The digital age has caused less of us to consume basic cable television with all the options available online. Youtube has replaced much of our programming, meaning there are millions upon millions of eyes being influenced by what they see on Youtube.

Therefore, if marketing your product, service, or business on Youtube isn’t a part of your digital strategy, there are millions of people who may not be exposed to what you have to offer.

There’s more to advertising on Youtube than just simply buying ads, however. Without some forethought, you could end up wasting money on Youtube ads that go nowhere.

Checkout Three Beneficial Tips For Youtube Advertising:

There are ways to navigate video advertising to ensure your efforts are fruitful and aren’t just getting lost in the mix. Despite all the methods used, there are a few proven to work to help people get their marketing materials noticed on the largest video platform that exists.

1. Take Advantage Of Video Remarketing

Video Remarketing

We’ve all been watching a Youtube video or perusing an online shop, only to go on social media shortly after and see an advertisement for what we were just looking at.

While some might speculate that it’s because our technology is spying on us, it’s actually remarketing. You can utilize video remarketing in order to ensure that your intended audience doesn’t forget you once they leave Youtube.

Remarketing essentially allows you to situate your advertising capabilities in such a way that it remains constant in a user’s social media feed.

The more our intended audience is exposed to our marketing materials, the more likely they will keep considering what you are trying to sell. Incorporating Youtube video ads into your remarketing plan will help capture attention better than image or text-only ads.

Remarketing is somewhat of an unspoken secret of digital companies in that most casual online users don’t realize that there is the intention behind the consistent advertisements they are seeing of the same product or service. Some are concerned that it’s invasive, but remarketing isn’t taking a person’s online information.

Since a person has been lingering on your digital content, even if only for a moment or so, it’s possible they are already interested.

As attention spans become shorter, remaining in a person’s frame of reference is crucial to making sure they don’t forget your ad. With remarketing, it’s harder for people to forget when they see what they’ve been interested in consistently on their social media feeds.

This method has been proven to be effective when it comes to improving conversion rates for those who take advantage of it. Therefore, investing some marketing expertise and dollars in remarketing your video content can give you the return you’re hoping for when it comes to improving your visibility online.

Another advantage of utilizing remarketing tools is it’s pretty simple and doesn’t involve a lot of time commitment. Once you have your remarketing setup, you can sit back and monitor your results, tweaking what you want to remarket as you see fit. Video content seems to capture desired results like increased traffic and conversion much better than other formats.

Implementing remarketing will ensure that advertisements that people will inevitably see – and have come to expect on their social media feeds – are targeted to what they’ve already expressed interest in through their online activity. Since so many people spend so much time on social media, not taking advantage of those eyes is a missed opportunity.

Consider using a Youtube ad that has been performing really well for you. This should be an ad that encapsulates your brand and what you are trying to sell.

Set up a Google video campaign that features this ad, and watch how it can transition into ads that come up on a person’s social media feed. As always, watch your analytics to determine if your remarketing plan is working.

Google allows you to create remarketing plans with your advertising content very seamlessly. You are able to customize what you want to remarket so your target customers cannot forget you after they finish browsing your website or watching your ad, either partially or completely.

One thing to acknowledge is that the concern of ad fatigue is also expressed when discussing remarketing. Ad fatigue is the notion that people become less interested in something the more they see it. However, when looking at the actual results from companies that assist with remarketing, the opposite is true.

You also need to ensure you keep your remarketing materials fresh by changing your plan. You don’t want to run ads that no longer apply to your offerings, or you could end up inadvertently misleading your audience.

2. Experiment With Hooks In Your Ads

Youtube Ads

The idea of a hook at the beginning of your advertisement is that you start off with something that doesn’t quite give away what you’re advertising but entices the viewer to want to learn more with a statement that they can relate to. This has been an effective marketing strategy for a very long time, and it works just as well on Youtube.

Hooks help your viewers engage in listening to more of your ad rather than skipping after the first few seconds. It can take some tinkering with the content of your ads to learn what works to get viewers to stay instead of skip. There’s no harm in conceptualizing a few different hooks, publishing them on your Youtube channel, and waiting to see what the analytics tell you works.

Part of what can help you make hooks successful in your Youtube ads is to completely understand who it is you want to target. Your hook is going to have to engage them. Your hook can be something visual, a phrase or two that is well-written and interesting, You can experiment with humor if it’s appropriate for what you sell, or try and pull in someone’s emotions.

