It’s truly astonishing how many industries blockchain technology is disrupting. It started off as a simple proposal to enable Bitcoin, but quickly became its primary component and now we’ve yet to discover the blockchain’s many use cases.

It’s true that the blockchain is highly secure However, the emphasis is put on the fact that it eliminates the need of a go-between when conducting transactions. The native cryptocurrency of Polkadot, DOT, for example, was designed to make this possible.

Next on blockchain’s list is search engine technology. Since 68% of online experiences start with search engines, SEO is considered to be very relevant nowadays. Powered by blockchain – it’ll probably make history.

This article will discuss blockchain’s importance and how it’s revolutionizing search engine technology.

Let’s dive in!

The True Meaning Of Blockchain Technology

First and foremost, blockchain is all about transparency. It started in 1991, primarily for storing and securing digital data. However, this technology is growing at a rapid pace. Blockchain is a public decentralized ledger that allows users to share information across a network.

It provides safer transactions, as well as the faster transfer of data. Moreover, blockchain technology helps with verification processes and is also great for reducing costs. That said, the blockchain really does come with a wide range of benefits for your business.

Many businesses have already opened their doors to blockchain technology. In fact, around 90% of businesses have adopted it to some capacity. In spite of that, there’s still a long way to go before it affects almost every aspect of our everyday lives.

Industries impacted by blockchain technology include healthcare, banking, real estate, cloud computing, etc. As previously mentioned, SEO has now caught the eye of blockchain.

One important thing I’d like to add is that the next-generation concept of the web is named Web 3.0, and will connect users within a decentralized network. That’s how much blockchain technology is evolving.

Blockchain’s Impact On Search Engine Technology

Among its many uses, blockchain can also be beneficial for marketers. This was an unknown subject before, but it’s more clear than ever that there is indeed an indirect connection between blockchain and search engine technology.

That said, blockchain can have a profound impact on both search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM).

Blockchain In SEO

SEO is a part of digital marketing and is designed to help you improve your website’s search engine ranking. Even on its own, it’s a very successful strategy. However, blockchain helps you attract relevant traffic to your website.

Below listed are some of the ways blockchain revolutionizes SEO.

  1. Direct communication with customers. We’re all used to financial procedures being handled by a third party. With blockchain, that’s a thing of the past! This means no additional costs and no necessary paperwork. Most importantly, you’ll get to directly talk to your consumers, and once you come to an agreement, let blockchain take over.
  • Trust building. Since blockchain promotes transparency, website owners and advertisers will keep calm knowing that every transaction is secure and they won’t receive bot-driven traffic. Moreover, customers cannot be lied to anymore, as they can easily verify the products’ features before buying them.
  • Reduced PPC fraud. PPC is usually everyone’s go-to, which means it’s widely used. Google and Facebook are part of the few central authorities managing PPC. The use of blockchain means that Google and Facebook won’t need to act as authorities, instead, website owners and advertisers can communicate directly with each other.

This will result in increased use of smart contracts, and secure storage of these contracts, along with user verification, as well as fraud reduction. Most importantly, it ensures you’re paying for human clicks, instead of bots.

  •     Blockchain ledgers can verify the integrity of a product. We’re all aware that frauds exist, but it mostly comes to the surface when legitimate sellers are affected. Blockchain will finally put an end to this, as ledgers make it possible to verify product integrity

Blockchain In SEM

Another marketing strategy for increasing your website’s visibility, which is mostly done through the method of advertising. Blockchain technology’s decentralized ledger has many benefits for marketers, as it helps them to better manage data and gain deeper insights about their audiences.

Below listed are some of the ways blockchain revolutionizes SEM.

  • Trustworthy advertising. Nowadays, when everyone has access to the internet, it’s hard to convince someone that an advertisement appearing on their screen is actually trustworthy. If the content is good, the viewer may be tempted to click on it, but this happens rarely.

Thanks to blockchain, we’ll now have a more secure ad supply chain. In addition, all

parties, including vendors, buyers, and website owners can communicate more

freely and securely.

  • Transparent advertising. An even more transparent advertising industry will be born as an additional effort to win the trust of potential customers.
  • Enhance the user experience. Following the arrival of blockchain browsers, the digital experience of a customer will be significantly improved. This improved user experience will be mostly due to new safer ad tech.
  • More authentic ad payments. With blockchain technology booming, cryptocurrency payment options will be even more popular. Moreover, the use of smart contracts will be promoted and it’s potentially going to forever change the way businesses operate.

Setbacks Of Blockchain In Search Engine Technology

Yes, there are some setbacks regarding the use of blockchain in search engine technology, but challenges always arise during the infancy of innovative technology.

The world is facing a transition period, so humans need time to adapt to these changes before they embrace such a disruptive technology.

However, these setbacks are worth mentioning, even if they’ll surely be resolved.

  • Not 100% secure. We’re constantly hearing about how secure the blockchain is, but this doesn’t mean that it’s completely impenetrable. However, blockchain technology is quickly evolving and this probably won’t be an issue in the near future.
  • Expensive implementation. Adopting blockchain technology can cost a business a lot and requires a serious financial commitment. This is another drawback for business owners, as not every company can afford it.
  • Consumes a lot of energy. In order to function properly, blockchain technology will need massive computing power. This results in energy consumption, leading to even bigger expenses. This issue has already been addressed by some algorithms, but not every one of them works in the same way.
  • Immutable data. Once your information is on a blockchain, it’s totally unchangeable. While this is beneficial for checking the integrity of a product, some might find this to be a drawback as evidence can never be deleted or changed.
  • Can be ineffective sometimes. This isn’t even that surprising, since the blockchain is continuing to increase in size. The SEO expert can notice that the framework has shortfalls from time to time. However, this isn’t worrisome and will definitely be an easy challenge to overcome.

Polkadot – Blockchain Platform To Consider In 2023

Polkadot was launched in May 2020 and one of the developers was the Ethereum co-creator Gavin Wood. First and foremost, Polkadot is a blockchain platform that enables connecting of blockchains. It allows users to perform transactions and exchange messages without the need for a third party.

Polkadot use cases include eliminating high transaction fees, gaming, and cross-chain solutions, but you can also buy Polkadot and plan it for future investments. It is generally considered to be a good investment for 2023 and beyond, as it is poised for adoption and utility.

In addition, Polkadot is designed to be fast and scalable due to the use of its many para chains. However, its two main functions are a governance token and can be used for staking, which is how transactions are verified.

Enhanced Search Engine Technology

Search engine technology will never be redundant. It’s an ever-changing technology on its own, but with blockchain, it’ll probably turn out to be even more amazing.

Blockchain is mostly altering the way transactions are processed, and this can really impact search engine technology.

Blockchain technology is still not at its best game, but it’s on the way to becoming the most disruptive innovation to ever exist. As adoption rises, its features are also going to improve. This means that search engine technology, along with all other technologies impacted by blockchain is up for a wild ride.

Smart contracts also play a huge role, as they build trust between the customers and the business, but most importantly, they provide safer transactions. All in all, search engine technology is deeply impacted by the blockchain, but in a rather positive way.

What’s left for us is to wait and see how the cards will play out and what the future holds for these two!



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