Question: What’s an advantage of responsive display ads?

  1. They offer greater control over the way your ads look and feel.❌
  2. They’re limited to banner-eligible slots.❌
  3. They will automatically create ads from your images, videos, headlines, descriptions, and logos.✔️
  4. They help publishers deliver a faster experience using AMP.❌

Answer: They will automatically create ads from your images, videos, headlines, descriptions, and logos.

When you ask me what’s an advantage of responsive display ads, then I would suggest you know what responsive display ads are.

We all know that Google ads have always stressed further improving their online interface for display advertisement campaigns. The ads can be text-based to even extended text ads; then, they even extend to responsive search ads.

Google display network ads utilize the search engine for its machine learning to evaluate the ad contents. The ad contents are all from descriptions, images, and headlines if properly optimized to meet the audience’s needs to enrich the ad.

Google uses responsive display ads to give indication that search engines are making an effort to better their services in the fast-paced world. But what’s an advantage of the reach of responsive display ads? 

What Are Responsive Display Ads?

Responsive Display Ads

We all know that Google’s responsive ads work with that machine learning and advertisers’ creative content. With a responsive ad, you have full control over the format, color, and, along with Google AdWords with Editor support and even track impressions.

With the use of smart ads display, it boasts multiple-asset support with different reporting assets and display combinations.

Responsive ads display works the same as Google’s default ad responsive search ad. But for display ads, the assets are not only text-based. Assets such as apps, YouTube videos, and websites are also used as display campaigns.

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Why Make Ads Responsive?

Why Make Ads Responsive? 

To reason to know what’s an advantage of responsive display ads, then before knowing that, you need to know why to use responsive ads. The prevalent need for responsive ads has increased in the past few years.

For businesses trying to target an audience based on gender and demographic. So to do that, it is important to know whether your display ads are received by your potential customers. Your responsive ads need to be full on clarity and information oriented with a clear message.

And your display ad needs to showcase according to all devices that you want. Adjust the ad copy and screen size with all the devices you want. This can ensure a successful responsive display ad campaign.

How To Set Up These Responsive Display Ads? 

If you want to use responsive display ads for your business, then you would want to know how to set them. Before setting up your ad campaign, you need to have a Google Ads account. If you have signed in to your account, you can set up your ad campaign now.

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To set up your ad campaign, set up your campaign by following the steps,

  1. Once you open Google Ads, click on “Website.”
  2. Now select “Display.”
  3. Then select “Standard Display Campaign.”
  4. Now through here, enter the website address of your business. 

Once you are inside the Google ads account, there are two parts to the dashboard. On the right side, you can preview your ad display; on the left are the information gathered about your business. 

  1. Logos Vs Graphics

While uploading an image, you need to use a minimum of one square and one landscape image for your ad campaign. Now your image also needs to be of the right size. The image you need to use should be of high resolution; never use something other than that. 

  1. Headlines

A headline is very important for ads, although using them extensively is not recommended. You can use up to 5 headlines, and they should be very clear. Multiple headlines are what you need to use right now. 

  1. Description

In this description box, you need to accurately describe your unique selling point. Keep your headlines short and short keywords as well to create the perfect content that describes your campaign properly. 

  1. Extensive Headline

The longer headlines are contained within 90 characters to provide perfect information for your campaign. Every advertiser needs to use this information to write creative ad copy.

  1. Company Name

Within 25 characters, you have to fill up your company’s name.

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Main Advantages of Responsive Display Ads

Main Advantages of Responsive Display Ads

Now that we have covered what are responsive display ads and why they are used, now we need to know what’s an advantage of responsive display ads.

Responsive display ads always have the advantage of advancing the format options for advertisers and advertising the strategies. 

  1. Optimizes Your Ads

Google has the advantage of extensive learning for its advertising tools and users’ response to the ads. The SEO then optimizes your ad by using different combinations to enhance your ad display even further. 

  1. Increases Your Reach

With uploading multiple assets, Google uploads headlines, images, logos, and descriptions. Google display network helps to fits the assets in perfect ratio and size. These responsive display ads can be made of different forms, such as, moving text ads, banner ads, and image ads. 

  1. Make The Use Of Videos

You can even use videos for your responsive display ads. According to Google metrics, videos perform way better than images. 

  1. It saves A Lot Of Time

By using Google ads, you can do work quite efficiently; it manages the ad campaigns and groups, which saves a lot of time for you. 

  1. When To Use Feeds

If you want to create a feed and add them to your campaigns, which helps the responsive ads to become more personalized for the users. These feeds can be used for both dynamic ads and static display ads. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q1. How Do Google Responsive Display Ads Work?

Responsive ads help you create a more relatable ad for your customers. You can apply multiple headlines and descriptions for the responsive ad.

Q2. When Should You Use Responsive Display Ads?

When should you use responsive display ads?

1. If your main goal is performance.
2. If your ad is only run by a banner-eligible slot.
3. When you want to control the feel and look of the ad.

Q3. Are Display Ads Effective? 

Yes, display ads are very effective. It still has a positive ROI for most investors. They are definitely worth the money spent on them.


Wrapping It Up!

The help of Google’s multiple machine learning and assets given by the advertisers help create great combinations by Google. Responsive display ads are a great combination of smart campaigns and also responsive search ads. 

The above five benefits of Google ads benefit your ad campaign. These Google ads have the capacity to attract a lot of traffic to your ad campaign.

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