In today’s world, learning takes place more on social media. While regular social media apps include Twitter and Facebook, there are so many social networking sites that have in built features specifically for academic purposes. These social networking sites are good for both teacher to student and student to student learning. In this article, you will find out some of the best social networking sites available.

1. Blackboard

Blackboard is one of the first and best social networking sites for both students and teachers. It is a virtual course management app that lets teachers have a means of teaching their students. Blackboard also lets teachers to talk to and get feedback from their students fast. It also lets students to turn in their assignments electronically and teachers to grade those assignments as well. Besides schoolwork, Blackboard allows students to network with their peers. For example, with their web tools like e-portfolios, blogs, and wikis, students can do group assignments and assess such assignments.

However, it is important to mention that this app is a bit pricey. Still, the services it offers are worth the price.

2. Edmodo

Edmodo is another best social networking sites for both students and teachers. The best part about this app is that, unlike Blackboard, it is totally free. Some of its main features include news feeds, software for evaluation, and security. Edmodo lets teachers share school content with students including receiving assignments and grading them. It also lets teachers or students create group assignments and quizzes. Furthermore, the app has a feature that lets teachers compile grades for their students. For students who need research paper writing help, Edmodo is a great social networking app where they can ask their peers for such help. Another great feature is that the app is that it is available for both desktop and mobile devices.

3. Wikispaces Classroom

Wikispaces Classroom is a secure private school best social networking sites that is based on invitation only. This means as a teacher, you get to decide who comes into your class. Similarly, students can invite teachers, fellow students, administrators, or whomever they chose to their classroom. Wikispaces Classroom allows both teachers and students to share files in different formats. It is also easy to use as you do not have to have an in depth knowledge of technology. You can also customize your Wikispaces Classroom to suit your taste. You can add backgrounds, photos, change colors, etc. Lastly, you can add videos from YouTube and blogs to this platform to help with school assignments.

4. Skype

Skype is one under-utilized social networking platform because many people see it as a platform only for video calls. While this is a great feature in itself, Skype has more features available. With Skype, teachers can create a group where they share documents containing information for the school. Teachers can also share audio notes and recorded video lessons for students. Also, teachers can hold live classes via Skype with students and fellow teachers. Lastly, teachers can use the app to communicate with other teachers and scholars around the world. Similarly, students can create study groups on Skype strictly for sharing educational materials among themselves. They can also hold discussions about school work via chat, audio, and video. Furthermore, teachers can take their students on virtual tours of libraries, museums, and other educational centers via Skype.

5. Minecraft

This is a unique platform because it uses video games to teach students. This game provides a learning environment for students to interact with each other. On Minecraft, the student can solve challenges in an educational way. These challenges include math, history, technology, finance, building, among others. Unlike most social networking platforms, this allows players to put their abilities into practice. Some of the challenges involve players finding themselves in not so friendly environments. Players then have to quickly think of solutions if they do not want to be eliminated. They have to build houses, find food, create their weapons, among others within a specific time.

6. Moodle

Moodle is another best social networking sites for students and teachers. On Moodle, students need to have the login details of their school’s learning management system before they can get access. Moodle allows teachers to send documents and audios containing school work. Students can read these documents and listen to the audio whenever they want. Moodle also has an option that allows students to turn in school assignments. Furthermore, the submission can be timed so that if students submit late, the teacher can know. Moodle also allows teachers or students to share an external link to educational sources. For students, they can create groups on Moodle for interactive sessions. You can use this app both on your desktop and mobile device.

7. Twitter

Yes, you may be shocked at this as Twitter does not have that formal academic definition. However, students can use Twitter for various educational purposes. For students who want to do their projects, dissertation, or thesis can use this platform for research. How? Well, Twitter’s hashtags allow people all across the world to trend conversations on politics, health, social, religious, and economic topics. Unless deleted by the poster, these tweets are always accessible on Twitter. Also, with Twitter, students can meet with fellow students in their field of research by joining relevant conversations. Hashtags like #edtech #edchat and others are great leads to educational conversations.

8. Classloom

For students who cannot afford to buy a laptop or schools that do not have sophisticated technology, this platform is perfect. It is an app that you can use on your mobile device such as Android phones. Classloom allows teachers to give tasks immediately and to also check what they are doing during class lessons. It is also secure so that its users’ information is protected. Students can use Classloom to turn in assignments and get feedback immediately. Finally, Classloom has a feature that can help to close any other app or tabs that are distracting the students from their lessons.


With these best social networking sites, learning today is more fun, easier, practical, and virtual.

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