ChatGPT has become one of the most well-known Generative AI tools. It has proven to be one of the best conversational AI tools you can use now.

Whether generating the content, getting new ideas, or simply chatting – what it can do is limitless. However, do you know about ChatGPT plugins that make it even better?

These GPT plugins make this already outstanding tool perform even better. Moreover, many such plugins exist solely for SEO professionals.

Therefore, let’s dive deep into finding out the best ChatGPT plugins for SEO in 2024!

How To Enable And Install ChatGPT Plugins?

Before you start using OpenAI ChatGPT Plugins, you must first learn how to enable and install them.

The first requirement for using ChatGPT plugins is to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Therefore, you must pay $20 per month to get access to GPT 4 and be able to install plugins.

After you get a ChatGPT Plus subscription, here’s what you must do:

  1. First, open ChatGPT.
  2. Then, on the screen’s bottom left corner, you will find the Settings options. Click on it.
  3. When you open Settings, go to Beta Features.
  4. Next, toggle Plugins to ChatGPT enable plugins.
  5. Now, go back to the ChatGPT home screen and select the “GPT-4” option on the top.
  6. When you do so, a list of features will drop down. Here, click on Plugins (Beta).
  7. Now, the ChatGPT Store for plugins will open up. Select the plugin you wish to install and click the Install button beside them.

Top ChatGPT PlugIns For Better SEO

Now that you know how to enable and install ChatGPT 4 plugins,  it’s time to find out which are the best OpenAI ChatGPT plugins for an SEO consultant.

Therefore, after much consideration, here are our picks for the best ChatGPT plugins for SEO in 2024:

1. SEO.App

If you want a plugin that helps you with everything related to SEO, you must use SEO.App. It’s a free plugin that has become popular since many SEO freelancers are using it in 2024.

This plugin lets content writers and copywriters generate the best SEO-optimized content possible. Therefore, this tool will be priceless if you wish to learn how to become a copywriter in 2024.

This tool has become popular because of two patents under their name, which are:

AI Content Generation

SEO.App uses AI to generate content using unsupervised language modeling. This feature lets you generate content for the right audience by understanding their preferences and developing content accordingly. Therefore, this feature is perfect for creating content that resonates most with your audience.

Content Editing

Not all content on the internet is “helpful content,” – which is what the Google algorithm checks before ranking a site.

Therefore, this GPT plugin uses its own content evaluation system to ensure that what it generates will be relevant to the audience. Moreover, it will also ensure its generated content is unique from other ranking sites.

2. SEO Vendor Core AI

If you provide white label SEO service, you must start using SEO Vendor Core AI.

There are many reasons why this plugin made it to this list, out of which some are:

Google Algorithm Analysis

This ChatGPT Plugin is perfect for both writers and SEO publishers since it’s an excellent AI analysis tool. It allows you to analyze Google’s algorithm changes and recommend changes to your SEO strategy.

Competitor Analysis

Moreover, it helps you find the right keywords for the right audience by running a comprehensive competitor analysis.

Therefore, it helps find gaps in their strategy, allowing you to develop the right solution for them and generate traffic.

Content Analysis

Want to make your content better than your competitors? With this plugin, doing so is easier than before. This is because this tool can analyze your content and recommend ways to make it beat the competition and rank higher.

3. LinkHouse

Link-building using backlinks has become one of the most essential strategies for websites to rank on Google, according to Ahrefs.

Therefore, if you don’t link to other websites with higher authority and vice-versa, then Google might not rank your website.

But how do you know which websites to link to when there are millions of them? This is where LinkHouse comes in to make your life easier.

Depending on your niche, this ChatGPT plugin will recommend the best websites to backlink to. Moreover, it will only recommend websites with higher DA (Domain Authority) scores than your websites. Therefore, it will make your SEO link-building strategy significantly easier and more precise.

6. Speedy

Do you want your own AI-powered content and SEO strategist? Why not use Speedy, a fantastic new ChatGPT plugin for SEO professionals in 2024?

This is one of the best AI Semrush alternatives on the ChatGPT store. It makes your content creation process quicker and better in three steps:

I. Topic Recommendation

First, this plugin will analyze your and your competitor’s content to find out content gaps and recommend topics accordingly.

II. Content Generation

Next, it will generate content on the recommended topic. Moreover, it will do so after analyzing and understanding your website’s brand tone.

III. Content Publishing

Finally, it will automatically publish content for you on your website and social media channels. However, it will only do so if you give it access to these channels.

5. Content.App

If you want a ChatGPT plugin that only publishes content for you, then you must use Content.App

This plugin ChatGPT OpenAI can connect with your CMS (Content Management System) – like WordPress. After you connect it to your WordPress dashboard, it can publish content quickly for you.

Moreover, it will also format your content and publish it in a way that ensures your website branding stays strong.


Now that you know about the top five ChatGPT plugins for SEO in 2024, what are you waiting for? Start publishing high-quality content on your website and use these plugins to make them rank on the top page right after indexing!

If you have any queries, comment below! Thanks for reading!

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