• The developers of YouTube are currently testing out new features, like allowing users to create YouTube Shorts from video comments.
  • The developers are also testing out another feature that allows users to press long on the screen to adjust the video playback speed.
  • In addition, another new feature includes the option to see bigger video previews before clicking on a video.

The development team behind YouTube has been hard at work developing newer features and shortcuts for the YouTube app on smartphones. 

One of the main features the team is developing right now is the ability to create YouTube Shorts from any comment on your video directly. Now users have the option to click on “Options” of any YouTube comment (the three dots beside a comment) and then click on “Create a Short” to get started!

This feature is being developed to complement the pre-existing YouTube Shorts features, like being able to reply to a comment on your YouTube Shorts with a new YouTube Short.

This new short will be visible on your profile page on your YouTube Shorts feed. However, the author of the comment on which you made a short will not be notified of this. This trial feature is only accessible right now to a handful of iOS and Android testers in the US.

YouTube is also busy introducing two new features. One involves the long-pressing on the video you are watching to change its playback speed. The longer you press, the more its playback speed will increase. However, many claim that the default is 2x – which is set on long press.

Another feature that YouTube is developing involves bigger previews of the videos. Therefore, if you try to click on the timeline of the video or drag along the video timelines to jump to a certain point on the video, the preview you see will be bigger and more detailed.

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