Who or what is an SEO consultant?

An SEO consultant is a person who is responsible for analyzing your website and recommending new ways of improving your website traffic and making your website rank higher on Google searches. 

This is crucial for your business since hiring a consultant in this field will help you gain more traffic and drive sales.

Therefore, without wasting any time, here’s what you must know before hiring one.

What Is The Role Of An SEO Consultant?

The leading roles and responsibilities of an SEO consultant are:

1. Create A Well-Planned SEO Content Strategy

Create A Well-Planned SEO Content Strategy

The primary job of an SEO consultant is to create a well-planned SEO content strategy. There are five SEO checklists to follow as per your  SEO strategy. Therefore, your SEO consultant must:

  • Make a list of content topics to post about.
  • Conduct keyword research to find out the right words to use.
  • List the ways these posts will be SEO optimized.
  • Create a plan to build links with other websites.
  • Making a content schedule according to which you will be posting content.

2. Conduct Keyword Research

Conduct Keyword Research

As a part of the SEO strategy, the SEO consultant is required to think about the content topics that will be posted on your website. While it’s being thought upon, they must also consider the best keywords.

But why is keyword research necessary? It’s important because your website will rank at the top of Google searches if you use a keyword many people search for. Plus, it has to be a keyword with less competition since the high-competition keywords will make ranking challenging.

Keyword research is one of the best SEO tips to make websites rank high on Google.

3. SEO Optimize Existing Content

SEO Optimize Existing Content

If you have an existing website, your SEO consultant must ensure any existing content is modified. Since search trends change constantly, the consultant must ensure that existing content is updated with new keywords that can make it rank higher. This will help you retain your website ranking after a website redesign.

4. Fix Technical SEO Issues

Fix Technical SEO Issues

There are various technical SEO issues that your website might need help with, preventing it from ranking higher. Some of the most common technical SEO issues that your SEO consultant must resolve are:

  • Your website lacks an HTTP security protocol.
  • The web pages need to be indexed or indexed.
  • The XML sitemap of your website has issues.
  • Your website’s Robots.txt file is incorrect.
  • The response time of your web pages could be faster.
  • There is a lot of duplicate and spammy content on your website.

5. Conduct Competitive SEO Analysis

Conduct Competitive SEO Analysis

One of the most essential things your SEO consultant must do is conduct a competitive SEO analysis. Here, they will be responsible for checking out your competitors’ websites and finding out their SEO strategy to beat them in Google search rankings!

How To Hire The Best SEO Consultants?

Before you go on a quest to hire the best SEO consultant, here are some tips you must remember to do so:

1. Align Your SEO Goals And Business Goals

Align Your SEO Goals And Business Goals

All businesses aim to gain this amount of sales, revenues, and profits.

Similarly, your company should also have an SEO content strategy. Your SEO objectives should align with the business so that your SEO tactics promote your business’s content.

For example, suppose you have an eCommerce website that sells tech products like smartphones, laptops, and computer parts. In that case, your SEO strategy should use keywords that the tech community will mostly search for on search engines.

2. Set A Budget

Set A Budget

Before you decide to hire an SEO experts USA, you must set a budget. Here, you must consider how much you will pay the SEO consultant you wish to hire. This is crucial because the higher you set your budget, the better SEO experts you can get.

When it comes to finding one in the USA, then the average SEO consultant salary in the USA is around $100,000 per annum. If you can afford that, then you will be able to make good recruitment. Otherwise, lower your budget and settle for a less experienced consultant.

3. Conduct Research On SEO Consultancy Services

Conduct Research On SEO Consultancy Services 

After you set your SEO goal and budget, it’s time to open LinkedIn and start looking for SEO consultants near me. If you just search for these words on LinkedIn, you will easily come across competent SEO consultants.

However, do not limit your search to only consultants. Remember that there are many SEO consultancy services in the USA as well. You can outsource your SEO requirements to these consultancy firms at competitive rates. Choose carefully between these two options, and decide on the one that’s best for your business.

In addition, remember to check customer reviews of these SEP consultants and SEO consultancy services. These customer reviews are simple ways to check how well their services are.

4. Make A Detailed Job Description

Make A Detailed Job Description

After you have scoured all available sources, it’s time to post a job requirement. You can post your SEO consultant job description on various job search websites like:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Glassdoor
  • FlexJobs

However, before you post your job requirement, ensure that it follows a format like this:

  • Job Title: This describes what the position of the employee will be. In this case, it will be “SEO Consultant.”
  • Job Description: This describes the nature of your business, its goals, and how SEO is a big part of it.
  • Roles & Responsibilities: Explains what the SEO consultant will do.
  • Necessary Qualifications: These describe the qualifications (and experience) interested international SEO consultants must have before applying.

5. Take The Interview And Select The Best!

Take The Interview And Select The Best!

After you post your job requirements, all your need to do now is to wait. If you have scouted anyone beforehand while researching SEO consultants, then you may call them to take an interview.

In addition, if an SEO consultant has contacted you after seeing your job post, call them in for an interview.

However, the most critical part is setting the right questions and answers. You must ask questions that make them reveal their skill and knowledge about SEO. For example, you can ask, “On page vs off page SEO – what’s the difference?” Plus, also look into their character traits and creative personalities. 

A good SEO consultant will be ambitious and creative. Plus, they will always have good knowledge about competing websites and current industry trends.

Questions To Ask An SEO Consultant Before Hiring Them 

The success of your online presence hinges on selecting the right SEO consultant. Asking relevant questions during the hiring process ensures that you hire an expert who can increase your website visibility and traffic.

 1. How Do You Approach SEO Strategy? 

This gives a clue to the knowledge that the consultant possesses. Look at the technical SEO, content optimization, and all-inclusive off-page strategies. A customized plan will ensure you experience a comprehensive increase in your website’s performance.

 2. Can you describe previous success stories or case studies? 

Prior achievement validates the consultant’s ability to achieve results. With case studies, you can judge their effectiveness on other companies like yours, and this will help you have faith in their skills.

SEO is dynamic, with the changing algorithms. The consultant is knowledgeable and is up to date with industry changes toto ensure your strategies are current and effective in a dynamic digital environment.

 4. What Tools and Analytics Platforms Do You Use? 

The choice of the tools an SEO consultant uses can greatly influence the results of their activities. Skilled consultants use reliable tools and analytics platforms to assess data, monitor performance, and make decisions that improve the business continually.

 5. How do you Plan to Cater the Strategy for My Business Goals? 

A strong SEO strategy has to be in sync with your business goals. To achieve the intended results, a consultant has to understand what industry you are in, who your target audience is, and general business goals.

 6. What KPIs will you track? 

Selecting suitable KPIs guarantees that the specialist focuses on critical parameters for your company. The KPIs should be clear enough to help measure the success of the efforts, be they organic traffic, conversion rates, or keyword rankings.

Link building is important for successful SEO. Knowing the consultant’s approach to link building helps ensure that only ethical and effective methods will be implemented to not damage the site’s reputation.

 8. What are the Strategies for Integrating Content Marketing with SEO? 

Why Ask: SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. An ideal consultant should explain how they weave the SEO strategies into your content marketing efforts to achieve a coherent online presence.


Hiring an SEO consultant is crucial for all businesses with websites like blogs, online news and content magazines, and even eCommerce stores. Having one on your team will be beneficial in increasing Google rankings, website traffic, and sales.

If you need help choosing the right consultant, ask me questions in the comments below!

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