here is an explanation to help you. 

You might have some trouble locating 500 server error when the error appears on your own website. The problem gets more complex when there are thousands of pages on your website, and the error occurs on one of the pages. 

You cannot necessarily go through each and every page since it is very time-consuming. Also, if you are running a business, this error will come as a disadvantage to you. Here are a few solutions that work –

  • You can be lucky enough to have users who notify you about 5xx server errors.
  • Using different SEO tools like Moz, Ahrefs, and OnCrawl can speed up the process of error detection.
  • You can also use additional services like Serpstat to get a one-page audit

Types Of 5xx Error Codes

Types Of 5xx Error Codes

I think now you understand what is 5xx server error. There is a long range of server error codes. As a webmaster, it is crucial that you know about all the server codes. It should help you fix the issue. Here are different types of 5xx server error codes –

  • 500: Internal Server Error Codes 

This 5xx status code suggests that something is wrong with the website’s server. But, the server is not specific about the exact problem that occurred.

  • 501: Not Implemented 

This 5xx status code appears when the server running the website does not understand the HTTP method that the client used. The code usually means availability in the future. 

  • 502: Bad Gateway

This error suggests that the server that was acting as a proxy or gateway got an invalid response from another upstream server. 

  • 503: Service Unavailable 

This error code is not that problematic. When the server cannot handle your request because of a temporary overload or any maintenance-related issue with the server, you see this error code. Google does not deindex your page or penalize it for this error code. 

  • 504: Gateway Time Out

Sometimes the server cannot complete the request of the user because of an untimely response from another server; you see a 504 server error code.

  • 505: HTTP Version Not Supported 

Users get this error status code when the server cannot support the HTTP protocol the user used during their request on the browser. 

  • 506: Variant Also Negotiates

The code cites an internal error in server configuration. It happens during the negotiation of the requested content. 

  • 507: Insufficient Storage 

Users see this server error code when the server is unable to create or modify a requested resource due to insufficient storage. Similar to the 503 server error code, this is also another temporary server error. 

  • 508: Loop Detected

When trying to process a request, the server often finds an infinite loop. In such a situation, the server will show you that the operation has failed. 

  • 510: Not Extendable

Users will see this error when the browser is out of the necessary extension to understand the request. 

  • 511: Network Authentication Required 

When a client has to authenticate for gaining network access, they see this error. The response representation contains a link to a resource allowing the users to send their credentials.

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How To Fix 5xx Server Error Codes?

How To Fix 5xx Server Error Codes?

Now that you know what is 5xx server error, you want to know how to fix it. Here are the tips to help you to fix 5xx server errors –

  1. Reloading the page should be your first step toward fixing this issue. 
  2. Checking the error log on the site can also help. 
  3. Removing cookies might also help. 
  4. You should consider any recent upgrades you have done on your system. 
  5. Sometimes recently installed plugins might be the underlying reason. You need to roll back recently installed plugins till the issue is solved. 
  6. Your latest upgraded software might also be the culprit. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling recently upgraded software. 
  7. If none of these work, you can contact your server or host. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I think you are clear about what 5xx server error code is. However, I have answered some relatable questions to offer a complete solution to your issue. You can read them here –

  1. How Long Does 5xx Error Last?

A server error does not last long. Usually, the temporary server errors resolve within one hour to a maximum of twelve hours. During the time of maintenance, you cannot access or use the website. 

  1. Is 5xx Server Error Bad?

Yes, in terms of SEO, 5xx errors are harmful. These errors affect the indexing, ranking, and crawling of a website by the search engine. The most common of these errors are usually 500 and 503 errors. 

  1. How Do I Fix Server Error?

If you want to fix this 5xx server error, then the below-mentioned steps can be very helpful –

  • You can refresh the page. 
  • Deleting the cookies of your browser also works. 
  • Deactivating some newly acquired themes or plugins can also work. 

Bottom Line

This article has the simplest answer to your query – what is 5xx server error? While addressing the problem, I have also added the reasons why these errors appear. Usually, you can solve most of these errors by yourself by following the steps mentioned here. However, if these errors still remain unresolved, you can count on your server or host to solve them for you.

However, for more queries, you can use our comment box. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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