As we know, attention spans are getting shorter. When your hook is solid, it can capture that attention before it dissipates. As mentioned, play into a problem that you can solve. Ask an intriguing question that is going to make people think. Share why what you have to offer beats out your competition. Give an intriguing fact that makes people curious.

Another way you can hook your intended audience is to try and play into their emotions. Most of us are drawn to things that either remind us of fond memory, inspire us to make a change or motivate us to make our lives better. When you hook them with emotion, they will stick around for all of the practical and need-to-know information about your brand.

Remind yourself of the need you are trying to meet with what you are advertising and ensure that the hook is going to acknowledge that need, even in an indirect way, until you can be more direct in the rest of your ad. If you pair this increase in engagement with remarketing, you’ll have a solid youtube advertising strategy that will keep you in your target audiences’ minds.

3. Use Memorable And Consisting Marketing Elements 

Video Marketing Elements

Part of smart conceptualization of a business includes having a clear-cut vision of what the brand stands for, what it represents, and what you want others to take away about your brand. This needs to be woven into any advertising you publish, whether published on Youtube or any other online medium.

There are ways to make sure your youtube advertising contains the proper consistent elements that can help make them much more memorable to your intended audience. Even if it’s small, your logo or company name needs to be present in your advertising.

You can even play with having a consistent company name in one corner throughout the ad while making it full screen at some point in the advertisement. You can get creative with this element, but ensuring that it’s present at all times means viewers won’t be able to forget your name.

While the ads that play throughout Youtube videos are always changing, basic rules won’t let users skip ads before the five-second mark unless they pay for a premium membership. As such, what you include in the first five seconds matters, and can even end up making someone consider not skipping the ad.

This doesn’t mean you have to stifle your creativity. What it means is that something in the first five seconds should grab a person’s attention in such a way that, even if the viewer chooses to skip the ad, they will still at least know your brand’s name and an inkling of what you may be able to offer them.

You can still tell a story that doesn’t give everything away in the first five seconds. Effective examples of taking advantage of the five seconds before skipping usually include the brand name somewhere on the screen that stays on the screen consistently, and perhaps a prominent flash of the name as part of the story.

It can be difficult to nail down one specific type of video advertising and run with it. Testing out different types of ads to see what resonates with people can be done, but you want to do so in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your video feed in a way that makes your channel seem like one big commercial.

Since you will have to upload your video advertisements to your channel, you can list and unlist as you see fit as you’re trying to gauge interest. As mentioned, you don’t have to make elaborate videos with large budgets and a ton of special effects. Sometimes the simplest ads that tell a story that people can relate to will have the most impact.

You don’t want to just recycle ads made for other social media platforms and put them on Youtube and call it a day. While sharing ads over your platforms is fine, you want to ensure you’re creating a video that is suitable for the platform.

Many businesses don’t take advantage of how advantageous having ads on Youtube is, or how having a Youtube channel that is a mixture of advertisements and content that is related to your business but isn’t an outright advertisement can create more awareness for any brand.

Videos don’t need to be major productions in order to resonate with an audience or gain traction as interesting ads that capture attention. They just have to be relevant and meaningful, as well as concise.

You don’t just have to create video ads on Youtube, though doing so is very highly recommended. We’ve all seen the ads that are placed at the beginning and end of Youtube videos, as well as ads placed within videos themselves.

There are also ads that appear on top of videos, such as banners, as well as advertising cards that pop up at the sides of videos. Additionally, video ads can show up in people’s feeds when they are somewhat related to the content they’re choosing to watch

Be sure that you check out your advertisement’s statistics to see what types of ads tend to perform best for you in terms of clicks and conversions. This will help you streamline your content based on what is working, allowing you to pivot when necessary.


Learning the ropes of Youtube advertising can be overwhelming at first, but thankfully, those who have been able to figure out what does and doesn’t work on Youtube have shared their tips for success. Now that you’re aware of some of their tips and tricks, it’s time to do an overhaul of your Youtube advertisement strategy.

Playing into trends of the time and the latest online marketing gimmick can work for a very short term, but short-term solutions almost never guarantee results.

Remarketing, strong hooks and consistency are proven to work. Opting for the tried and true strategies, though they may take some more effort, are much more worth it in terms of return.

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