Brands and SEO experts know the relevance of premium SEO tools! When you want to add advanced features, stored data maximized limits, and online assistance, paid tools to offer significant help. However, for the remaining 70% of SEO task, you bank on the free SEO tools.

New brands or businesses planning their SEO mix often don’t know the utility of free SEO tools. For that matter, they aren’t aware of all the free tools as well. Today, you have access to over hundreds of SEO tools for free. Hence, it is a smart call to select the one that’s best for you and your business. How do you know which free SEO tool you must use? Ideally, the best tool caters to the three criteria, below:

  • The tool is free with no hidden costs
  • The tool provides actionable data and above average value
  • The tool gets used extensively by the huge SEO community

To know more about these tools, you will have to get in touch with an expert SEO agency. You can get in touch with the SEO Toronto agencies and ask for crucial guidance.

The tools can get categorized into various sections. The essential categories and free tools are:



The free SEO tools here help to assess the search performance, make competitor analysis, evaluate keywords, and manage the SERPs.

1. Bing Webmaster Tools

The Google Webmaster tools receive all the accolades! However, the Bing Webmaster Tool comes with a wide range of search analytics. You can make the most of crawling data and keyword reports.

2. Google analytics

It is one of the most popular web analytics tools. As a free tool, Google Analytics is competent and performs excellent with Google products, such as Data Studio, Search Console, and Optimize.

3. Data Studio

Do you want to merge data from various sources, for instances Google Analytics and Search Console and share and visualize it? If yes, then Google Data Studio can help. To get a complete idea of all the SEO dashboards and tasks you intend to build completely free, you can check out the resources on Data Studio.

4. Improved Google Analytics Annotations

Do you know whether the organic traffic dip gets linked to the Google Algorithm update or a national holiday? It is one of the most recommended Google Chrome, the plug-in that places extra information above the analytics. It will send you the screenshots easily, highlighting how external forces impact traffic.


Some of the best tools for crawling and indexing are as follows:

1. Beams Us Up

Do you require a desktop crawler for free? If yes, then this free SEO tool is the best choice. It might not offer all the features that you get in Screaming Frog, but it ensures 100% free crawling with zero limits. However, you can use this only for Windows.

2. Screaming Frog

It is yet another desktop crawler that most SEO experts recommend. Most people are unaware of the free version that enables as much as 500 URLs on every crawl. Though the paid version is completely functional, still you can derive immense benefits from the free version as well. It is perfect for small site audits and projects.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword plays a vital role in SEO. The best tools to use are:

1. Answer the Public

Do you want to procure as exhaustive question list for any keyword set? If yes, then this is the tool that you can opt-in for.

2. Keyword Planner

This free SEO tool got built for people who buy Google ads. However, it also provides various data that brands can utilize in SEO keyword planning. It resorts to data from Google and provides useful functions, such as country filtering. However, you need to stay careful about metrics such as volume and competition, which can be a tad bit confusing.

3. Keywords Everywhere

It is a popular tool with many SEO experts! You can get the browser extension installed for Chrome or Firefox and also get keyword suggestions as you browse online. It also works for Google Search Console and adds value to your keyword research.

Link Tools

The tools here help to assess process and find the back-link scopes.

1. Disavow Tool

It is slightly challenging to find the Disavow Tool as the majority of site owners don’t require it. However, when there is a requirement, it is perfect for removing penalties. Do you have to combat negative SEO? If yes, then this is to tool you can use.

2. Link Miner

It is a free Chrome extension that helps in link building. You can make use of it to locate broken links on every page. Also, you can check the basic link metrics that you search on Google. It is easy, useful, and simple.

Local SEO


Local SEO

Here you have a set of free tools for optimizing Google Maps and the like.

1. Google My Business

It is one of the number one tools to optimize local SEO. It enables you to claim a business locally, manage all listing data, and respond to every review. When you claim your business, it helps you to get better at the local SEO initiatives.

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2. Google Review Link Generator

How can you provide your users with a URL so that they can provide a Google review for the business? This app helps in generating a review.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

It is essential to get your website to optimize for mobile. For this, you could make use of free tools like:

1. Mobile First Index Checker

The mobile version of sites varies significantly from what appears on the desktop! Since Google has declared its mobile-first indexing, it is essential to get links and structured correct, in both mobile and desktop versions of the site. It is one of the best tools to count on.

2. Mobile Friendly Test

The ideal standard for assessing if a web page caters to Google’s mobile-friendly needs is to use the Mobile-Friendly Test tool. If you see that your web pages pass through this test, the answer is in affirmative.

SEO free tools help websites to strengthen their SEO strategy! You can count on all these tools depending on your requirement, under the guidance of an expert SEO agency.

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